Top 10 Superhero Secrets That Changed Everything – Part 2
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Top 10 Superhero Secrets That Changed Everything – Part 2


  • ClassyNova

    Sasha is easily the best announcer on this channel.
    You can literally see and feel how connected she is with the entire comic universes.
    She shows her full-on appreciation for specific things and admonishing the things that need it to be.
    Every single other person on here is just reading their cue cards with little to no feeling.
    I like people who make you feel what they are and connect through the same ways.
    SO I vote for more of her on here, make it happen people.

  • Kenneth Cleland

    You really have a "Chair Head Name on the moon Teeshirt", I have no words about how awesome that it. I do feel slightly out geeked.. LOL

  • Doug Rosengard

    Hydra Cap was a really interesting premise with unfortunately a kind of faulty execution. My issue with Hydra Cap is mainly that, despite the series' best efforts to explain why Hydra Cap acted the way he did, the explanation just kind of fell flat at making it seem realistic that Cap could have been a Hydra Agent throughout essentially all of modern comic book history. Forming the Avengers? Hydra Cap. Fighting the Red Skull hundreds of times? Hydra Cap. Specifically thwarting literally every single Hydra plot between World War II and Pleasant Hill when Hydra Cap was released? All of it Hydra Cap. It just stretches credulity past the breaking point to believe that in all that time and after all those conflicts and victories specifically against Hydra that he was a sleeper agent, even with the series saying that he was essentially in a subconscious sleeper state waiting to be reawakened.

    The other problem with the series is that the ultimate resolution of bringing a Cap from the previous version of the timeline didn't really make a lot of sense in how it was portrayed. The series probably would have been better off having the other heroes find a way to defeat evil Cap and then have that version of Cap either be a villain and put, say, Bucky or Sam in the Captain America shoes, or have Hydra Cap realize that he really is the baddie at some point and then do a long arc of redemption. The resolution they selected instead of a deus ex machina Good Cap coming in and saving the day just felt unsatisfyingly contrived.

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