Top 5 Best Web Hosting For WordPress 2020
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Top 5 Best Web Hosting For WordPress 2020

hey there YouTube friends how’s everyone
doing today I hope you’re having a great day in today’s video I’m gonna go over
the best web hosts for 2020 so I’m gonna go over the features the pros and cons
and the plans and prices so let’s go ahead and get started all right the
first one on our list is Bluehost all right Bluehost is recommended by
wordpress ideal for bloggers WordPress beginners and entrepreneurs so now let’s go over some of the pros of
Bluehost first they have automatic WordPress
installation plugins and theme up dates so that’s good for WordPress websites second they have guided wordpress site
creation for beginners so that’s great what makes it easy for beginners to
create their WordPress because they have a guide that you can just follow along
with third they have free site lock CDN and then finally they have quick
response and helpful life chat support which is really important because I’ve
had some hosts that you know you try to get help in chat and they take forever
to respond or they don’t respond at all and Bluehost isn’t like that at all so
they’re really good about that so now for the cons using blue coast so the
first con is you cannot use both HTTP and site lock CDN you have to either use
one or the other the second con is the unlimited requires
more expensive plans so you don’t get unlimited with via cheapest plan you
have to upgrade and then three you have less control of automatic data backups
so if you want something that you have more control with your automatic backups
then I wouldn’t recommend Bluehost for you all right and so the next part is
the plants they have a the shared plan which is the basic one it starts at 395
a month and with that you get you know a new website or blog it’s easy to use
customer – dashboard fully managed solution but again there are some limits
to that and if you want to just you know look over the plans and see everything
that it’s included you can just go to their site and see all that stuff I’m
just covering the basics to give you a kind of idea on which one might be best
for you depending on what you’re doing so if you have a wordpress blog or you
have an e-commerce site they’re gonna be different for each one all right moving
on to our next one is site ground all right a site ground is also
recommended by WordPress it’s ideal for bloggers manage web hosting Drupal and
Joomla and these are other platforms that you can build your website off
besides WordPress all right so let’s cover the pros for site ground first they have daily free backup and
restore which is great because I do recommend that you restore or backup a
rather your site every day they are recommended by WordPress which is a
pretty big deal so that’s always good to have they’re easy to set up they have a
pretty fast service and they’re reliable but the biggest thing is that it comes
with a free SSL certificate so that’s also a plus all right so now some of the
cons for using SiteGround are that it requires go big or go geek plans for
managed hosting features so you have to upgrade to get those kind of features so
the the basic plan probably isn’t gonna work for you you’re probably gonna have
to upgrade to one of these two other plans all right so the second con is that you
get 10 to 30 gigabytes that’s the webspace cap for using
SiteGround so if you have more use of gigabytes then you’re gonna have to go
with a different hosting provider SiteGround won’t cover that all right
and their startup plan is 395 a month that’s for one website and 10 gigabytes
of web space and you can only get up to 10,000 visitors monthly so again you’re
either gonna have to go with the grow big or go geek so again depending on
your needs and how you use your website you might want to go with a different
hosting provider but if you have bigger plans than I would recommend SiteGround
they’re great for bigger venues and if you’re gonna do more with your website
it’s a good it’s a good value for what you’re getting all right next one on the
list for web hosts is dreamhost now DreamHost also is recommended by
WordPress it’s ideal for bloggers however you may need the upgrade option
to get some of the other features that they offer so the pros for dreamhost are
number one 100% uptime guarantee so that’s always
great they guarantee that so that’ll be up a
hundred percent which is pretty good number two is they offer a 97 day
money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied for any reason you can get
your money back within 90 days or 97 days so a lot of them offer less than
that so that’s pretty cool number three is they do have optimized WordPress
hosting so that’s always good and number four is that they
have award-winning customer support all right so now moving on to the cons
for dreamhost number one is as I mentioned there will be additional cost
for WordPress premium hosting and again you know do your due diligence look at
all the other web hosts and look at their plans and see what best fits you
number two is they have extra costs for many other features as well and number
three and this kind of goes against the pros that I put up here earlier because
I’ve experienced this myself they do have long wait time before the
live chat customer support I had contact the customer support and I was holding
for quite a bit before somebody came on the chat and that was not good I was not
happy by the time I reached the customer support person so again something you
want to weigh in your options of who you want to choose for your hosting now here
are the hosting plans for DreamHost now the basic one starts at 259 a month you
do get a 2.59 that is you get one website free domain included the domain
name rather you get a limited traffic and bandwidth and then you get the
WordPress pre-installed and you also get the access to the WordPress builder so
that’s kind of nice because it’s a wordpress isn’t the easiest platform to
use if you’ve never used it in your beginner you do get the free SSL and you
get fast SSD storage now if you want to get an email you’d have to pay another
dollar 67 a month which is one of the features that I mentioned that you would
have to pay more for alright so our next web host is a two hosting they’re also
recommended by WordPress Joomla dooper all magenta and OpenCart
your ideal for bloggers and they the fastest server times so now the pros for hu hosting our they
have a 99.9% uptime and anytime money-back guarantee the number two is
they have auto setup for WordPress so it’s automatically set up three is they
have optimized WordPress hosting just four specifically web WordPress websites
and they also offer the free SSL certificate which is always great to get
that for free now going over some of the cons number
one is they do have additional cost for word press premium hosting so it’s not
the same as the shared hosting the number two is extra costs for many other
features as well so let’s go to the plans that they have and these are the
plans for the WordPress hosting not for the basic and it is pretty cheap I mean
they do start at 296 and again you see all the stuff that you get with each
plan you can go over them and see which best which is best for you and your
needs for your website the next one is Hostgator now Hostgator is owned by the
same parent company that owns Bluehost so they’re very similar although
Hostgator works with wordpress joomla drupal magenta wiki and PHP BB they’re
not actually recommended by wordpress like Bluehost is so that might be
something you want to consider as well alright so let’s go over the pros for
Hostgator they have a ninety nine percent uptime guarantee which is good
number two Pro for a Hostgator is they have a 45 day money-back guarantee which
is great as well number three is they have have unlimited
bandwidth subdomains FTP accounts and email accounts with the beginner plan so
that’s always great and number four is they also have a free SSL certificate
with your website okay so now for the cons of Hostgator which I mentioned
before is that they’re not recommended by WordPress but again they do have
other features and I have used Hostgator in the past and I’ve never had any
issues with it Khanh number two is WordPress hosting is
higher price than the basic it’s a if you’re on a budget you might want to
look at some other web hosts that might fit your budget better and again number
three is you only get one WordPress website with that plan now a lot of
these only offer one website so again you want to look at all that stuff and
make sure that you’re getting the best bang for your buck and I would probably
go with something that has more unlimited websites for your hosting
because you know you might want to have more than one website so you might need
a plan that is better suited for that all right so now here are the plans and
these are for the WordPress hosting as I mentioned I think their basic plan is
295 or $3 for the what they call the baby plan but these WordPress plans
start at 595 a month and as you can see you get everything with it the one site
100k visitors per month one backup or one gigabyte backup the free SSL and you
also get a free dough name domain name with again you want to compare all the
prices and see what’s best for you do your research I always gotta tell you to
do your due diligence on anything you do you want to get the best information so
that you can make a well educated decision based on what you need all
right well I hope you learned a lot from this video thank you so much for
watching please like and subscribe to my channel and hit the fal’cie you’re
always notified on another new video coming out thanks for watching YouTube
friends I hope you have a great rest of your day


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