Trump Hosted Private Party w/ Jeffrey Epstein & “28 Girls”
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Trump Hosted Private Party w/ Jeffrey Epstein & “28 Girls”

It’s getting worse and worse for Donald Trump. Now that Jeffrey Epstein has been arrested
for child sex trafficking. I told you before, and I reminded you yesterday
that a woman has alleged that when she was 13 years old, Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein
raped her at Epstein’s New York City condo. The lawsuit was ultimately stopped by the
accuser, uh, after she allegedly received death threats because she had come forward. Now, Donald Trump has been going very much
out of his way to distance himself from Jeffrey Epstein as much as possible, despite having
hung out with him a lot in years past. And he even threw out somebody at his rally
in Minnesota over the weekend for holding up a picture of Trump with his arm around
Jeffrey Epstein. I talked about that yesterday. There’s now a stunning report in the New York
Times, which includes the story of a 1992 party at Donald Trump’s Maro Lago resort in
Florida, where the only attendees were Donald Trump. Jeffrey Epstein and quote 28 girls for some
kind of supposed calendar girl competition. Now, why am I calling them girls and not women? Because that’s the word that the organizer
used to describe this event. His name is George Harrain. He’s a Florida businessman who ran American
dream enterprise and he organized this party for Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein saying
to the New York Times quote, I arranged to have some contestants fly in at the very first
party. I said, who’s coming tonight? I have 28 girls coming. It was him and Epstein. I said, Donald, this is supposed to be a party
with VIP [inaudible]. You’re telling me it’s you and Epstein and
I want to be really, really careful here to make clear what I am telling you and what
I am not telling you or what it is that the New York Times is reporting and what it is,
not that they’re reporting. Uh, there is no indication that any of these
28 women were underage as far as what we know right now. Okay. This is evidence that Donald Trump was truly
friends with Epstein, liked Epstein, liked hanging out with him, was hanging out with
him and in this case it was just him, Epstein and 28 hired women or girls as they are described
by George Harrain. So the big picture is very clear. The party was in 1992 this is around the same
time that the doe vs Trump incident allegedly happened where Trump was accused of raping
the 13 year old girl. I got some emails yesterday from people saying,
David, I’m glad you brought this back up, but I also got a few emails yesterday saying,
David, why are you repeating these unsubstantiated conspiracy theories against Trump? Oh, hold on a second. There are rape allegations. The lawsuit was pulled over death threats. Trump is accused of sexually assaulting more
than 15 women. He’s accused of hanging out with Epstein and
young women. Trump’s wife said that Trump raped her multiple
times. What is so out of line here about the fact
that we have court documents and deposition testimony from the accuser of Donald Trump
plumbing. She was 13 years old when Donald Trump raped
her. Are you saying that because there was no conviction
in the Trump child rape, there is no reason to think anything happened that seems like
an extreme position to take. Incredibly, there are tons and tons of people
who just have no idea about the sworn allegations against Donald Trump. But we have sworn statements from the woman
who was 13 at the time. That has not changed. We are linking to her deposition video where
her face is blurred in the source links for the youtube video for this segment. If you want to take a look at it, if you’re
listening on the radio or the podcast or watching on TV, if you go to our youtube channel,
David Pakman show, find the video clip for this story in the description we are linking
to the testimony of the accuser. Take a look at it and tell me that it’s not
credible. So things not going particularly well for
Donald Trump. Uh, and we will see what continues to come
of this. And Donald Trump very clearly worried about
it. Donald Trump going out of his way to talk
about how he just barely has any idea who, who Epstein is. He gave a very strange a oval office, a question
and answer session yesterday where he’s just going way too far. He’s going way too far given what we know
and what’s on record about his relationship with Epstein. Let me know what you think is going to come
of this. And of course, if history is an indicator,
the last two and a half years are an indicator. Uh, it is unlikely that there will ever actually
be any consequences that involve Trump here because that seems to be the name of the game,
a Teflon Don, uh, originally. Um, I can’t believe the mobster, I always
forget who it is that tough dot. Teflon Don, uh, was originally the nickname
for, and I feel so stupid when people email me, but anyway, can also be applied, uh, to
Donald Trump. Send me your thoughts. I’m on Twitter at d pacman. The show is on Twitter at David Pakman show. I hope you’ll follow me there.


  • hrosemd

    Pathetic. You've achieved Alex Jones levels of cringe here. Grow the fuck up. You are almost certainly guaranteeing a Trump win with this nonsense.

  • steve sibounheuang

    What is the problem with a private party with 28 women. All of those women were adults. There is no evidence of inappropriate behavior. Who cares. Epstein's island is the real story.

  • Rick Gonzalez

    Never saw you reporting on Uranium One. Treasonous rat Bastards the people that Hillary Clinton and the, FBI,DOJ, lap dogs she has. Sold Our Uranium to the Russians. I guess it's just Demoncrats stuck on stupid

  • Pissed off Paula

    JP MORGAN, biggest drug bust.
    Epstein and our 1%, sex trafficking covered up for years.
    Thought it was coming from the border?
    Nope its been here for years.
    Progressives for 2020

  • Peter Parker

    You can take that crap back to Russia with you. You trolls are hilarious. No one like or love a Liar and Pedophile giving orders in America. We need leadership that create long-term benefits for America's Economy and Infrastructure for the future. Not short term just benefiting yourself, while others suffer. Donald Trump is trying to get information to hand over to Russia, so they could rig the 2020 Election. Which will give him more votes over his opponent. There are over 320million people in America. Last Election, Trump had 65million votes, while Clinton had 68million. Which was 133million people who voted. He wants to change that, giving himself a majority of votes, even from citizens who hadn't voted. People, you have to vote this Election. Trump needs to be held accountable for his crimes. The other majority of Americans are either felonies or non citizens. He's going to get Russia to rig the Election to keep himself out of Prison. Vote Blue in 2020, please.

  • Variant

    No, the fake accuser dropped the case right after Trump won in 2016. Also right after Trump said he was going to sue people for defamation. The FACT is Trump was THE ONLY PERSON TO HELP THE PROSECUTION.

  • Variant

    That’s not proof, it is unsubstantiated. As far as that woman, she “works for Mr. Epstein”, in her own words. Trump kicked Epstein out of Maralargo for flirting with a teenage girl. Wow the more you talk the more you lie and I don’t have time to keep responding. You’re fos.

  • Freedom First

    Not many people are taking into account that trump doesn't have a presidency with party supporters, he has a cult with cult followers. Nothing has happened to him and nothing will happen to him………While he is in office. This is how America's rise comes to an end and it's inevitable decline begins.

  • youtooberman9001

    "Pro life" "christians" support this monster. Imagine the scope of the cognitive dissonance required to bend your sanity that far

  • Freedom First

    Dump is a genious……..he never understimated the value of the ignorant and racist American. The weakes link in this country are those individuals who have ignorance and hate ruling their hearts and minds. They are infected with stupidity. It takes energy and effort to be smart and intelligent……….it doesn't take anything to be a trump cult member

  • Beverly Keys

    The link to the woman who was raped by DT when she was 13 is heartbreaking, nauseating and enraging. More people should definitely be aware of her story and others ( there has to be many others).

  • Paul Venetian

  • Doug Carpenter

    Dude your fake news dividing this country dumb ass snow flake BS people like you, like CNN stop spreading fake news cry baby!!! Trump 2020 ??????????

  • Chris

    Let me guess??? A “Pedophile” Orgy??? Wtf???? Trump loves young girls like his daughter!!!! Incest in his case is the best!!!! Trump deranged syndrome!!!!

  • Wee Woo Wee Woo

    Nice try attempting to take Trump down with Epstein. Trump has increased pedo arrests tenfold sense he took office. You truly are a subversive person.

  • Sean M

    Whether it be in regard to immigration, Russia or Epstein,…progressives will always accuse the opposition of what they are actually guilty of.

  • Patrick Proctor

    Keep on hallucinating; Trump’s federal sting is what ultimately snared Epstein, if Hillary won in 2016, there would be no shutdown on human trafficking, and this would all still be called a conspiracy theory! The MSM is pulling the Saul Alinsky tactic, right out of his book Rules for Radicals, of blame your opponent for what you are doing, the TDS victims, predictably, are completely deluded and in denial! Just wait till Epstein turns state’s evidence to avoid a 40 year sentence: many of your heroes will turn to dust.

    P.S. Did PRESIDENT Trump also pay this very believable-looking porn star type, in that very believable sounding deposition that was thrown out of court, to piss in the very bed that Barry and Mike slept in as well?

  • Nor A

    Does it matter? No matter what,Trump only keeps laughing his way through everything. His cockiness is sickening. We are totally helpless. Watch Mueller do nothing but make a fool of the democrats. Once again,Trump's middle finger in our faces. smh

  • Sondra Allen

    Nobody can look add a teenager and tell what they ages are unless they get a birth certificate they will not know although they may be young they could be 19 or 20 who knows children look very mature now like grown people but if they don't want to be raped why do they keep going to these man's houses and parties and things that's what I want to know I'm not taking up for the man because I know their dogs but why do they put themselves in that situation I could not go to no man's house when I was 15 and 16 years old where are they parents that they're able to do this that's what I want to know I blame the parent is much as I blame now and let me tell you these girls know what sexy is they're not dumb and stupid


    13, just a kid. This is absolutely disgusting. The cat is out of the bag. Watch and see who will be exposed. This is bigger than we know.. ??????????????????????????????????

  • due whit

    "Hey Donnie I got an idea. Lets throw a beauty pageant and see how many of the contestants will fuck and suck to win!"

    'There will be tremendous blowjobs, tremendous WINNING!'

    "Thats the spirit! Unfortunately its gonna have to be too old to be Mile High Club material, but i thought we'd try something different."

  • Jeff Karas

    What the Trump cult really means when they say Trump's accusers are lying is they approve of his sexual abuse. Living vicariously through Trump is their lot in life. It's what degenerate losers do.

  • Blondie Eastwood

    Yo,pedazo de mierda, you are a lying ? paid by the other ?. I would love to to meet you in a quiet place.

  • Joseph Fuller

    LOL. The Right used to scream about this. They used to say that Epstein was connected to the Clinton's too. This seems more and more like #PizzaGate 2.0.

  • Jozsef Kerekes

    See the funny thing is….Trump band Epstein from Mar a lago…for harassing on of the members young daughter. Trump was the most complicit in giving info on Epstein…doesnt sound like someone that guilty?

  • Jessie Joy

    Idk that testimony is enough evidence? Ppl are fucking liars unfortunately

    There needs to be some sort of physical evidence.

  • Kevin Hoffman

    Jeffrey might have some pee pee tapes and get a presidential pardon . Only in America it's a free country and long as you have the doe ray me . (Money)

  • DiamondMasters

    The 13 year old Jane Doe who Trump repeatedly raped said that Trump threatened to make her disappear just like the 12 year old girl Maria who Trump also raped!

  • Telestoe

    This is a cheap attack on Trump. It took all of 5 minutes to research the rape allegation lawsuit. It was thrown out in California and then dropped in NY. The alleged acts took place in NY which has no criminal statute of limitations on the forceful rape of a minor. It does have a 5 year statute on civil lawsuits, which is kind of weird but that’s another debate. Should there have been any credible information in these allegations we would all be reading about the criminal investigation already. Trump is an asshole but accusing him of being a pedophile/child rapist is kinda fucked up without any substantial proof.

    Epstein hung out with Bill Clinton, George Stephanopolus, Alec Baldwin, Ted Kennedy, Chelsea Handler, Sergei Brin, and a host of other people that aren’t being talked about. Are we to assume that all of these people are also child rapists since they have all partied with Epstein?

  • L S





  • Sandra Gruhle

    How low can we go? Even a deep well finally has a bottom. Dumpy fell in it, and when his base realizes he is too far down to rescue, what will they do? Allow Pence to take over? Heaven forbid!

  • troy smith

    At least Trump says he knew that guy Jeff they had a falling out years ago but Bill Clinton say he never hear of him do that story Dave Packman

  • Linnaeus Shecut

    Just as Trump and the National Enquirer gathered blackmail dirt on people, I bet Jeffrey Epstein had sexual dirt on many world and financial leaders (except Putin, who didn't like young girls). Just as Lee Harvey Oswald was bumped-off while in police custody, this guy is not safe, even in police custody. He knows too much.

  • Von Dutch

    Your a bunch of Liars, Nothing but hear say and baseless accusations.. The girl is lying is why she wont offer Proof..
    Fleight logs of bill and Hillary Clinton exist, Eye witnesses say Trump threw ebstein out of mar lago >

  • Olga Chung

    He is an embarrassment for this country and everywhere else….people in other countries are laughing at us….HE IS NOT MY PRESIDENT….HECK NO………He is nothing but trouble and drama..

  • Sheep #5491

    Someone should tell David Pakman he needs evidence to make these types of claims and still be viewed as credible. It takes more than just a picture taken out of context. But at least we're getting to know what David Pakman is all about. i.e. Speculation -> Double-speak -> Proof.

  • Rodney Armstrong

    So the only thing I heard for your evidence that Trump broke the law was only the 13 year old that stopped her case against Trump herself. And Trump was running the American beauty pageant and Trump could have been working on finding women for his show or putting young beautiful women to work in his hotels. You say it isn't looking good for Trump I say it's looking way worse for Bill Clinton who took more than 26 trips to the pedophile island. The only people who don't like Trump are the illegals criminals and sodomites which one are you dude. I believe that you are the sodomite and have you ever played with little boys yourself.

  • Riitta Puhjo

    I think THIS is why he implements raiding illegal immigrants all of a sudden and makes crazy racist tweets about wanting congresswomen to "go home", as if US citizens, who in most cases were born in the US, would even have such "home" to go to. ANYTHING outrageous goes, if it keeps people's attention captivated elsewhere – not in his involvement with sex trafficking and raping children.

  • Brian Betron

    Trump brings out other talking points (like Dem politicians should go back to their country) to steer the media away from bad news for him I.e. Jeffery Epstein and his connections to Trump and his circle. Mark my word, when Trump feels trapped, I get the feeling he is going to do a National “Death by Cop” by trying to Nuking North Korea or Iran or something extreme. Therefore, taking us all down with him. Sad to think but possible. There is no logic in a crazy person’s thoughts.

  • Vivian McClure

    I don't believe Mr Trump 'raped' any one… this whole thing is out of control… Epstein is the person at fault… just because someone partied with someone long ago… and there 'could have been' young women involved…does not mean Mr Trump was ''raping…entrapping…or trafficking girls?"""….. it's Epstein AT FAULT.

  • mary san miguel

    Ahh for your information on the flight logs and on the island does not have trump name on it wow ….Russians …stormy Daniel's…lair …trump with his daughter…nothing you all keep on trying trump 2020 MSNBC maybe 4 more months and you'll be like CNN off the air start making applications now

  • mary san miguel

    Oh dont forget trump knows Hillary and Senator Chuck Schumer good ole Nancy..they would hit him off for donations ..hummm I think Nancy got money from good ole Epstein I wonder what they are hiding

  • elhombresfbay

    John Gotti brought down the mafia and Trump is bringing down the Republican Party and unfortunately the
    United States of America….LOCK HIM UP! Lock him up!?

  • Nick Cellini

    Your quoting a story from the New York Times. This is the paper that said the Republicans wanted to cut school lunch funding when the Republicans wanted and eventually passed a 3.1% increase in school lunch funding-which was more than the Democrats 2.6%. This is the newspaper that superimposed a photo of a US soldier pointing his gun with a photo of an Arabic kid to give the impression our military was assassinating kids in Iraq. This is the paper that ran a story stating that Admiral Willy didn't earn the combat medals on his uniform because Hillary Clinton told them so.(that was after Katherine Willy filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Bill)Those three just came to mind but If you really want I can give you a laundry list of lies from this one newspaper alone.

  • Ishi Nakamura

    Oh but noooo… maga right? It's the immigrants fault. Trump is perfect like Jesus. All my trumptards told me so..they would March behind him into the gates of hell

  • Justanother fancy screenname

    Damn, saying that " I told you so" is getting really really old David. I was practically yelling for you to cover this huge story years ago, I even started a tread about it on your website. And was brushed off and told to stop with my "conspiracy stories". And lone and behold, here we are two years later…..Jokes on you once again.

  • Richard Dastrup

    Jeffrey einstein and the Clinton corruption that story is holding my interest . Einstein relation ship years ago does not hold my interest. You can be young and stupid. But the Clintons are old and stupid. I heard rumours

  • sissyreed1

    It's being reported that Epstein is a US intel asset. Our gov permitted & ordered him to only get a "smack on the wrist." He lured high profile people from the US & other governments to have sex with girls on his island, where they were videoed & those videos were used to black mail people.

  • sissyreed1

    Court documents from Epstein's case in 2008 confirm he is the only person who cooperated with the prosecution, by telling them what he knows about Epstein & that Trump threw Epstein out of Mar a Largo for assaulting one of his friend's daughters over a decade ago & hasn't spoken to him since. Trump's listed only once on Epstein's jet manifest, for a flight from Florida to NYC. Never to his private island. Do your own homework & know the facts folks. Pakman is just another biased beta male, who hates Trump cause he reminds him of all of those who has judged him in his life for being a reject, so he spends all his time on fake news stories. The truth always comes out in the end. It can take a long time, but it exposes itself cause no matter how bad lefties want to, they don't have the power to alter reality and the reality in this case is that Trump has zero criminal exposure.

  • Free Gedanken zur Baukunst

    Tonight, We gonna have a real good time
    We feel alive and the world We 'll turn it inside out, yeah
    And floating around in ecstasy
    So don't stop Us now don't stop us
    'Cause We having a good time, having a good time

  • Justice Forchild

    He didn't throw the guy out you idiot. Security had to because of the crowd.
    Clearly your channel is as Fake as MSM.
    Will be sure to spread the word about your channel.

  • Justice Forchild

    See the interview of his ex wife and she basically explains her attorney had her to call it rape to get money in divorce you typical Dumbocrat!

  • Steve Gunn

    Great job, David. The elephant in the room is the Trump rape allegation, so kudos to you for continuing to bring it up!

  • sissyreed1

    BREAKING: US Court of Appeals preparing to release 2,000 pages of documents revealing sex crimes committed by prominent American politicians, business executives, & foreign leaders

  • sissyreed1

    BREAKING: As California Attorney General, Kamala Harris gave a sweet deal to serial harasser/assaulter Democrat Bob Filner that let him escape jail time and the sex offender registry list. Multiple women alleged Filner put them into headlocks.

  • Austin Paquin

    Everyone arguing about Republicans and Democrats you guys are fucking stupid. Who owns the media that you get your info from? The Elite's, they know they can get what they want by fooling us with this democracy bullshit. If you think we have a choice your wrong these people are all sick it doesn't matter what side they're on they all are pedophiles throwing the other pedophiles with loose lips under the bus to get ran over. Wake up everyone we should be one instead divided like they made us

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