Trump at The Bush Funeral – Here’s What REALLY Happened
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Trump at The Bush Funeral – Here’s What REALLY Happened

Now, I’m no investigative journalist, but
we’re gonna get to the bottom of this “Trump Busch funeral fiasco” right now. I’m
gonna take you through three different pieces of video footage from three
separate news stations. The “Ginger Inspector Gadget,” is gonna piece the
whole thing together for you because you know as well as I, what happens when you
go to a news channel? Well, they try to convince you that the guy who’s party
they’re behind is right and everyone else is wrong but not me I’m a social
scientist I have no political bias I have one goal to teach you what’s going
on socially so you can decide what was right and what was wrong and learn and
apply it in your life because I want you to feel confident when you go out there
and are around people socially at work or anywhere else you are at the end of
the clip not now but once I’ve taken you through all the different analysis I
want you to let me know in the comments below what you think he did good what
you think he did bad and what your overall decision is on positive or
negative in the comments below at the end of this video all right let’s roll
the game film in this first piece of footage you’re gonna see what basically
every news station besides Fox painted the picture as so they’re showing all
the ex-presidents specifically Obama and the Clintons joking around having a good
time it’s a light-hearted atmosphere everyone’s having fun if you notice
behind them everyone else is talking to and then they say when mean president
Trump came in the principal walked and all the fun was sucked out of the room I
don’t think that’s probably accurate because it appears to me that when Trump
comes in he’s the last person to be seated and the funeral is about to start
so everyone is quiet if you think it a funeral everyone’s talking beforehand
when they get ready to start everyone becomes quiet
so I think this clip was shown before the hush fell over the crowd before the
funeral is about to start I don’t think it’s because Trump came in but clearly
that’s the picture that they wanted to paint so here’s the main clip that
everyone is analyzing it has beef with so Trump walks in it almost appears that
he walks by that front row the Clintons are slightly looking over Trump takes
off his coat his wife’s shaking hands with everybody Obama Michelle and
bill and now Trump leans over shakes hands with Obama and as so as well with
Michelle Obama okay so what everyone is saying is he missed both Clinton’s and
Carter and his wife at the end there all right they’re saying he snubbed them
okay so the way that I’m looking is I’m gonna
show you another clip that paints a little bit of a different picture but
the wait when I heard all the outrage about this I thought it was gonna be
something much more dramatic so from my perspective if you look back here he
sits down he’s leaning over and now he leans over to people to shake Obama’s
hand okay so with the Clintons what’s he gonna do he’s not Stretch Armstrong he
can’t reach all the way down and shake everyone else at the end of the pews
hand right so that’s that’s my perspective on that now when Bill
Clinton was looking over here so if he wanted to engage Clinton right after
this when Bill’s looking down there he could have given a little wave clearly
Hillary isn’t looking she wants no part of it so she’s not gonna be engaged
he could have engaged Bill Clinton at that point but this is some other things
that I want you to think about when he came in we don’t know any other
variables about this situation so they could have told him listen the TV
cameras are rolling we have to get this thing started within 30 seconds of when
you walk down the aisle we don’t know anything like that we know it’s very
quiet in there so for him about the only thing that he could have done and my
perspective is to actually walk around the front tier in front of the Pew and
go straight up to everyone and shake all their hands now that’s a viable thing
you could have done he could have done that but another variable that we don’t
know is is the hurry right it would be a bit rude if everyone’s sitting there
waiting they’re ready to go all the news stations are running late and he’s
slowly going there engaging a buddy now on the other hand you are the president
so you have the Liberty to basically do whatever you want so he really would
have wanted to do that if he really wanted to stand out and make a gesture
that you know everything is forgotten it’s water under the bridge and shaken
both Clinton’s hands and Carter in his wife’s hands he could have done that I
don’t think that’s something that he wanted to do but I don’t think this is
something like everyone’s saying we basically walked by her inside hey not
gonna talk to you sucker ignore you completely I don’t see it that way okay
so now he’s coming down the aisle you can see look at the atmosphere no one’s
joking around or laughing it’s not like Trump coming down the aisle is what
created this sober environment so I think that’s definitely played up but
think about this think about the logistics they’re walking down the aisle
they’re not coming from in front of the other Pew right here so what they did to
get up there maybe they greeted somebody at the front
but I don’t think he walked by everybody as much as it looks like from that
perspective so I don’t think he was snuffing people as he was walking by so
to look at what really happened do you think Trump was super pumped to say
hello to the Clintons no of course not and unless he had it in his plan to make
a grand gesture to engage them which he could have he wasn’t gonna do that right
he wasn’t gonna walk to the front of the pew in front of everybody while
everybody’s waiting and shake their hand that just wasn’t in his playbook but he
also didn’t walk by them and ignore them by any means and an argument could be
made for he did the exact right thing he reached as far as a human can reach to
shake hands and engage maybe he didn’t want to wave down to the Clintons
because he figured they wouldn’t be looking his way and then he would look
bad for having waved at them and they weren’t reciprocating then all of a
sudden the news says oh the Clintons ignored Trump and he looked bad so I get
Trump making that move I totally understand that but to boil it down I
just don’t think this was near as big of a deal or snub or ignore seen as the way
it was played out in the news now before we wrap up I want to ask you do you know
how to behave in challenging situations like this cuz I know what it feels like
if you don’t you feel like you’re just kind of grabbing at straws you hope what
you do is right and if it’s not you don’t really know and maybe you get a
negative response one day and a positive response the next day you don’t know
what’s going on that’s a bad feeling and if you do feel that way I have a program
called the social invincibility program you can touch or click up here in the
left corner or go to social invincibility dot-com
and I’ll actually teach you how to understand exactly what’s going on
around you so you can feel comfortable every time you go out in public and know
how to get a good reaction people know when you go up and introduce yourself
that people are gonna like you and think positive of you and remember use if
that’s something you’re interested in you go to social invincibility calm so
what are your thoughts on this try to back out your political beliefs I know
it’s difficult right but what did he do right what did he do wrong and if you
were gonna coach Trump right now and say hey you’re gonna do this again it’s
gonna be like it never happened what do you do this time what would you actually
tell him to do and if you like a little comedic break there’s a video that
analyzed of Trump and a man yell McCrone of France where they’re having a
handshake in the middle of the street during a celebration in France and Trump
rips his arm around the street like he’s basically carrying a rag doll it’s 28
seconds and he doesn’t let go and McCombs like a wife comes over and tries
to help him it’s pretty unbelievable you haven’t seen that video you can click
here to do so or if you haven’t seen this other video down here you can click
there to watch that one and I’ll talk to you there well back before you can see
it’s pretty tight the Trump often times does the pact


  • saffron wetter

    I nosty Trump picked up
    Quickly..that the Clinton's
    didn't want to exknowage
    him, so he didn't bother
    With them either,
    I also read guilt all over
    Hillary Clinton's face,
    Trump would have been nice to them, But they didn't chews tobe nice to him, I would have done the same as Trump did,
    My opinion,
    Trump 20/20

  • Tom Seadon

    He did nothing wrong. Big deal, he didn’t acknowledge the Carters and Clintons, which is really no surprise! People just like to analyze, criticize, and try to pick things to pieces. You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can never please all of the people all of the time! I watched this on TV, and I didn’t lose any sleep at all over this! Why does the damn MSM have to ALWAYS OVER REACT? They’re like a bunch of damn BUZZARDS sitting in a tree waiting for someone to die politically!

  • Daniel Mendes

    "the ginger Inspector Gadget" … well, Inspector Gadget was an incompetent fraud and this guy referring to himself as such is a subtle tell that he knows he's full of shit too. Move on from this video and go learn something serious.

  • Joe Martinez

    Criminals can’t look a commander in chief in the face. Scared. Crimes aginst children. Bill and Hillary know what’s coming

  • maggie craigie

    Melania politely waved and nodded to those she could not reach, Trump ignored them because he has limited social skills and an abundance of arrogance.

  • Ernest Ogbonna

    He walked gently towards the ring,,pull off his long garment ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,He just reminded me of the wrestling icon called the 'UNDERTAKER '

  • Anne Spohn

    Any info on the white envelopes passed out to a select few at funeral? I heard indictments?
    Trump can’t win in these situations. Plain and simple

  • John Ippolito

    I wouldn't tell President Trump, anything he's a brilliant man , or as he would say ,"I'm a quiet Genius".
    I personally wouldn't shake anyone of those Satanic Monsters. Well done President Trump.

  • M V

    I think Trump did well. The Clinton's (especially Hillary's) body language was clear and then the way Hillary greeted Milania – he read it well and did the right thing. Hillary would've tried to humiliate him.

  • Manuel Camelo

    Yea, and if.. TRUMP went to actually forcefully Shake the hand of the Clintons etc.. that would have been a sign of Weakness.

    And.. what if Hillerry won't have shaken the hand back? Trump didn't wanted to risk for such evil people.

  • zlayson

    Dude u talk way to much at the start its quite annoying… just get into it, thats why we subscribed to this content.. not to look at you or to wait for the video analysis to start. ?

  • Varun Mahan

    It comes down to basic manners. Just walk over and shake their hands. Look them in the eye and shake their hands. This "analysis" fails to take into account basic European standards of manners. There is no excuse because as the last person to sit, the onus was on him. Even his handshake with the Obama couple is belated and reluctant.

    As for an American declaring he has no political bias, I'll believe it when I see it.

    PS. Those intrusive animations asking people to subscribe/follow are the worst.

  • robert jackson

    Trump could have brought George H.W.Bush back from the dead and the mainstream media coverage would still have been negative.

  • Reginald Dove

    The thing about funerals and weddings is that some people think that is the place to settle scores…I have had this happen to me before…the focus is on the deceased and the family or the happy couple…I treat it as such…. whoever reacts the least has the power…if someone tries to provoke a reaction…I say, " Don't you think we should focus on comforting the family?/ focus on celebrating the happy couple?Smile, excuse yourself, and mingle…. whoever reacts the least has the power….

  • Lisa Broussard

    I don't like 45 but there's no snub. I'm more offended by him not checking his freaking coat, don't give it to the military man.

  • Fox Mulder

    Trump was last in and everyone was then hit by the facts that they are burying an ex president.
    Trump and Pence have brought this country back from the Obama brink. The economy and unemployment stats are at all time bests. I cant believe any of the fake news media these days. The country is safer, and over all doing better than the last 4 presidents. I will vote Trump / Pence 2020 !

  • Charles Long

    Michelle Obummer looks like Michael Robinson. Do we know what was in those envelopes that were handed out? The military guy who walked in front of the camera as DJT sits down has a very strange hair do. Maybe he is gay.

  • Bran Kind

    Trump is such a special President and person. None of these former Presidents are even close. He made Billions of dollars. They didn’t. There is a direct correlation between intelligence and networth

  • Adonis3170

    Yes – he is the president -it’s simple -he could have simply walked down the banister and shaken their hands – they are former Presidents of the US – they are entitled to that recognition. Please. That is simple.

  • Renee Palmer

    everyone should KNOW by NOW ………….. NO MATTER what President Trump, does or doesn't do RS a NATIONAL SIN !! come on it's a big deal about the ice – cream he eats, curring his own hair, these pompus A$$ES just will NEVER be happy..

  • mike stock

    imagine how trump feels hes sitting with the enemies of the USA they did not want to shake trumps hand anyway

  • Mari Hearndon

    You have no idea what you're talking about. If his wife was Miss stretch Armstrong did he should have been mr. Stretch Armstrong he could have spoke to those people you can't even wave that's what his wife did

  • David Grimsley

    Not impressed with your cover-up,, ooops- logic but un-biased, haha please. If if if… He did not likely even wish to shake OB-barry's hand knowing what he really knows about the former character(s) in the WH the other deceptions and dirt down the rabbit hole your about to be finding out about will show you some stuff. Let's see the spin on the next one and how good you really are.

  • Tom Smithsss

    Fake news make everything from small to big . What can you do in funerals. It awkward as hell even you try to talk any one . It a damn funeral . Peoples can act differently..

  • Bryan G

    Common sense is all I got to say lol that's how I look at it. Thanks for teaching common sense. Alot of people need to learn it.

  • slowmoereality

    TRUMP knows his SHIT…. Everyone underestimates his Tactic,,,, he is very calculated if you look closely,,, HE has got this far with his so called mad man???? He knows What his doing, only the ignorant will believe different…..

  • Sumora

    Only thing I would have done differently, is wave hand to Clinton and anybody else looking over on that aisle.

    And maybe he did before that clip. Who knows.

  • Diane Catts

    I think Slick Willy wanted to shake Pre Trump's hand but I would bet you $100 Killery threatened Slick Willy NOT TO. IMO

  • Montana Crone

    Trump was so out of place. Few decent people want anything to do with trump, especially be photographed with trump. Trump behaved like a bored little kids. Most adults know how behave in public, especially those in public office. Trump is an anomaly. Crude, vulgar, so uncouth. .

  • mph1ish

    Ha! The clowns all got their envelopes. That's all that matters re: the big show. But I appreciate the end, which highlights President Trump's "vigorous" handshakes with the enemy lol!

  • Lyle Failes

    The whole row, except for Roaslynn who is out of the picture and cant tell, said hello in some form or fashion to Melania. Donald was playing off of who mutually was playing with him. I'm sure if Bill even slightly leaned or gestured POTUS would have acknowledged him which would have made Hillary HAVE to respond or look bad. The rest of what you said about going all down the row or not, I agree with. DJT maybe could have nodded to the Clintons but I'm ok with how it played. Did you notice Bill right after the Pesident turned away from shaking Michele's hand? He did the glance then looked forward but left his mouth open. There were many things going through his mind right then. So telling. Ha

  • Dwight White

    The former Presidents are putting on a show for the cameras. Given the chance, they`d shove the other under the bus when no one is presumably looking. Filthy bastards.

  • Najah Ariffin

    Anyone notice that bill Clinton could nt take his eyes off Melania? He was practically staring….and this is not the first time he's done that…another video earlier when Trump just took office, as Melania walked in Bill did the same thing and Hillary caught him and gave him the eye roll…anybody remember that clip? ….its sooo funny…just saying..

  • Mohawk Steel

    They all hate each others guts so why go beyond what is needed to be socially acceptable. Clintons know that a waxed rope is being woven to hang them as they were sitting there.

  • Vicki Kennedy

    Big WHOOPIE DO.. Good on ya Mr President TRUMP ?.. The others didn't go outta their way to Greet Their Own President .. How Very Rude!!!!!!!!!!!! ??

  • mattie robinson

    trump should have stayed away cause he has said hurting and untrue things about everyone there INCLUDING John McCain he almost destroyed Hillary's with his famous " lock her up" chants and now he'sto shake her hands? really? REALLY?

  • Jeff Sol

    I find it strange that I had to dig to get a video like this. In my search feed all I got were results from MSM ie CNN, NBC, FOX, PBS. No popular vids about the subject from independent creators like in pre 2016

  • Becky Snyder

    Thank you for your insights! I applaud you for your excellent clarity! Better than anyone else's channel. Great job!!! Bob

  • Lovely Dianna

    Did you see the Q haircut the marine had who took Trumps coat? Plus all eyes were on Trump & the funeral was about to start once he got seated.

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