Why not get rid of the corporate tax rate or let dividends paid out reduce taxable income to corporations. Corporate taxes as double taxation!

  • Julian Villarreal

    “Are you worried about us going a little too far left?” “Trump is a pathological liar and I agree with you trump is a horrible president and we’re going to win and win big. Bigger than Donald Trump it’s going to be enormous huuuuuggggge” “Donald is that you?”

  • Lazy Fingers

    These fox new imbeciles are impossible, they can not hide their hate and zero empathy for regular people, notice how these idiots spent a good amount of time speaking on behalf MILLIONAIRES AND BILLIONAIRES .

  • Day6 Stan

    Asking Bernie to pay more tax than he needs to is dumb. Bernie is not asking companies and billionaires to volunteer to pay more taxes; he is wanting to pass legislation to REQUIRE the top 1% to pay their fair share. Why would Bernie pay 52% when he doesn’t need to by law. He will pay that 52% when the law he wants is passed that will require him to pay it.


    Health care for all.😆😆😆People that not working getting free heath care,People that are working is going to pay more taxes to cover over can we all say more taxes

  • Aniallator83

    I live in Ireland and as look at America I honestly can’t stop laughing Ireland may not be the greatest country in the world compare to the u.s it is free healthcare ✅ free education ✅ no assault riffles & hand guns ✅ no mass shootings ✅ low crime rate ✅.a lot of Americans friends say to me they want to leave. I like Bernie but I think his age might hold him back but he his a wonderful activist and a good role mode on how to improve America even though I don’t agree with him on everything.

  • T W

    In Australia, we do exactly what Bernie talks about. Everyone has a medicare card which allows us to go to the doctors and walk out with no bill. Why can't America?

  • Jason Stevens

    Kudos to him for going into the lion's den but i was turned off within 5 minutes of talking and mentioned Trump at least 3 times. Typical Democrat, unfortunately.

  • Jason Stevens

    And of course he didn't give any substantial answers to anything. Just more passing the buck to the rich. This guy needs to go away.

  • Gary McCord

    Why are we even discussing any politics with a socialist? How are we allowing a known socialist to run for the the Presidency of this country? Has America fallen this far from the truth? Socialism is a proven, time and time again, a total failure.

  • Bret McCarty

    To those of you frustrated with many of these indirect responses to Fox's questions (and many of the indirect responses during the debates and other interviews): Bernie would also prefer to reply directly, I'm sure. But he has many opponents who want to see his campaign fail and keep establishment/corporate-backed politicians in place. They will cut out these questions and immediate replies, and take them completely out of context to make him look as bad as possible.

    Take the question on paying for universal Medicare, for instance. Will your plan for universal healthcare raise taxes? Yes it will. CNN: "tune in tonight when we'll talk about how Bernie Sanders wants YOU to pay HIGHER TAXES to pay for his healthcare plan."

    This is one of the most frustrating things about today's mainstream media. Bernie has clarified this issue repeatedly since he began campaigning for the 2016 election. The VAST MAJORITY of Americans will pay significantly less for their healthcare because the increase in taxes is far outweighed by the ballooning costs of health insurance premiums and prescription drugs, etc. AND roughly ONE THIRD of Americans who are uninsured or underinsured will be able to afford high quality medical care they never had before. This is a no-brainer!!

    And for reference, I am an American medical student. Bernie's proposal for addressing our health crisis is far superior to any of his opponents', past or present.
    Poverty, homelessness, lack of insurance, food insecurity, these are all HEALTH ISSUES. America, stop putting health-related decisions in the hands of politicians who don't know a thing about medicine. Let physicians care for our patients, aka EVERYONE.

  • Smittinator

    The guy who asked why his book selling is proof of capitalism and the american dream shows that he doesn't understand the american dream, and furthermore suspects that Bernie wants to abolish capitalism. Bernie wants to do what FDR did, save capitalism from the capitalists and infuse semi-socialist institutions to function for those structures in which profit creates bad results

  • Mel Pierce

    Bernie is pathetic. A craby lazy old man. Still pushing socialism( he went to the USSR) for his honeymoon. He is a millionair who pays less than most working people. Pays his workers less than the 15 dollars an hour he says should be minimum wage. All taxes a corporation pays are added to the prices of their product and paid by the people buying it. Only a fool thinks the taxes paid by companies doesn't get passed onto the consumers. Besides most large billion dollar companies are owned by millions of americans in their retirement plans. And the wealth of companies is in land, buildings, equipment. The big tax break went to companies that then created millions of new jobs. I have traveled to and lived in 20 countries almost all have socialized medicine, and it sucked.

  • Wi Alexander

    Marx was dead in London 10 years before the birth of Communism, it goes to the Texas Mocking Bird with emphasis on Mocking and the Bird .  Read a book Ignoroti Masses

  • Michael Hood

    Everything he say make Dollars
    And cents
    When you are working in this
    Country to pay the bills
    Time to make a better Future
    We cannot wait any longer 👹👹👹👹👹👹

  • Dave G

    Here are some INDISPUTABLE republican socialist truths, trillions of your tax dollars to the rich & corporations for their tax give away, trillions of your tax dollars to bail out corporate American wall street banks, billions of your tax dollars to subsidize the fossil fuel & chemical industries, billions to possibly trillions of your tax dollars to subsidize "Private" for profit prisons, millions of your tax dollars to help Trump enrich his corrupt family at his resorts, hotels & golf courses. Trillions of your tax dollars that go to military contractors & not actually to the men & women serving. Now tell me again how you can't afford to help the tax payer with less costly social programs? I dare you to argue these truths that you the tax payer socialize for the rich!

  • Bill Lynch

    Loony Bernie trying to buy college kid votes. That's all it is. I told this to a liberal "friend" on FB and she deleted my comments and blocked me. She completely shut down and ran to her safe space because I mentioned how taking from wall street to pay kids bills was not right. Oh, and before she blocked me she said she didn't want to hear my opinion and if I respond at all she'll lose respect for me. How's that for a mature respectful discussion? Liberals cannot comprehend logic and if they don't get their way they have a temper tantrum.

  • djxxxplicit

    Bernie can do this all day folks. This is making too much sense for the Fox show hosts. They look confused and overloaded…must shutdown….makes too much sense… lmao

  • Frustrated American

    He never answered whether or not he was going to give up 52 percent of his own money to the tax laws he's himself is proposing…..

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