Trump: Never Trumpers Are Human Scum
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Trump: Never Trumpers Are Human Scum

>>Made some very big mistakes. I asked for his resignation. I’m disappointed in the attorney general.>>Donald Trump is throwing yet another member
of his administration under the bus, which means this is another episode of As the White
House Turns. The drama is real. This time he is referring to never Trumpers
as human scum and he’s specifically attacking individuals like Bill Taylor, who isn’t a
never Trumper because he works in the Trump administration. In fact-
>>Got him by definition.>>Mike Pompeo is the individual who chose
him for the role that he’s in. And so Donald Trump also went after members
of his administration who keep giving the so-called human scum these positions. And that’s again, Mike Pompeo. So I wanna give you the tweet that he put
out there. It would be really great if the people within
the Trump Administration, all well-meaning and good, I hope, could stop hiring never
Trumpers who are worse than the Do Nothing Democrats. Nothing good will ever come from them.>>So let’s note a couple of things here. The hilarious, over-the-top incompetence. He’s like I just wish somebody in my administration
would know how to manage things. Big guy, that’s supposed to be you.>>I know.>>Imagine if a CEO, and sometimes when they
get caught doing something wrong they do do this, of a big company comes out and goes
like, I mean, I wish somebody would manage this company, kind of your job.>>I mean, we got a little bit of that from
Mark Zuckerberg when AOC was grilling him and asked about how Facebook now has a right
wing propaganda site like the Daily Caller doing fact checking for them. And he’s like, no, it wasn’t us. It’s just a third party that we contracted
with that makes these decisions. They’re independent. No, you gotta take responsibility. You’re the CEO of Facebook. You are the leader. You should know. And there have been multiple reports about
The Daily Caller and how it’s egregious to have them do any fact checking when they put
out all sorts of propaganda. But none the less, let me move on.>>The second thing I wanted to say is doubling
down what Anna said. How can you be a never Trumper if you’re in
the Trump administration? By definition, they’re not never Trumpers. The never Trumpers can’t stand Trump and would
never work for him. Hence the word never.>>Actually by the way, it’s even worse than
that. So again, Pompeo chose him for the role after
they got rid of US Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch.>>Right, they got rid of her because she
wasn’t sufficiently loyal to Trump. She thought that we should hold the Russians
accountable. Of course Trump hates that. So he wanted to get rid of her. He’s like, she’s not loyal enough to Russia. I mean me, right? And so they got rid of her and they put it
in this guy who they thought would be sufficiently loyal. But he came on and he was like, I kinda am
loyal to the Constitution and the laws and you kind of broke them. Even though he meant to serve Trump, he didn’t
have any problem with the Trump administration as he went and was the acting ambassador to
Ukraine. He didn’t even mind replacing the, he liked
the woman who he was replacing to be fair to him, but he didn’t mind replacing her. But when they broke the law, he’s like, well,
I’m not going to take part in that.>>And I butchered her name, it’s Yovanovitch,
my bad. Now let’s go to some other tweets that he
put out there. The never Trumper Republicans, though on respirators
with not many left are in certain ways worse and more dangerous for our country than the
do nothing democrats, Watch out for them. They’re human scum. So that’s where he referred to them as human
scum. So understand, this is exactly what Republican
law makers are afraid of. Right, they are so scared that Donald Trump
is going to cite them in a tweet by name. And that it will backfire on them when their
voters retaliate at the polls. That’s what this is all about. This is a way of intimidating people and preventing
them from speaking out, from enforcing the rule of law. From ensuring that the President follows the
Constitution and doesn’t violate it. I mean, this is what he does. This is what mobsters do. His language is that of a mobster and his
actions are that of a mobster.>>Yeah, it’s particularly because of but
I’ll tell you something. There’s no balance in this country, and both
parties are in an extreme. So Donald Trump goes to this insane extreme
where he’s calling fellow Republicans human scum. I mean unbelievable, unheard of. On the other hand, the Democrats who say they
never ever criticize another Semocrat. It doesn’t matter how much you disagree with
them.>>Unless it’s a progressive.>>Well that’s true. Never ever criticize a conservative Democrat,
a moderate Democrat, a centerist Democrat. AOC and all the squad and the Democrats you
can do anything you want to them, but it’s just four people as Nancy Pelosi said. But seriously though, Obama never leaned on
any of the Democrats to get any votes, right, never leaned on them. So in politics, you’re supposed to hardball
and softball. Donald Trump takes hard balls smashes a bat
over somebody’s head like Robert De Niro and is playing mobster right? And on the other hand, you got guys like Obama
who put on little white gloves and they’re like, are you okay? No, if you wanted the public option, for example,
last time around when you did the Affordable Care Act, you had to actually play a little
bit of hardball like Lyndon Johnson did to get the Civil Rights Act passed. But there’s no balance at all. We have an insanely out of control Republican
Party. And we have the meekness, most ridiculously
mild democratic party that barely fights back.>>And Donald Trump, of course, has surrounded
himself with people who will defend him no matter what, he’s insulated himself from any
criticism. So every once in a while, when criticism does
get to him, he loses his mind and goes on a Twitter rampage. Now one of the yes men, or yes women, is Press
Secretary Grisham and here she is talking about the human scum comment.>>The President yesterday called the never
Trumpers, scum. Does he regret that?>>No, no he shouldn’t. The people who are against him and who have
been against him and working against him since the day they took office are just that. It is horrible that people are working against
a president who’s delivering results for this country and has been since day one. And the fact that people continue to try to
negate anything that he’s doing and take away from the good work he’s doing on behalf of
the American people, they deserve strong language like that.>>What good work is he doing for the American
people? What has he actually done for the American
people? What has he done in the White House other
than enrich himself, really?>>He’s literally only passed one thing. I shouldn’t say literally.>>Tax cuts, yeah.>>They’ve named post offices, there’s been
a couple other totally ineffectual or irrelevant legislation. But the major piece of legislation is the
tax cuts for the rich. Who’s rich? Donald Trump kind of. So that was littered with tax cuts for himself. In fact, there was special carve outs for
real estate, for pass through income, all the things that Donald Trump does, himself. He’s also of course, encouraged government
officials, our government officials, foreign government officials to state as properties. He’s gotten trademarks for his daughter. So Anna’s, quite literally, correct that the
only thing he’s ever done is stuff for himself while he’s been in office. But they’re like, if you disagree, if you
are disloyal to the President, in even one statement, and you are Republican, well then,
of course you’re human scum and we’ll come for you. Because this is all in service of our dear
leader, Donald Trump. And then, these guys, the Republicans, pretend
to be constitutionalists. That cracks me up, every time. They’re like, gee, we really care about the
United States Constitution. No, the United States Constitution clearly
says that the president should not be enriching himself with the office, that he’s supposed
to serve the people of this country. It’s supposed to be a democracy. These guys, I mean, I don’t know, Stephanie,
if she had a brown shirt on or not. It looked kinda brown. But that’s exactly what the fascists do. They come on and go there is one leader who
can never be criticized and his word is gospel. And if anybody criticizes it, we will call
them ungodly things, unhuman things, and then burst into rooms. Break up political events we don’t agree with
and intimidate everyone in our path and try to break enough laws until there is no rule
of law. That’s who these Trump supporting Republicans
are. Which is, by the way, almost the entire Republican


  • John Doe

    ana got another bleach stroke on her hair again, and she is criticizing a white supremacist all day long, isn't it contradicting? actually hypocritical, it's who she is, a hypocrite, putting the show, in reality she doesn't believe anything she says on the show, she only cares about being rich, living in rich places and being with rich people. so much for being a progressive.

  • Larry White

    " I will hire the best people ". The turnovers just on people that trump hired is way more than any other President. Now he has the nerve to say that the hires by other members of his administration need improvement.

  • Chase Jackson

    we are talking about a 73yr old man that does not comprehend how inappropriate it is for the POTUS to publicly call ANYONE human scum…..but it's not his fault….the is the result of NO BASIC HOME TRAINING…..ya wld think he grew up on skid row or Foster Care….He clearly did not grow up in a home with decent loving, caring, parents that paid him n his siblings any attention…..they had money but provided their children no substance which is far more valuable than money….Responsible parents that attempt to rear responsible children set boundaries for them n provide basic home training/couth/class….please, thank you, dnt talk with your mouth full, think b4 u speak…if you have nothing nice 2 say, say nothing at all, cover your mouth when you yawn or cough most important they instill boundaries and self-discipline…..his parents failed miserably n if he was never taught/trained…..his children were never taught/trained n the cycle continues!!!….This poor man is billionaire trailer trash n don't even know it…..He clearly is not at the level of a POTUS and the skill set/leadership associated with someone at the level….the words, actions, the behavior exhibited that wld make you appear an effective leader and POTUS……it's very sad and troubling that we have elected an individual that literally does not have a clue…..he wants to blame the press, dems, never trumpers……at what point does he accept any responsibility for the russia report, impeachments inquiry…….He believes as POTUS he has absolute power n shld be allowed to do what ever he choooses….like it or lump…..further proof he does not have a clue……an individual whose words,actions, behavior clearly demonstrate he has no moral compass, sense of riight/wrong, appropriate vs inappropriate….n that type of individual is a danger to the republic…

  • Alves George

    Four individuals have earned the following names for being the liars, thieves and disgusting human beings that they are. Not one of them have a shred of decency, morals or shame. I seriously have more respect for the shit I flushed this morning than I have for the following people. Jake Tapper aka (Dick Tapper), Mitch McConnell, aka (Jock itch Mitch), and Rudy Giuliani aka (Rudy, Always Up Trumps Booty). Rudy's loyalty for Trump runs deep and it shows, so deep in fact he has shit on his nose. Last but not least dumb ass Donald aka (President Porcini Penis). These 4 disgusting human beings share two things in common, they lie and deceive the american people so the elite, and corporations continue to rob the american people blind every chance they get while the main stream media will distract the american people with conspiracy's like Russagate and scandals like the one in Ukraine. Time for the american people to stop being played for fools and start to push back so that their future and the future of their children are decided by the working class people who gave their all to help build America. Meanwhile the rich continue to find ways of not paying their fair share of taxes. Stop the stealing!
    G.A. 2019

  • Warren Holly

    Never trumpets is the dirtiest name I've ever heard and it fits coming from the brain of the dummest grown man alive. He is not dead yet is he? One can dream.

  • Frank Sears

    Talk about the dumbing down of America—trump exemplifies the depth of infantilism to which the country has sunk. How can anyone listen to him and not think that they’re listening to a profoundly retarded four year old?
    Never forget how trump got into office—that’s the really disturbing part of the whole fiasco
    Donald Trump—-YOU ARE SCUM!!!

  • tom patterson

    Trumptards are the human scum backing a traitor and the enemies of our country if you want to worship your racist he's so rich let him buy all of you a Island and you can all go there and worship him and live happily ever after trump . and all of you can have bone spurs for free that's about all you will get from him plus nothing as usual

  • Alexander Habbe

    The scummiest of all scum deflects on all the folks that dare to publicly voice different opinions than his own ones. "Unironically" could only mean that he is able to be ironic – which he is NOT.
    A certain level of intelligence is necessary to be ironical and a little less to get irony. Oh …. noe I get it ';)

  • Charles Stalcup

    The only scum in this world is Trump and his supporters I would prefer murderer or rapist over Trump or his supporters if any of my kids were Trump supporter they would not be welcome in my house Trump is a disease that must be eradicated his supporters to if they can't get inoculated

  • Zokizzy Foshizzy

    Did Obama ever talk about fellow Americans like Trump does on Twitter? Hell, did George W Bush talk about other Americans like that? Trump is a schoolyard bully and he's proud of it too. Disgusting.

  • Василий Шарков

    Although i support trump over any democratic presidential candidate, but I think that it is good that at least democratic media holds him acountable for his words, and unlawafull methods.
    I do not want to see him impeched, since i do not want to see a democrat in the office, but i do not deny his unlawafull untruthfull actions to this country

  • Randall Anderson

    I am very proud to be one of the Human Scum. I do hate Trump and I would tell him in person if I could talk with him. I hate what he did to our country. He is selling American foreign policy and our beautiful national parks and he calls us human scum- Eat shit and die poor Trump

  • Iz mark

    Trump and anything 2020, Unconscionable.

    It's going to be a damn near, bludgeoning, If he even gets to 2020.
    Biden and try to heal, that's all 2020
    Warren and halt the madness, I hope.2020
    Bernie and a full reversal in fortune for the 90%, you, me, us. all, Why Not! Make sure your vote counts.

  • datnigga mimo

    Don’t ever compare Donald Trump to a mobster. Real mobsters have put in work. Real mobsters are really ruthless, have choked the life out of people, have slit throats, smothered people, put bullets in skulls. Donald Trump has never done anything like that because he didn’t have to. He is literally a bitch. Dont’t ever call him a mobster.

  • junior ortez

    Cenk stop it. All this attacks on Trump only makes him more popular. I know CNN, MSNBC, NYTimes, etc think they are hurting him BUT THEY ARE NOT!! Its just the opposite. Its going to take the ass whipping the Dems will experience in 2020 before We will realize we are really giving him free air time. He will be elected. Just look at his rallies for goodness sake. Have a nice day !!

  • Last Light

    How in the world can we help reduce school bullying when DT is the worst bully of all? Seriously, parents don't have a chance of explaining decent behaviour to their children.

  • singerliljermz

    Look at who is calling people scums. The same creature who, it was reported recently a woman vomited when he touched her. Give me a break!

  • DeeJeyCee

    Soooo, I guess with that logic, I can call Republicans scum for when they decided on DAY 1, that they would not help Obama pass any legislation. This country is truly in the upside down.

  • Phantom X

    Trump is so pathetic. He always attacks and blames everyone else for his repeated stuff ups and incompetence. Trump bragged that he had all the best people lining up to work for him so if this were true, then why all the scandals and stuff ups little Donnie? The reality is that no intelligent person would work for a scumbag like Trump so he is forced to scrap the bottom of the barrel.


    Poor Trump, he doesn't even realize there is no bigger scum on this planet than

  • Robert Lavelle

    tRump ( and by default) EVERY tRumptard is basically too STUPID to realize that they just keep shooting themselves in the foot.
    I would kindly suggest that they adjust their aim @ 5 1/2 ' to 6 ' higher…….problem solved. 👉🤪

  • DyesubDave

    WOW! Anybody that condones the president talking like this is DELUSIONAL! The fact that there's a media outlet that doesn't call him out on it is disgusting! I didn't like Trump as a person well before he even became president and I like him even less now! So I'm 'HUMAN SCUM' because I don't agree with the way he runs the government? What a low-class, ignorant, self-absorbed PIECE OF SH!T Trump is.

    I don't care what party you prefer this type of behavior should NOT be tolerated from a government official. They are in office to be an example to the rest of the community. Quite often the deeds from these officials on BOTH sides set the bar rather low but the constant belittling and condescension from this immature petty little man are PATHETIC! If anybody that I supported spoke about others the way Trump does there is NO CHANCE they would continue to have my support. It just goes to show what unevolved cretans the ones that support him really are!

  • bonwright78

    The Republicans are finished. Trump didn’t drain the swamp, he unwittingly exposed the creatures dwelling within it.

    These so called Christian men and women of honor have been unmasked for the greedy, vile hateful self serving villains they truly are.

    Those people never wanted Trump in office. They loathed him and still do, but look how quick they turned to kiss his orange behind when he became President. Hypocrites.

    They’re fighting to not save him from impeachment, but to save themselves, because once he goes down, they will have to answer for their treachery.

  • cindy hatch

    Ohhh goood, so the republican party especially moscow mitch, are "human scum" for working against Prez Obama from day 1!!! That's fair, don't u agree!

  • Mitchel Evans

    This is the President of The United States talking here?!?!?
    Katie Hill just resigned re an affair that broke the House Rules…that was the right thing to do.
    Hint, Donald.

  • JR Paris

    I admit liberals will never accept Trump but Trump gives the media that he "hates" so much material..
    Trump for prison, 2020!

  • Rocks Cousteau

    I have to give Trump credit. He says what everyone is thinking. May be harsh, but it is basically fact. I have been a lifelong Democrat. After the way things have unfolded over the past few years………..I would not EVER vote democrat again in my lifetime……even if Satan was a Republican.

  • Gaming Dude

    so… it was wrong when Clinton called his supporters deplorables, yet okay to call people who don't support him scum… seems legit

  • bruce bell

    Never trumpsters is those who do not bleed for trump and dont throw themselves under the bus first before trump gets his hands dirty doing it himself. Shame on them.

  • Darrin Grate

    You hard that scum bag lady said it was good for Trump to call people scum bag wow she is nasty then him who's her husband

  • Charlene Lord

    Wow, it didn't take long for that Stefanie Grisham to have her soul taken by trump. I hope you like fire bitch cuz you are going to burn in hell!

  • Alabama Mothman

    Damn straight. These people are looting countries at will and send your children into wars for THEIR profit. And the sooner you idiot democrats are "woke" to that FACT, the better the world will be. You idiots have NO idea what damage your doing to the world and what you are talking about.

  • Thomas Burch

    I'm surprise the great leader hasn't asked his followers to put on Orange armbands for a show of defiance against the deep state.

  • Michèl Morio

    Divide and conquer… all the Democrats have to do is put fingers in their wounds and the Republicans will lose Senate and office next year while tearing themselves apart

  • rachel diederich

    I feel bad for the news media. Having to say the p word before his name. I would be so ill. I have never referred to him except for Trump that is respectful.

  • Suz Jensen

    I am proud to be "scum" as defined by the bully, thug and punk in the WH. Time is coming for this bully to be kicked to the curb.

  • Harold Briggs

    Donald Trump is dangerous to America at this point they just need to impeach and remove I hope that this sleazeball drops dead Burns in hell for eternity all he does is suck up good oxygen he's a 72 year old f**** cokehead I know I didn't vote for his sorry ass I know his past

  • Harold Briggs

    I would have more respect for these Republicans that turn their back on him then I will for the ones who set and fight to the end knowing he's going to get impeached knowing that you did wrong

  • Harold Briggs

    Do you people Donald Trump is calling you man scum they should Snach his m********* up and beat his f**** ass beat the f*** out at son of a b** you want to be Street you might be mobster we can do this

  • James Frank

    I'm a Never Trumper cause I didn't vote for him.  As of Helsinki 2018, he's no longer my boss.  My oath stays with the Constitution, not him.

  • James Frank

    What he's doing is trying to protect any chance he has left of avoiding removal from office.  Here's another thing though.  I can comment all I want about Donald Trump's conduct in office, because he filed for candidacy on the day he took office, that makes him fair game for criticism.  Take a real look at the Hatch Act.

  • John Liles

    This is quickly becoming AS THE WHITE HOUSE BURNS. Although it's pretty much been that way from the day he stepped in office…

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