Trampo: Next-Gen Cloud Computing for STAR-CCM+
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Trampo: Next-Gen Cloud Computing for STAR-CCM+

Sam is a CFD engineer. But Sam has a problem. He has a job that his current hardware and
license cannot handle and he has a deadline! Sam now has to sell cloud computing to his
boss. He needs to explain the simulation complexity,
hardware and licensing set up. That’s intense… Now Sam has to look into cloud computing providers. But there are so many to choose from! And so many different features, hardware and
prices! After a long search, Sam selected a few cloud
providers. He now needs to get a budget approved by his
boss. But his boss is now overseas on a very important
business trip. Sam has to wait for his boss’s sign off. Finally his boss returns. Sam has a long talk to his boss about the
figures… before his boss approves the budget. Sam now needs to set up the selected cloud
computing service and request the software license. The licence takes another day to arrive. Finaly, Sam is ready to go. Sam now has to wait for the simulation to
upload before he can do the final simulation set up. That night, Sam is so stressed he can’t
sleep! The next day, Sam has to upload the simulation
results. It’s taking forever! Sam wasn’t able to meet the deadline. Everyone is disappointed. Sam is drowning in stress. He made a mistake in his simulation, and has to do it all over
again. Introducing Trampo! Sam has found Trampo! Trampo provides both the hardware and the
license. The process is so simple. Sam is relieved! All that Sam needs to do is to go through
the first time registration process which takes less than 10 minutes. Sam can now start uploading his simulation. He logs in, He inputs a maximum amount, his credit card
details and the location of the files to upload. Sam can now go home and relax. No need to wait in the office until the simulation
finishes uploading. Trampo Smart Simulation Handling automatically
detects what needs to be done! It works for meshing, running, macros, input
files etc. The next day, Sam wakes up refreshed! His simulation is complete and has already
uploaded on his office computer synchronised folder! Trampo is super fast with its 200 mbps internet
connection and latest hardware. Sam’s credit card was automatically charged. He puts the email invoice in his expenses
for reimbursement. His boss and company are happy. He met the deadline with a breeze! Sam struggled using other cloud providers. It took days to set up the first time. And hours for each simulation upload and download. But with Trampo, Sam spent under 10 minutes
to set up and 1 minute per simulation ever after. Sam has success. Trampo saved him time and money.

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