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Tour Cloud Hosting Services in Austin, TX

Hello, my name is Lori Mankin and I’m the
Marketing Assistant at MyITpros. Today I’m going to be showing you a few
things that we really enjoy about Cloud7. First I’m going to show you how to log in
to Cloud7. You can access it through any internet browser
so I’m going to select Safari and you just go to
As you can see, I’m working from my personal computer today and that’s one of the really
great things about Cloud7 is you can access all your work files from any device anywhere
with an internet connection. I just entered my password and as you can
see, all my programs loaded on the left and I have access to all my company files which
are securely kept on Cloud7. None of these programs are actually downloaded
on my computer, which is really great because it won’t slow down my computer.
I can access them any time. You can access all your programs right here
on the left side and you would open them just as you would if they were in the start menu
on a PC or if they were on the bottom of a screen on a Mac.
And you can work the program just as you would if it were on your computer.
You can create a new email. You can access all your contacts.
You can attach files that are found on Cloud7. Like I said, you can also navigate through
Cloud7 to access other files. You can access your groups.
You can organize them with public folders. You can also have your own personal section
where you have a private desktop area where you can save materials.
Some people prefer the Windows Explorer to navigate.
It’s a little more familiar to them. It’s a little easier for them to navigate
so there is that function for those of you who like that interface.
Each user can personalize their webtop in any way that they prefer.
So the way you edit your webtop is you go up here to customize and from there you can
move things wherever you prefer. I like my weather on the right, my programs
on the left and my files in the middle. Then you select save changes.
There are also options to include shortcuts and have your email directly on your webtop.
The restore feature allows you to log out of Cloud7 and log back in and it will restore
all the programs you were working on and even drafts you were working on.
The way you get started is you go to your webtop and then click on log out.
Select Disconnect Programs Temporarily and then you can log back in on any device.
Once your page loads, you’ll see a pop up at the top of your webtop saying Reconnect
Applications so select that then select Outlook or whatever applications you were working
on that you would like to restore. And as you can see, Outlook and the email
I was working on with the file attached has all been restored.
If you have any questions about Cloud7, you can email [email protected]
Thank you very much for your time.

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