• Kim Chen

    If combine with code splitting and dynamic-resources-by-request tech, the push work will get even harder…. You just can not know what resources exactly the request need before fully parse it(like SSR), so you can not save that idle time and the server’s pressure will get higher as well..

  • Sebastiaan Deckers

    TL;DR: Early Hints solve CDN layer problems. Cache Digests solve browser and origin server problems. Both are useful in different scenarios.

    Cache Digests are pure genius. Much respect to Kazuho and Yoav for pushing this spec forward. The CACHE_DIGEST and PUSH_PROMISE frames are elegant technical solutions, neatly abstracted away at the protocol level. New primitives for web developers that will enable vastly (no pun intended) improved performance once more widely adopted.

    I would dispute that 103 Early Hints avoids the problem of over-pushing. It merely allows a CDN or other caching layer to push resources while an application server generates the main response. Also requires more configuration on the part of web developers, so I don't see how this would lead to greater adoption.

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