TRUMPED: The Donald, The Widow and Eminent Domain
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TRUMPED: The Donald, The Widow and Eminent Domain

“In life, you have a thing called condemnation.” “And cities have the right to condemn for the good of
a city, whether it’s New York, whether it’s Los Angeles… …whether it’s any other place. Atlantic City is one
those cities and it’s got the right to condemn.” In the 1990’s, Donald Trump was behind an outrageous case of Eminent Domain Abuse. Vera Coking was an elderly widow who lived for
decades in her home beside Atlantic City’s boardwalk. She loved that home And Donald Trump wanted Vera’s home so he could put
in limousine parking for his casino across the street. “Everybody coming into Atlantic City sees that property… …and it’s not fair to Atlantic City and the people.” “They’re staring at a terrible house instead of staring at beautiful fountains
and beautiful other things that would be good.” You’re bullying these people out because they’re… (Interrupting) “I’m not! Excuse me, that’s wrong! Look, for you
to use the word bully, John, is very unfair.” “This is a government case. This is not Donald Trump.” Yes, it’s Donald Trump. It’s you, and your cronies in government, working together. “For you to call these people cronies is very unfair.” “To be calling good public servants, ‘cronies’.” An unaccountable state agency tried to condemn Vera Coking’s property and transfer it to Donald Trump. He convinced the government officials to use their
eminent domain power to take Vera’s home. This was public power, but used for private gain. “We have been so nice to this woman. I offered her a
lot of money, out of this, a little thing called heart.” “Heart? He doesn’t have a heart, that man. The only
thing he has is what he worries about for himself?” A basic to freedom is that if you own something, it’s yours; that
the government doesn’t just come and take it away from you “Do want to live in a city where you can’t build schools? Do you
want to live in a city where you can’t build roads or highways… …or or, have access to hospitals?” “Condemnation is a necessary evil.” But you’re not talking about a hospital, you’re talking
about a building a rich guy finds ugly. Across the country, land hungry developers have teamed up with
tax hungry politicians to bulldoze people’s homes and businesses on the near possibility that the new, wealthier businesses
will generate more jobs, or more taxes. It is time to end this kind of abuse. Represented by the Institute for Justice, Vera beat Donald Trump and saved her home. “If there is justice, then no one would have
ever done to me what they’re doing.” “I want to see justice done here.” To learn more, visit


  • sherrie gibson

    Today… not all that many years later, 'justice' is purchased. We no longer enjoy a legitimate executive, legislative or judicial branch. Vera Coking was able to rightfully keep her property due to the fact there were still enough people believing in as well as standing up for the rights of the people, sadly today this is no longer the case.

  • conservativetothecor

    One thing I totally dissagree with him on. I do not agree with eminent domain at all.
    It obviously was government kissing corporate butt. Why does politics corrupt so badly.

  • Vlad Xavier

    The woman was living off social security in a run down home that she couldn't even take care of.

    At least Trumps investment created jobs and business.

    I bet if Obama trampled over her home with a new federal highway, none of these idiots would be bitching and complaining…

  • myjeevie

    If only the Press had gone over every bit of Obama's past as they are doing to Trump's, the entire world and especially America would now be better off.

  • Tijo Jose

    Why isn't anyone talking about eminent domain? Look up "demagogue" in the dictionary and you'll find a picture of Donald Trump.

  • RJ Walker

    Let me get this straight. Donald Trump didn't have enough money to pay this old lady so she would sell her home willingly ? He had to try to seize it by Eminent Domain ? He says he offered her a lot of money, but didn't say how much so I'm scepticall it was enough. In any event, a Casino is not a justifiable reason for Eminent Domain and the judge got it right.

  • RJ Walker

    In reading more on this, I see she wanted 5 million from Trump and Trump refused, as the property was so bad it could be condemned, and was likely worth under $100,000. But it was worth a lot more to Trump. I would have thought 5 million to Trump would have been peanuts. Surprised he wanted to seize it cheaper and get all that bad publicity.

  • EqualLandFreePeople

    Trump is correct here. You can tear down a block that houses a 100 and build a skyscraper than houses 5000 the private sector should be able to take the land if they give her an apartment or good price.

  • nhprman

    And now that horrific hotel is toast, all these years later. I walked through it last May, before it closed, and it was cheesy, run-down and poorly maintained. Good riddance.

  • Mr. Deleted - "EX-Amish Guy"

    I think the guy would sing a different tune, if I was to get the politicians to take the Trump Palace or one of his other properties and let me demo them to make way for my stairway to heaven.

  • Ginny Bain Allen

    Donald Dump is an evil man, concerned only with what's best for the Donald. How are so many fooled by such a heartless psychopath? His achievements didn't come about through compassion, empathy, servanthood, or discipline. He's looking out for numero uno in his life.

  • LaineeTheCat Wallace

    This "woman" is a beatch who was holding out for more money and didn't care one jot about her "home." She was offered above the the going price. This is not the sob story this hit job is trying to make it out to be. Dishonesty.

  • theedwardian

    We've all seen stubborn old people refuse to relocate their house that's between a mall and a starbucks. I'm glad Trumped steamrolled the old bag. Pick a smarter place to live next time.

  • Erika Talnagi

    If someone will want build something and give jobs to many people and my house will be in the way if they will find me house that is even better like was that mine somewhere near my location I will move so I don't have a problem with that.

  • somfplease

    You know she just wanted more money right? She put the house on the market for $5MILLION then later reduced it and sold it to Carl Ichan for $583,000. Trump offered her a MILLION bucks back in the day and life long residency in Trump plaza. LOL Pride + Greed always bites you in the ass!

  • Violet Upton

    Oh come on people!!! Why do you hold against a guy something he did 20 years ago??? For God's sake, think of it this way. If Trump was that tough on some of the crap they are doing in Congress, we all would applaud him. He will be that tough on China and Japan and Iran. We need a tough dude not some Pu$$ie A$$ Whimp that is AFRAID to negotiate with evil countries. We need to KICK THE ASS OF ISIS, not fight amongst ourselves???/

  • Violet Upton

    How in the world do you think our country constructed the Rail Roads, or the Interstate Highway System???? Or like Donald Trump has said, the Pipe Line??? Somebody has to give it up, they will get paid for it to move else where…. that's how progress works. It's life in the fast lane…. so to speak.

  • T Phillips

    This is what we'd have with Trump as prez. Taking people's houses to build on to his casino. And saying it's for the public good.

  • Sam Hillcrane

    He didn't even take her house. what is the big deal here? if it wasn't for eminent domain we wouldn't have buildings and roads. this is a non issue lol. He didn't even tear the house down!

  • eddie 7000

    $21 trillion in debt. That's not going to pay itself back. America needs to do some massive wealth creation or the flow of borrowed money will be cut off, and that's not something anyone wants.

    So whats worse, a little old lady moving into a new house, or the country going to war over it's debts?

  • stagefright2012

    Being done every day – wish someone would make me a deal like that for my home. It could have been a win-win but no one advised her properly.

  • PDNC

    The old lady was offered 2 million for her property, it was worth 225k at the time. She wanted more money. Then the market crash and she sold it for 500k instead. LOL is this the biggest dirt they have on Trump? lol

  • smartalek180

    This is something that right, left, and moderate middle all really ought to agree on.
    Whatever you think of eminent domain when legitimately applied (and I understand there are some sound arguments against it — though I'd point out that it's right there in the Constitution), we should all be able to agree that ABUSE of the eminent domain process for private profit is an obscenity — unprincipled, unAmerican, and indefensible.
    If anyone can show me where I'm wrong on this, I'd appreciate it.
    But if not, can we agree this is something we should all be condemning (as it were)?

  • James Love

    So she got to keep her home? I do not see a problem. I understand sentimental value outweighed the 3x value of the home, moving is a chore as well.

  • Dr. Fukau

    "to be calling good public servants cronies is unfair", says Trump the Don…Oh the tears….I can't control myself, I have to cry for all the good public servants …America your fired, King Trump shall rule the Land!

  • Serious woman

    People in Texas lost 7.5 million due to the Bushes private use of Eminent Domain for a football stadium and baseball field. That was illegal and you better put it up so people can see.

  • Kathy swigert

    What Vera wanted to see was the Five Million dollar she thought her home was worth; it wasn't worth that much to him, so now she has her home and can sell it to the highest bidder. She is likely hoping for someone else to offer that cool million; so far, no takers. SOL, Vera. Nice bid for sympathy, though.

  • CHistrue

    A vote for Sanders is a vote for property rights. I know this seems contradictory because of the "socialist" label but American conservatives should realize he is more "conservative" by their definition than The Donald.

  • PolishedLake

    He respected her right not to sell. So he didn't buy. She ended up selling it for way less than he offered. End of story

  • Caroline Sarian

    I've been to Atlantic City and it's a huge ugly pit, in large part because of these homes and private fields that are just deserted. If Trump and other developers were allowed to go into that area like developers around the country do, and just develop the entire area as one, it would look nicer, it would generate more income, and generate new taxes. This old lady who refused to give up her home in the middle of a commercial area ended up being the fool at the end. She should have taken the original offer Trump gave her and she would have been much further ahead than going through all the legal battles and ultimately ending up with less in the end anyway. Sometimes people are just completely stupid. They fight for the fight, not for the end result.

  • Bob Heatlie

    He did exactly the same in Scotland regarding his golf course. He wanted four nearby homes demolished, because in his words "they were ugly". Not nice for his rich golfing chums to see while they were playing golf. He offered them loads of money but they refused, so he tried the same trick, but the home owners fought him and won! He described one man's home as "a mess" and said "he lives like a pig! He's a selfish bullying bastard!

  • Edenval Laureano

    she was a moron! she begged Trump to buy her home when she went into a nursing home! she ended up with a third of what Trump offered her!

  • captain757747

    the old bitch bought the house for 20,000 dollars originally.  Sold it at auction for over 500,000 dollars. Boo Hoo the old bitch was just holding out for more money.  She could care less about the old house , she like most women just wanted  the money. She moved to California after the house was sold. If she loved her house so much and the area why not find another one in New Jersey?  Typical  gold digging bitch widow ,probably calling the  insurance co after her died ,  his body still warm, wanting to know how long before she got a death benefit check.  She wants every body to feel sorry for her. BULLSHIT!!!!!

  • The End

    Trump doesn't know the true meaning of a "Home" because he's always lived in buildings ! Big difference donald !

  • denmark555

    Meanwhile, poor whites are voting for Trump, as the world looks on and sees America as the shitkicking racist morons many are.

  • logiconlyplease

    Donald Chump supporters are so dumb! They support a man that attempted to kick an elderly woman out of her house! Of course, if someone with a (D) behind their name did this; they would call them everything except a child of God!

  • AnotherLover

    There's his tower. There's her house. And he just wanted it gone.

    'It wouldn't be fair to the people. They're staring at this house instead of staring at beautiful fountains and beautiful other things that would be good.'

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hah a ha ha ha!

  • Darryl Vaughan

    All I can say, you want a man like that, zebra don't change their strips, um, and they don't wear toupee. I see someone called her greedy, what is he, oh, hungry

  • wwe undertaker fan

    He offered her money to buy a bigger better house. That woman was stupid for not wanting the money. Stupid people don't deserve sympathy.

  • Bacons Strip

    Trump supporters could watch video after video like this and it won't change anything. They hate minorities and fear a woman in power so badly they would vote for someone convicted of a dozen murders over Hillary as long as that person was republican.

    All we can do is weather the storm and keep voting. Every swing state is either maintaining or become blue. There isn't a single one going red. Within 10 years, the GOP will be forced to abandon their dwindling and aging base and take a more collective approach to helping all Americans or die off.

  • Tijo Jose

    That eminent-domain-abusing thief is the new President of the most powerful country in the world. Everyone should be concerned.

  • ashley langford

    All the comments here state the people for trump are brainwashed but all the people here are just as ignorant. Hillary and Trump are both evil just in diffrent ways neither should be president but someone had to win.

  • bryan thomsen

    He says that eminent domain is a necessary thing. Necessary for who? For you, Mister Trump? For him to say that the house is terrible looking is, to my way of thinking, an attempt to justify his wanting to remove it from the landscape and replace it with a limousine parking lot. In his eyes, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." and to him, the house was ugly looking. Thankfully he lost his case. This was just another example of his narcissism and putting profits ahead of property what he calls "The Greater Good."

  • bryan thomsen

    It's just as well that he lost his case against Vera Coking since his Atlantic City casino went other, so he lost twice over. Trump is good at deflecting attention away from the central issue by focussing on something irrelevant such as mentioning living in a city where you cannot build schools, churches, roads, highways, and have access to hospitals. He's a deceitful man whether he chooses to admit it or not.

  • bryan thomsen

    Donald Trump was right when he said that cities have the right to condemn for the greater good of a city, but this was attempted for his greater good, not Atlantic City. He spoke of that women's house as being terrible looking, he only says that because he wanted that property so that he could build a limousine parking lot for his casino across the street. This was all done for his benefit, not for Atlantic City. Kudos to Vera Coking.


    Wow, I didn't think I could have more contempt for the VULGAR Big Orange Turd but this video sure as hell did it… (MAKING AMERIKA SUCK AGAIN!…)

  • bryan thomsen

    He could have taken a much more civil approach with Vera Coking by offering to mover her house to a lot of her choosing and free of charge.

  • Angel Victory

    My city is growing into a metropolis. I fear emminent domain may befall my neighborhoood since our University is growing. Perhaps investing in the pulic education of IT may help so we can learn from home and prevent relocating families. Maybe hold classes in buildings that are not being used such as a Church . Since they tend to be used only a couple days a week for their sermons. Save our gardens. Save our planet.

  • J Perk

    My fist memory of Donald Trump was watching him on action news in Philadelphia in the late 80s early 90s trying to steal a elderly woman’s house in Atlantic City.

  • Ranting Guy

    I know this is 8 years later but i'm glad they won. Had they failed that old lady would have had no choice but to defend her property with her 2nd amendment and we shouldn't be forcing anyone to do that.

  • Americus Patrioticus

    The takings clause of the fifth amendment says that the taking must be for public use. There is no mention of public benefit or private gain anywhere in the takings clause. That means that the taking can only be for direct public use and for no other reason. Dire military need in wartime is public use. A park is public use. A public school is public use. A highway is public use. A railroad is public use. Malls, apartment complexes, company headquarters, and other private development is never public use, even if there is the potential for public gain or benefit. The framers of our constitution chose their words carefully and meant literally what they said. If the framers had meant public gain or public benefit, they would have said public gain or public benefit and not public use.

    Our courts, including the SCOTUS, have done an excellent job twisting the letter and meaning of the constitution around to suit the demands of the wealthy and the corrupt. It is time we straighten these bad decisions by reversing them to suit the original intent and meaning of the founders and the constitution they wrote to protect us from this sort of tyranny. Eminent was never meant to be used to force transfer of title of land from one private owner to another just to satisfy the greed and unwillingness of a developer to pay a private owner what the current owner wants for their property. Under Kelo, Trump would have won. This must be forced to never happen again.

  • L Benson


  • Bill Smith

    Scumbag then , scumbag now ! This is what you get when people think government is a reality TV show ! Let's see how funny it is when it's YOUR home ! And what about all the people he screwed with all of his bankruptcies ? The Art of The Deal . Bend over – Don The Con is here !

  • Joel

    This comment is coming years after the post. Sorry. I just saw it. Eminent domain is crazy in some aspects. I agree that it is necessary at times, but this wasn't one of them. I'm a conservative, but I can't stand some asshole trying to take a person's lifelong home for limousine parking. Trump has always been an ass and always will be, but I am still glad we didn't get Hillary.

  • Derek Mulready

    Yes well done,.
    At least in my little country we have CPO Compulsery Purchase Order where the state is the only organ that can with Highcourt approvel take your home for an appropiat fee normall 3 times the going Market value so a house in the way of alight rail way wanted 20 ' of the fron garden of 10 homes they had to pay €500,000:00 to each home owner
    Irish Citizen

  • HL Muench

    Eminent domain for a recreational lake, was uses to steal my family property.. and then an unknown org claimed the oil rights. We never sold our mineral rights and yet the oil is being pumped away.

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