TodayShow[19] Android App Config – Cracking – part2 – Sentry MBA
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TodayShow[19] Android App Config – Cracking – part2 – Sentry MBA

Peace, mercy and blessings of Allah
With you Ahmed Swailm From Cracking Home Ahmed Swailm From Cracking Home Welcome Back again Today’s video is a supplement to what we talked about yesterday You should be watching the video posted yesterday to understand what will be explained today Yesterday we explained how to extract the login data for Android programs by using packet capture android app , “The link in the description below” Experimented on the site you see A site for Indian songs and everything about Bollywood music It has two types of free and pro subscriptions Today we will see a way to take advantage of the information we got yesterday Apply as you see the explanation and you will get the same results as you will see As you explained yesterday, we saved the resulting file to the phone memory and then transferred it to my computer We will now see how we can benefit from this information and how we are doing the site’ config In the beginning we need to form the basic link to which the data is sent “The Action URL ” It is configured as follows ” https:// ” + “the host link ” + “the post/get link ” in our case the method is ” get ” , so we will edit some terms of the link as you see “” for password And “” for user name or Email We will take the link as it is after our modifications to the program Now we are placing the title link setting>>http header>>MW Now put the link in action link and select get method nothing to edit in this screen so go back If you look back to data you will see cookies not need in the android app config any way other thing you should take care is the header data if available now copy the header to the Sentry mba now complete the setting as you see and save tools>>HTTP debugger>>test the config no we found the failure key copy to the sentry failure key now test the config with any email combo you have i recommend an Indian combo for the best results waiting for any account in To Check free Account>>User/combo rest combo and start the program expired Account >>user/combo rest combo and start the program This experience is very useful for you to fix any error and arrange results any account go to ” to check ” mean that we have problem with the key need to fix the good proxy-less config should have zero retries and no account go to ” to check” free & expired should go to user combo some accounts go ” to check” let’s check them another failure kays we get our first pro Account so let’s put the success key for Pro other failure key add this key in the header area rest combo and start the program we got more hits let’s now make the capture for this site for the pro accounts , copy this source to the capture area follow my steps for the capture capture the data as you want now it work perfect if you have no retries and free/expired go to ” To check ” that mean your work is very good


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