Trump Hosting Conservative Media Propaganda Summit At White House
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Trump Hosting Conservative Media Propaganda Summit At White House

Donald Trump is hosting his right wing online
media propaganda summit today at the White House under the guise of, we’ve got to make
sure that social media works for everybody, and as Matt Gaetz says, make sure these social
media companies aren’t putting their thumbs on the scales. Matt Gaetz is also one of the people who’s
going to be attending this little propaganda summit taking place at the White House. Now, before we get into the details of this,
let’s remember that this is not without precedent. Okay? Uh, many years ago, back when George W. Bush
was in office, he actually held a gathering in the White House with Fox News personalities
and other right wing talking heads. Part of that was to get everybody on the same
message, go out there and disseminate the same talking points. This is just the latest evolution of that. Obviously, Fox News is not the only conservative
voice out there. Neither is conservative talk radio. You have all these groups online, and so Donald
Trump is tapping into that. This is not unprecedented, and unfortunately,
there’s nothing illegal about it. He’s allowed to do this, but here’s the kicker. They’re doing this onto the guys again of
making sure that conservatives are not being censored on social media because dammit, things
are so unfair for those folks. Matt Gaetz, again attending the meeting always
claims that he being shadow banned because not enough people are liking and retweeting
his tweets. This is not about censorship. If it were, he would have invited people from
Facebook, Twitter, and Google to attend the meeting. Instead, all he wants to do is tweet out nasty
things about those groups and not let them come and be a part of the conversation and
explain why some of this may be happening, which for the record happening to progressives
and liberals as well, but nonetheless the people attending this, these are not people
who are interested in going there and talking about how do we make things better online. Let’s for a brief second look at some of the
folks on this guest list. As I already mentioned, Matt Gaetz is going
to be there. Prager U has been invited, Project Veritas,
James O’Keefe will be there; The Heritage Foundation. They’re not even a social media group. They actually are just a group that basically
comes up with talking points for right wingers and right wing politicians. So what in God’s name could they possibly
be doing there other than likely giving everybody their marching orders and their talking points. You also have the media research center, which
is a group of right wing liars trying to claim that there is some kind of liberal bias. The corporate media you have turning point
USA who has been invited. You also have been garrison who will be there
and if you are not a familiar with him or his work that you see on social media sometimes
he is the cartoonists that clearly has some kind of muscular Trump fetish. Uh, he’s always putting out these weird cartoons
showing Donald Trump defeating all kinds of mythical enemies where Donald Trump is portrayed
as unusually buff with a head full of hair, not the fat, balding slob that we see on TV
every day. So Ben Garrison has his own issues. He needs to go workout with a therapist nonetheless. And I can’t stress this enough. This isn’t about censorship. This isn’t about fighting back YouTube demonetization. This is all 100% about getting these people
on the same page, giving them their marching orders, telling them how to complain about
the alleged bias of these social media outlets, and then going forward with that. Now it is worth mentioning there is going
to be at least one other person there who may not neatly fit into the category of being
a right wing grifter like all of these other folks. And that person is Tim Pool. Uh, Tim Pool is going to be there and he,
you know, was laughing on Twitter yesterday. Ah, everybody’s considering me right wing. Oh my God, that’s ridiculous. That’s crazy. Eh, you go after the left a lot, you know,
probably at least recently more than you go after the right. Not to mention the fact that if you’re going
to be sitting down at a table with Donald Trump, PragerU, the Media Research Council,
and James O’Keefe. And Donald Trump said, hey, get this other
guy too. Eh, they, they likely consider you an ally. I’m not saying you are, but maybe you need
to get a little bit introspective here and find out why would they, if they’re inviting
all these weirdos think that I would fit in. Well with these groups, there’s a reason they
probably think that and you need to figure that out Tim. But again this isn’t good and the worst part
about it is that the left could also be doing this. You Know David Pakman actually a couple months
ago suggested and he has actually been working with a few lawmakers to meet with progressive
media personalities so that we can help, you know, craft messaging, you know, get out the
talking points. They would like us to get out, not necessarily
be their mouthpieces for them, but kind of promote the issues that they would like us
to promote. David Pakman was spearheading that. I reached out to him yesterday and he’s still
trying to get things organized with that. So we are trying to do it, but at the same
time we are so grossly unorganized on the left and I, I hate to kind of Levy that criticism
at all of us because it is all of us, you know, we’ve all got our own channels. They’re doing okay. Sometimes they’re not doing okay, but it’s
mostly just, you know, what can I do? What can I do? What can I do? We need to come together, right? We need to all come together and we need to
get together with these lawmakers, the progressive’s, the real fighters in Congress, the people
standing up there for actual issues, not just the ones going out there being like, oh, I’m
going to make a deal with Donald Trump, but I’m not happy about it. No. The people who are actually out there fighting
for Medicare for All, fighting for debt-free college fighting for $15 minimum wage, those
are the people David’s been reaching out to. And hopefully we can make this meeting happen,
but even if that doesn’t happen, progressive media needs to come together because the right
on their side, they are heavily organized, heavily financed by billionaires while we
over here on the left, continue trying to raise the alarm bells about it, but we’re
actually the ones who end up getting punished on social media as a result of it.


  • Edward Jones II

    Tim Cook… Yeah, considering his shots at Liberals and Google of late, despite open criticism of Trump from the jump… yeah, not so out of place. Especially if social media censorship (at least the ruse of it), is the theme he is selling.

  • AskPete

    I have the ultimate solution to America's healthcare system that all sides should agree upon..

    – Have Medicare for all whether it's federally-run or each state runs their own system with some federal oversight.

    – If taxes don't need to be increased to fund Medicare for all, individuals may choose to opt out of Medicare and in doing so receive a 2% tax cut.

    – If taxes need to be increased to fund Medicare for all, everyone has to pay 2% more income tax but you can opt out of Medicare and not have to pay the 2% extra tax.

    – Anyone who has a taxable income of 20k or below is exempt from paying the 2% tax.

    – No bans on private insurance.

    This is the perfect middle ground approach. Both sides should agree on it. There's Medicare for all for everyone who wants it but if you don't want it or don't want to pay for it, you can opt out and get rewarded for doing so. Best of both worlds.

  • Ian Hebert

    he's having this summit to try and protect individual creators, so you, dumb ass. you don't invite Tim Pool and say it's a conservative event, unless you're really an idiot.

  • waffledude111111

    ….Prager U? Seriously?

    Just so you know PragerU got a lot of attention a while back from a video claiming without a god that is the source of morality, murder is not wrong, and morality is then just a matter of opinion.

  • Patrick Foxchild

    You are a complete propagandist, and you are everything wrong with modern day "media." There are a number of left-based social media reporters in attendance, and you slander everyone in the group in order to color the reactions of your viewers before they hear the full headline. You are a sick fuck, and I hope your audience one day sees the kind of bastard you are.

  • Anne Collins

    I don't know why Facebook wasn't invited but for Twitter he got pissed at the CEO of Twitter because former President Obama has more Twitter followers than President Cheetos does… I kid you not.

  • Thomas Guerriero

    Innocent until proven guilty, and i hope you are man enough to apologize when nothing comes out about him.

  • boboka

    Half of those people are people I follow specifically because they are Democrats, you nugget! Not right wing, proper, registered, Bernie supporting Democrats

  • Influx27

    I doubt this will actually work out that well. Trump's just too stupid to see anything beyond step one. He probably just wants them there so he can bitch, whine, and moan at them.

  • Patricia Manzi

    'fat, balding, slob" accurately describes traitor trump. Just add immature, stupid, self-center, a liar, etc and you have a very clear picture.

  • don scholl

    You fucking snowflakes or soyboys,possibly I should just say you puss is are so funny. Get over it you lost and you are going to keep losing. TRUMP 2020, 2024 , AND BEYOND

  • srgreeniii

    Youtube doesn't want to address the issue of them hijacking youtube on you browser to constantly reload liberal sites to artificially pump up their hits to fake popularity. No shit, happens to me a few dozen times a day, like practically every time I open youtube.

  • abukamoon

    Conservative media? Do you mean Know More News, Tru News and E. Michael Jones? Because if you are referring to neocon sites, it's still FAKE NEWS.

  • xZero 13x

    Y'all mothafukas are nutz. You Lefts think the rights have conspiracy theories? Look at yourselves, OoOh evil cheeto man is taking behind doors. Pretty sure if it was talk about plans for 2020 it wouldn't be that much to talk about because the dems are shitting the bed and can't find a unifying choice to agree upon OTHER than orange man bad! Great job fumbling it again ?

  • Guy Guz

    Holy Den of Screaming Demon-crat Fleas and INSECTS , Batman !!! We've located —— THE "MOTHER BEEEEE" !!!
    Get the —- , RADIO ACTIVE INSECTICIDE ! ! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! and spray this — #rof #trofire #theringoffire — channel !
    MAGA !

  • jpkjnn

    This was one of the best videos you've ever done. It was hopeful and you Ansley nailed it. You just gained a financial supporter. Thanks for all the work you've done and work you do.

  • Brock Samson

    Translation from Bald Fuckface: Oh shit, real journalists are getting presidential attention? Censor them! Censor them now!

  • zach

    If you dont think these big tech firms and mainstream media outlets are politically and socially bias, then you are an idiot Clearly, the people attending the summit have been censored unjustly, and they're not even all conservative either. Tim Pool is a centrist. You mention that Facebook, Twitter and Google should have been invited. Why? Zuckerberg lies to Congress, nothing happens. Jack Dorsey lies as well about censorship. This is a slap in the face to the mainstream media and tech firms, and rightfully so. Their days in the spotlight have dwindled, more and more are flocking to objective, independent new sources. So I'm glad he didn't invite them. And of course they're upset and attempt to slander the attendants by calling them trolls, or and I quote , "far-right internet personalities who espouse extremist views". I mean its just laughable at this point how obvious the propaganda has become. So yeah, i support Trump and his summit, at least he's attempting to stand up to these powerful, corrupt tech firms.

  • Joe Public

    So let me get this right Farron.?
    If the right is doing bad shit it is not only ok to talk about it it's your duty.
    THEN WE'LL LABEL YOU RIGHT WING.? Or a nazi or some equally crazy shite.

    Apart from criticizing Pelosi & soft ball shite, WHEN the HELL HAVE YOU EVER
    called them on it Farron you CULTIST FREAK.!

    Now y'all know why I say this is channel is a Platonic cave of echo chamber disinfo
    & lies.

    I know you think you control the narrative Farron but the truth will out as it
    did in 2020 & that is why you had to invent the laughable DEBUNKED BY THE JUDGE
    from the Concord Management versus Mueller case…
    Russian STATE interfering in the 2016 election BS.
    The Russian narrative is falling apart & only WARMONGERS like Hannity & the MSM
    still believe it. It only took 1 contested indictment by the accused Russians from
    Concord Management to make Mueller's team crap themselves & the Judge pulled
    few punches in his critique. Lucky for you lot only Concord contested their indictment
    & not others too or Mueller & the Dems & Russiagaters like you would already be utter
    laughing stocks. [but the MIC will always want war & shills like you will always push it for them]

    It's all gonna come back on the guys who tried to execute the coup WHEN
    Trump wins again in 2020.
    You guys look like hysterical lunatics setting their your on fire every time that
    Trump so much as farts…immediately taking up the 'Trump Farts so farts are NAZI…?..GAS.?'
    'SO BAN NAZI FARTS.!' & #BanTrumpFarts #NaziFarts

    I know I'm joking SOMEWHAT, but y'all truly do come across that unhinged
    TO NORMAL PEOPLE a whole lot of the time.

    But as you're in a bubble of lunacy, you're all…"yeah Tim Pool is a Nazi for going to the White House"
    or Alt right or some other equally unhinged shit.! ?‍♂️Tim is stupid for still calling himself a Lefty
    he'd feel so much better if he dropped it all together like I & countless others have. ?

  • Shinji Kataoka

    Fox News, World Net Daily, The Drudge Report, Front-page Magazine, The Hill, Townhall, CRTV, The 700 Club, VOA, AMTV, Paul Watson, National Reviews, etc. Just to name a few.

  • Dennis Young

    "How do we dominate the discourse?" says Drumpfco…

    Oh, this picture:

    Seems it might have inspired that cartoonist?

  • 60s Hippy

    LOL LOL Fat balding slob!! Did you look in a mirror while recording this drivel? & Tim, thinks for himself, he's not a dumb lemming. You poor babies. No likes from me.

  • rocky mountain lass

    In the America I grew up in, it was OK to have differing opinions, VOICE them and not be called a label. In the America spoken of here it is everything against what I LEARNED in public school. Why can't the POS hear all Americans, if not for input? You are being like the media when Jimmy Carter went and talked with average Americans during his presidency just to see what they thought. He was condemned for that and yet those he interviewed informally thought it was a NOBLE gesture. What are YOU PEOPLE so afraid of for pity sake. America USE to be a melting pot of ideas. I may not LIKE your opinion, but I would give you the chance to voice it, and I would have the DECENCY not to condemn it. Geez, GROW THE HELL UP!!!!

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