Top 10 Scary Times Someone Survived The Impossible
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Top 10 Scary Times Someone Survived The Impossible

As humans, we are an extremely resilient species. Everyday someone survives an impossible situation
and they discover what they are truly made of. Sometimes in our own lives, we encounter a
dangerous situation that makes us say “How did I survive that?” From surviving being trapped under ice to
being hit by a train we are about to talk about some of the most impressive survival
stories out there. How’s it going YouTube? I’m your host Landon Dowlatsingh and welcome
back to another most amazing video. Before we get started I want to know, have
you guys had any scary experiences? Let me know what happened in the comment section
below. And stay tuned to the end because I’ll tell
you about a time where I almost died. Well let’s get right to our list, this is
the top 10 scary times someone survived the impossible. Starting things off in at number 10 we have
a man who was out at sea for 13 months and survived. Is this real life right now? With just a few basic necessities and an empty
ice chest, Jose Alvarenga managed to survive for over one year at sea by himself. He was a very experienced fisherman and he
knew his way around the ocean, but even the most experienced people are no match for the
strength of a tropical storm. Just a few hours into his journey, a storm
hit him and it lasted for 5 days. It was impossible to steer the boat and he
had lost all of his direction. He survived on a diet of raw fish, turtles,
small birds, sharks and rainwater. After 438 days, he managed to swim to a small
island where two locals found him naked, clutching a knife and shouting in Spanish. He was treated in a hospital before he was
reunited with his family in El Salvador. He is the first person in recorded history
to survive being a small boat and lost at sea for over a year. The man who was forced to drink blood in the
Desert takes us to number 9. Mauro Prosperi enrolled to participate in
a 6-day race through the Sahara Desert. That sounds awful, I’m not sure why anyone
would go out of their way to sign up for such an intense race but that’s what he decided
to do. Well unfortunately, a sandstorm caused Prosperi
to take shelter and camp out for the rest of the night but when he woke up, he was very
disoriented and he realized that he was lost in the Desert. Unknowingly, he started to travel in the wrong
direction where he eventually stumbled across a Muslin Shrine. He ran out of food and water within the first
24 hours so he had to drink his own urine. But once he got to the shrine, he saw some
bats and decided to cut their heads off with a knife and suck their blood in order to quench
his thirst. He did this on 20 bats over the course of
three days and when he didn’t see any signs of being rescued, he tried to take his own
life. (1:54-2:08
I’m glad he was able to push his limits in order to persevere and survive. He is truly an inspiration. Number 8 we are talking about a woman who
survived 42 days without food. Wow, that is super impressive, I can’t even
survive 12 hours without food. Helen Klaben was 21 years old at the time
when she was trying to travel between Fairbanks and Seattle. She decided to save some money and fly with
an amateur pilot. It turned out to be a horrible mistake because
their plane crashed on February 4th, 1963. They landed in a remote part of the Canadian
wilderness but thankfully Klaben and the pilot managed to survive the crash landing. But they didn’t have any survival supplies. They only had matches and a few cans of sardines. The future for them seemed bleak. A week went by and they completely ran out
of food. All they had left to survive on was melted
snow. They were both overweight so they could survive
off of their body fat for the next 42 days until another plane finally spotted them. Trapped under the World Trade centre for 27
hours comes in at number 7. On September 11, 2001 Genelle Guzman-McMillan
was working in her office in the World Trade Centre when she heard an explosion outside. As she raced down the stairs, she could literally
feel the building starting to collapse around her. So for the next 27 hours, she was pinned underneath
the rubble at ground zero until a rescue dog was able to save her. (3:10-3:22
Doctor’s told her that she would never be able to walk again. But she defied all odds and now she is walking
and running. This is just an amazing story about human
survival and how we can literally do anything that we set our minds to. A car and a train come crashing onto this
list in at number 6. A 46 year old homeless man by the name of
Robert Evans has definitely had his share of bad luck. In the span of just seven hours, he was hit
by a car and then struck by a train. Is this real life right now? First he was involved in a hit and run when
a car hit him while he was riding his bike. He was immediately rushed to the hospital
where he was treated for minor injuries. But, after being released from the hospital,
he was hit by a train as he was crossing the tracks with his bike. He was thrown in the air and he fell 10 feet
into a creek below. He was lucky in the sense that he didn’t
suffer from serious injuries. And to top it all off, he was given a ticket
for trespassing because the bridge that he was trying to cross is a restricted area. Come on! Can’t this poor guy catch a break? He should’ve been given a lifetime supply
of train tickets, or maybe a new bike. Number 5 we are talking about a woman who
woke up from 20 year coma. Sarah Scantlin was only 18 years old when
she suffered from a traumatic brain injury. When she was out one night, she has hit by
a drunk driver where she was thrown into oncoming traffic and she was hit again. A car literally drove over her skull and doctors
said that Sarah would survive but she would never wake up again. The damage to her brain was so extensive and
they had no way of knowing is she was really there or if the damage had left her in a vegetative
state. But, twenty years later, when all hope was
lost…Sarah woke up! Her parents couldn’t believe the news and
raced to the hospital to talk to their daughter for the first time in two decades. Number 4, we have a man bitten by a Black
Mamba snake. It only takes two drops of the Black Mamba
venom to kill a human. Their venom contains neurotoxins that slow
down the nervous system and eventually paralzyed their victim. Without antivenom, the fatality rate from
a black Mamba snake is 100%. So, with all of that taken into consideration,
how the heck did this guy survive? Well, back in 1998, Danie Pienaar was a research
student working in South Africa. One day he went out on an expedition but he
didn’t let anyone know where he was going. That was his first mistake. He was in the water when all of a sudden he
felt a sharp sting on the back of his knee. His worst nightmare was becoming his new scary
reality. He knew that he was bitten by the deadly and
venomous black Mamba snake, and if he had any chance of surviving, he had to move fast. He tried to race back to his car but the venom
was already taking over his body. He tried to apply a tourniquet to his leg
but he knew he was living on borrowed time. He made his way out of the jungle, hopped
in his car and raced away until he saw another car. By the time he made it to the hospital, it
had already been two hours since he was bitten. So he could no longer swallow, speak or move. Luckily he was able to show doctors that he
was no in a coma and they were able to give him the antivenom. Note to self, never travel alone in South
Africa without Black Mamba antivenom. And now in at number 3 we have a woman who
was trapped under ice for 80 minutes. Anna Bagenholm was skiing when she lost control
of her skis and she fell headfirst into a layer of ice on a frozen stream. A hole opened up in the ice and her head and
torso were pulled underwater. She became trapped underneath the ice which
was 20cm or 7.9in thick. Thankfully, she was able to find an air pocket
underneath the ice but she was also battling with hypothermia. During this time, her body temperature dropped
down to 56.7 degrees fahrenheit which is one of the lowest surviving body temperatures
in recorded history. After she was rescued by her friends, she
was transported by helicopter to the nearest hospital. She woke up ten days later and she was paralzyed
from the neck down. But after months of physical therapy, she
has almost made a full recovery. Number 2 we have a survival story about a
tsunami. A family of five were on a vacation in Thailand
when all of a sudden they were swept away by a massive tsunami while they were outside,
relaxing by the pool. They saw a huge wave bulldoze its way through
the hotel and the mother was tossed through a plate-glass window. After being submerged and dragged under water
for more than three minutes, she finally surfaced and clung to a tree. She was scared and alone. She thought she was going to die but then
she saw her son floating in the water, so she went to rescue him. They were trapped in the water, grasping a
tree trunk. She was heavily bleeding and she thought this
was the end. But a Thai man rescued them and brought them
to the hospital. She didn’t think that the rest of her family
survived, but miraculously, all five of them lived and were reunited. There’s a lot more to this story so if you
want to know exactly what happened, they made a movie about it called The Impossible, I’d
highly recommend watching it. A horrific climbing accident comes onto this
list in at number 1. Let’s travel back to 1985 when Joe Simpson
and Simon Yates decided to climb the West Face of Siula Grande, which is a mountain
located in Peru. Their dream quickly became a nightmare when
they were hit with a devastating storm that nearly killed them. Earlier, Simpson broke his leg as they were
attempting to climb down the mountain. The two hikers thought this was an immediate
death sentence but they kept on trekking down the mountain. When the blizzard came, SImpson was lowered
onto an overhanging ledge and at that point, his rope had run out. As he was dangling, Simpson knew that eventually
Yates would lose his footing and tumble past him, killing them both.. Yates had to make the hardest and most impossible
decision of his life. He decided to sever the rope in order to save
himself. He put himself in a lot of danger to save
his friend but ultimately, he had to cut the rope or else they both would’ve died. (1:23-1:42
So Simpson plummeted into an icy cave which looked like would be his final resting place. But miraculously, three days later, he defied
all odds and made it back to base camp alive. Well there you guys have it…


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