Tricks on How to Sell Your Domain Name on Flippa

tips on how to sell your domain name on
flippa now that I have beaten you up about the
quality of your domains in the relatively inefficient state in the
secondary market let’s talk about some best practices
that will help you sell your domains number one display and for sale message on your
domains home page believe it or not the number one source
of secondary market domain names sales as buyers typing the domain name into
their web browser and navigating to the domain to see if it is available to boost your domain names sales you
first need to make sure that your domains resolve to a page that one way or another clearly indicates
that the domain is for sale and provides a choice of ways for the prospective
buyer to contact you or purchase the domain right away whether they’d be via email phone chat
or whatever whatever you do make sure that if
someone navigates to one of your domain names that they can clearly see you for
sale message otherwise you will miss out on a ton of
sales opportunities number two sell your domains on flippa although flippa is best known as the
leading platform for buying and selling web sites the domain name marketplace has grown
quickly and is now a leading product for selling domains names flippa tracks a different audience than
the typical domain name marketplace and sometimes a domain name that would
not get much attention in the more crowded and traditional domain name
marketplaces will find a seller on flippa from my observation the domain names
that sell best on Flippa are those that appeal to
buyers who want to develop them into full-blown web sites if you do trying to sell a domain name
on flippa take advantage of the fact you can include a detailed description
of the domain name in your listing which is something that the traditional
do mean marketplace’s don’t offer number three brace fix pricing if you really want to
move your domains regarding fix pricing this is always a
hotly debated topic in the domain investor community because some people
feel that putting a fixed price on a domain means that you risk leaving money
on the table one thing to keep in mind if someone
contacts you directly about buying one of your fix price domain names you can always ask them to make an offer
and where you can always call them a higher amount than your fix price it is very unlikely that they have seen
the list price elsewhere most buyers are not that sophisticated number four don’t hide behind who is privacy these services are fantastic if you want
to cut down on spamming or hide your identity is the owner of a domain but they are a serious impediment to
sales because most potential buyers don’t know how to contact the domain
owner that is using a WHOIS privacy service it simply confuse them and is a
perceived roadblock make it easier for buyers to contact you ask your domain registrar to remove the
who is privacy service number five have realistic price expectations he would be awesome if you were able to
sell one of your domains for tens or even hundreds and thousands of dollars and i genuinely hope that you do but
chances are that’s not going to happen the typical secondary market dot-com
domain name which is usually a two-word name sells
for around two thousand dollars in the majority of the rest of the
domains that sell change hands for less than five thousand dollars so keep that in mind when you price your
domains you probably aren’t going to retire on
the proceeds of your domain names sales but it might help you pay off your
mortgage faster for help pricing your domains check out
tools like flip was domain name appraisal tool number six respond promptly to any purchase
enquiries you get everyone seems to be in a rush these
days to get stuff done and purchasing domain names is no
different if someone makes the effort to contact
you about buying one of your domain names trying to respond to them within 24
hours if you don’t they may find another
domain name and you will have lost the sale there is nothing more frustrating to a
buyer then in non-responsive seller I have seen domain speculators miss out
on potential six-figure deals because they took too long to reply to the buyer for didn’t reply at all number seven use charm pricing to increase the
likelihood a for sale you can and should apply in this best
practice to your domain name pricing for example even though a domain name
priced at 1,999 dollars is only one dollar less than a domain name
price did two thousand dollars the 1999. dollars domain will feel like
a much better deal too many potential buyers domains like most products with charm
pricing have been statistically proven to sell
much faster I know this may sound crazy but it works my following these domain names sales
tips you will vastly increase the odds of selling a domain I wish you much luck and success in
doing so in please let me and the others know in the comments what strategies are
working best for you

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