Top 10 Civil Engineering Websites latest 2019 | Civil Scholar

Hello everyone this is aravind. In this video we are going to see top civil
engineering websites which are very very useful. so lets get started. 1. If you want to start with basics of civil
engineering, structural engineering and any sub branch then, basiccivilengineering is
the best website. It contains plenty of articles on various
categories like machinery and equipment used in construction, surveying, structures, soil
mechanics etc., 2. It is the civil engineering site with loads
of information on various subjects such as construction management, structural engineering
and design, building construction etc., A great feature what I found in this website
is HOW TO GUIDE. Here you can find several articles on basics
and how various tests are performed and several other techniques. websites
CS 3. This website has got a huge database on civil
engineering. Here you see thousands of books, structural
books, software videos, etc., Even though, a VIP membership is required
to access contents of this website, the information on this website is enormous. 4. With many interesting articles,
is a great website to learn something fascinating. It has got categories like Interesting stuff,
books, software, News on civil engineering jobs, Presentations etc.,
5. This Civil Engineering Portal has got almost
everything related to Civil Engineering. It has got Civil Engineering books, Civil
Engineering software, jobs info, events, facts, presentations, quotes, videos and the list
goes on.. 6. This website’s contents include study materials,
quizzes, solved problems. This is the best website for civil engineering
calculators. 7. Here you can find various articles on different
subjects and aspects of civil engineering, design and construction. 8. It is a learning platform for civil engineers
which contain various articles on all aspects of civil, structural and construction engineering. 9. It is also a god website for civil engineers
which got all subjects covered. 10. SAFAS This website which I found is very useful
for structural engineers. It contains modules. Module 1 covers completely basics and knowledgebase
which contains animations and videos. Also, don’t forget to browse our blog

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