Tracking your Firebase hosting bandwidth, & Firestore reference fields #AskFirebase
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Tracking your Firebase hosting bandwidth, & Firestore reference fields #AskFirebase


  • patrick mullot

    Great Show! Thanks!
    Nice feature to be able to access a document in firestore typing its id. When will we be able to do it in Storage ? 😉

  • Michel Parpaillon

    #AskFirebase Would it be easy to update an existing database so it uses reference fields instead of strings ? Could it break something ?

  • Andrew S

    #AskFirebase I know you can backup Firestore data with the cloud shell but when can we expect automatic backups with a U/I built into the Firestore console like with the Realtime Database? Thanks.

  • Abdullah Al Mamun

    I want to sort post by specific user and order by timestamp DESCENDING

    Query firstQuery = firebaseFirestore.collection("Posts")
    .whereEqualTo("user_id", current_user_id)
    .orderBy("timestamp", Query.Direction.DESCENDING)


  • Jose Nicolas Yañez Padilla

    #AskFirebase, because my ionic app with cloud firebase consumes more internet in the last 2 weeks, which could cause this problem?????

  • Damian Skrodzki

    #AskFirebase Hi, I've tried to use the reference fields but I don't see any different UI than for string fields. I'm I doing something wrong or is this something that is not available yet?

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