Top 5 Web Hosting Companies Services For WordPress 2019 – Who is Top WordPress Hosting Provider
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Top 5 Web Hosting Companies Services For WordPress 2019 – Who is Top WordPress Hosting Provider

Hey you tubers in this video, we are going to check the top best 5 web hosting service providers in 2019 I made this list based on my personal opinion and I made this list based on the prize reliability quality and much much more So let us see the top best 5 hosting service providers in 2019 for you and your business if you have not subscribed this channel Please subscribe it now so you can enjoy all of my new and upcoming videos So let us get into the details At number 5 we have host Metro hosting services Host Metro is a privately owned and managed web hosting company The host Metro business was launched in 2003 They are specialized in Shared web hosting only they are in the market for more than 10 years That means they have good experience. Hence. Your hosting is in safe hands they have the best and trusted platform and customers do trust on them a lot They have very easy and simple plans which are easy to understand. They have only two basic plans of hosting They have a mega max plan, which is starting for only 2.95 per month and then they have super max plan, which is starting at only six point nine five Dollars per month if we see and compare these plans. Both of these plans are very good and there is maximum bandwidth on both of these plans and There is a free site transfer in both the plans Free site builder is there Unlimited websites you can host on in both the plans you can have unlimited FTP accounts in both the plans and my SQL database also on Both the plans are unlimited. The domain registration is free Add-on domains park domains and subdomains are unlimited on both the plans Email features email accounts are unlimited email Forwards are unlimited and all the other facilities for emails web mail pop3 and IMAP Autoresponders catch halls and mailing lists are all available in both the plans They have free SSL certificate with the Supermax plan, but you need to pay 2.5 dollar per month with the normal plan With the site log security as well. It’s the same price 2.5 dollar per month host Metro hosting plans are covered by 99.9% uptime guaranteed They will Compensate their customers if their uptime plan fails and it falls below 99.9% of the time but it is Calculated on an annual basis not on monthly basis if that happens they will offer one month extra hosting free of cost But it is very unlikely to happen. That’s why they guarantee it Host Metro support services are available 24 hours via chat email and phones There is also a knowledgebase for self-help it includes guidelines topics frequently asked questions or any other Frequently asked questions or any other topic which you need more clarification in this knowledge base is one of the best they have and you can really really Understand any topic which is giving you a problem It is One of the cheapest hosting plan you will find in the market So if you are planning to start your first online Business venture then this is the best hosting service You will get when we talk about best hosting service provider for small Websites, then DreamHost is also in the list have got an award in 2016 for the best customer support service They have plenty of services and plans and packages for all of the business needs Drain host is one of the independently owned company and they put a lot of focus and They put a lot of focus on customer support and services and they guarantee hundred percent uptime When we talk about the packages and plans they have they have unbeatable WordPress hosting where you can have shared hosting for WordPress 2.5 $9 per month and then managed WordPress hosting which is high-performance 16.9 5 per month and then the VPS for WordPress which is for more advanced and higher businesses, its 27.5 per month and its us-based customer support. It’s available around the clock they have 200% faster performance with solid state drives The DreamHost servers consist of solid state drives. That’s why they are 200% faster They have industry-leading 97 day money-back guarantee the email accounts have 2gb limit on each account and Along with their hosting plans. You will get free SSL certificate quick and easy to use control panel and You will really really enjoy using it powerful WordPress tools Server caching and daily backups are also included in the hosting plans of DreamHost they are considered really really best for small and medium enterprises as You see the plans here. They have all the detailed plans for each and every business requirement the number of websites and the bad fit see the bandwidth is Unlimited on all the plans they have and the visitors per month are also Unmetered that means unlimited for all the plans They offer a wordpress is pre-installed on all the plans and there is free SSL certificate on all of their plans pre-installed the Backup are the own own Demand backups are available with all of their higher plans But the value plans the first two basic it is not available the free domains are inclusive with all the plans and Free domain privacy also is included with all of their plans The control panel is custom built in with all of their plans, which is really really awesome It’s the complete money-back guarantee which you have on all the plans with all the features and with this money-back guarantee and with the unmatched customer support service this domain host is One of the best choices for you when you’re starting out in your business are you already have a business and you want to switch the services and Change the hosting services for your businesses this brings us to the number three in web hosting series now on number three is Bluehost Bluehost is one of the best service providers when it comes to WordPress It is the number one recommended web hosting by every account features one-click WordPress Installation. This is one of the best features our recommendation the Bluehost has apart from this Bluehost has over two million websites Worldwide since its launch. So this also is a big number this makes Bluehost one of the most reliable and trusted hosting platforms in the world Then another best feature which I am emphasizing on is the money-back guarantee since their services are amazing and they are confident of it That’s why they offer a 30 days full refund money-back guarantee of their hosting services There is another feature which is free SSL certificate it is included in all of their packages They have three major types of hosting plans one is shared This is the most popular and most of the businesses they opt for the shared hosting Second is the VPS hosting plan. And then the third one is a Dedicated hosting plan, which is with the dedicated server uptime is the most important when it comes to the web site hosting and the second factor in the hosting and Another factor in the web. Hosting is load time. Well the load time of Bluehost is 425 ms. And the page load time is amazing They have a live chat support and they response in within five minutes You can also get their support wire via email and call at the same time They have a secure shell ssh access for the management of the contents in the most secure way and One click WordPress installation No question asked 30 days money-back guarantee if you’re looking for a good WordPress Website then Bluehost is one of the best options out there Now in this list this brings us to the number two hosting service provider which is I page I Page hosting is the best option for a small and new website If you don’t have more of the budget or to take an expensive hosting plan This is one of the best hosting service provider you can look for and it has a lot of extra features as It says all our plans include over $500 in extra they give hundred dollar google adwords offer free security tools a SiteLock than hundred dollar ad credit for bing and free wordpress tool It has thousands of free templates free email address and twenty four by seven free support the SSL certificate which free security certificate and Then the 30-day money-back guarantee. This makes the eye page more reliable hosting service provider and They also provide free domain transfer. So if you’re planning to transfer from your old Hosting provider to the new one I page is the new hosting service. You should look for now with all of these amazing features like free domain transfer easy step and superb reliability since 1998 unlimited disk storage unlimited Bandwidth my SQL database and the unlimited email accounts free domain and Google marketing coupon Free site builder and shopping card free site builder and shopping cart FTP accounts for management and editing Limitless domains on one hosting account all of these features are really really amazing IPage is best for the WordPress hosting and they have two very good plans for it WP starter which will cost you three point seven five dollars per month and Then WP essential which is six point nine five dollars per month And win both the plans There is one year free domain registration both the plans offer you unlimited storage unlimited bandwidth customized control panel in both the plans Pre-installed themes and plugins of WordPress in both the plans. However in WordPress essential there are three more features which are Press expert support Also may take malware removal SiteLock professional security this is an extra which is with WP essential and It’s a six point nine five dollar per month This brings us to the number one spot of web hosting which is called a two hosting But this company is not that popular So that’s why most of the people they never heard of the name a two hosting but this is one of the top hosting companies with a lot of features and lot of reliability a To hosting provider is the king of the hosting industry their loading time is amazing and It is three point seven six m/s. It is the fastest loading time any other Hosting service provider is providing and they have very good plans The shared hosting plans are starting with three point nine two USD monthly and it is 51% off Reseller hosting is at thirteen point one nine VPS hosting is at Dollar five only which is really really great and the dedicated hosting is little expensive but you are a small business and you want the shared hosting which is really good price three point nine two with Ninety-nine point nine two uptime and with the fastest loading speed This is really a good price to go for the a2 hosting supports WordPress Drupal and Joomla It has two both servers up to 20x faster Than the normal one easy-to-use free and easy site transfer If you want to transfer your site from the other hosting service provider to a2 hosting They will do it free for you, and it’s very easy to transfer trust me on this in VPS hosting the speed security and it is developer friendly and It is has more isolation You you can choose your management level and again, it has free side transfer For the support they have on call support live sport emails and then there are real reviews Which you can check for all of those customers who have been using the a2 hosting for a long time experience of a2 hosting up to 20x faster servers guru crew sport their support is exceptional than free account migration and This is amazing anytime money-back guarantee They are so confident of their product and their services that they are offering the money-back Guarantee at any point of time if you are not satisfied with their services you can ask a refund and they’ll be gladly doing it and 99.9% uptime Commitment they are committing an uptime of 99.9 percent which is really exceptional You see here the reviews from the customers the users these are amazing reviews The top software features hardware’s and more It is free SSD the SSD drives which are most secure So and they boost the speed and then pH a7 free SSL Global servers they have their servers placed all over globally so that’s why it is easy to reach for the global audience and free SSH They they support both Linux and Windows hosting their cPanel is very easy and user-friendly And They have all these security features which can be there SSL certificate options to fit all of your Specific needs you can choose any of these security features which suits your website With all of these features I highly recommend that if you want a heavy lifter a website professional for your business and for the business growth you go for a2 hosting it will really really be the best choice for you now this brings us to the end of the video of Comparing all the web hosting services. We have listed the top web hosting services here you can check the features and prices and compared and Then choose whichever suits best for you If you want they discounted links for all of these Hosting’s they are in the description below this video You can click and choose the best hosting service which suits you and it will provide you with a good discounted rate Please don’t forget to subscribe this channel for future useful videos

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