Transforming computing technology: Topological insulators
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Transforming computing technology: Topological insulators

one of the big discoveries in the last
two years has been the realization that with topological insulators one can
carry out experiments that are at room temperature so under ambient conditions
where you expect technology to work you can measure phenomena associated with
these special surface states of the topological insulators and and we know
that the spin associated with these surface states can now be used to
manipulate the magnetization for example of Ferro magnet this is a new field of
research and on these topological insulators this topological insulator
has been described some time as a new state of quantum matter and so with what
is highly new public a unique practice and is very exciting to explore this new
field for example we have seen wonderful result of these materials the political
insulator for the conversion between charge and spin currents that is for the
creation or detection of spin and in spintronic device and so we have seen
the potential of this and we have seen also that now the technology allows
people to fabricate very good materials and so a large field of research is open
with certainly enticing application Topological insulator I think the
beautiful part is robust so it’s a pro to the defects and that was being
discussed by physicist and you know from this workshop we can see a lot of
evidence along their line and then some exciting you know transmission electron
microscope pictures show those material can grow well on all kinds of different subjects
are all kind of different
substrate and that’s very exciting in that aspect topological insulator could be
much better for certain applications like MTG okay but the for some applications like
memory you know MTG maybe still could hold the better position for a little
longer but you never know there’s a new physics always come out at the
conference we talked about some new writing scheme reading scheme based on
the new physics new discovery and then that may change the how people will the
building blocks may be empty during ten years maybe not the best building block
for memory anymore the fact that these that the functionality is supposed to
come from the surface and we all know that surfaces of materials you know
they’re exposed to ambient conditions they oxidize there they react to the
environment and so the question is you know at you know the question is in a manufacturing sense
so in a sense of making devices that can be made in the you know but at
a large scale with you know millions of such devices how do you develop a
protocol that would keep these surfaces these surface states intact and so on
and survive for sufficient time to be a useful device technology I mean those
kinds of pragmatic issues are still big challenges that remain to be resolved

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