Tips for Finding the Right Web Hosting for Your Business
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Tips for Finding the Right Web Hosting for Your Business

Welcome to The Website Investor. I’m Jeff Hunt. Today we’re going to talk about how to find the right webhosting for your business. In some ways, this is a bigger topic than I feel like I can
address easily in six minutes and that’s because having purchased more than 300 websites and a lot of them coming with very, very different hosting platforms. I’ve actually had experience hosting on Bluehost, Go Daddy, HostGator, Pressidium,, Site Ground, Site 5, 1 and 1, Amazon, JustHost, and Like, and so many more. I can’t even remember all of the hosting platforms that I’ve had sites on at one time or another. So, I’ve got, I am sure there’s platforms I haven’t hosted on that you have. But I’ve been on a million of them. And there are a lot of challenges with choosing the right hosting platform. And of course it really depends on the kind of site that you have and I’m going to kind of devote the comments in this episode towards people who are looking at more starter sites or sort of medium sized sites. And in those cases, you’d be looking at shared hosting or perhaps a VPN or cloud hosting. At the higher end, you’re going to be looking at a dedicated
server hosting, so I won’t be addressing that very much. But that’s also something that I’ve done along the way. So, the first thing that is the most important, really, is the ease and speed of customer support from the host. To me, that makes or breaks the host, if it isn’t easy for me to contact them. For example, one of the hosts that–actually, I’ll go out and say it–a Blue Host had pretty good quality support and their ease of access to support was also, it was also nice. It was chat support. But Iit was very slow. I had to wait sometimes 12 minutes, 15 minutes, even 30 minutes to get somebody on chat in the past. I don’t know what it looks like today. I haven’t tried it recently. But that’s a case where you know that the chat is very usable. It’s actually better than telephone because you can paste things in and communicate specific URLs and domain names and things like that with less error in chat. So chat is a great interface. Some hosts don’t even have chat. They’re, everything is via email. So, the first one is ease and speed. Even if they have chat, if they don’t answer the chat, you know, within just a few seconds, it became very very frustrating. Second, of course, is quality. There are a few hosts out there that do a really good job of
having someone, ya know, Johnny on the spot answering your chat but they actually, you can tell they don’t know what they’re
doing. They don’t solve your problems and they have to escalate to other people or you just get really frustrated dealing with them. They can’t do simple things. So and, I’m telling you these things, I’m not going to actually recommend specific hosting providers to you in this video because this video is going to be around for
a very long time. And the specific recommendations are going to change. Specifically, I’ve found that some of the better web hosts get worse over time as they grow they don’t. They don’t seem to be able to scale effectively to service a lot more client so when people learn that they’re a
good host you get a lot more clients and then they don’t service them very
well because they don’t know how scale. Or sometimes some of the giants like Go Daddy scale effectively. They have systems to be able to host tens of thousands of customers or even hundreds of thousands but they’re aiming at, you know, they’re kind of optimizing. You’re getting as many customers on a server as they possibly can and they’re trying to service as many customers with the fewest number of support staff. And so, you know, you become a victim of the law of averages where they’re just trying to do the best they can
with, across thousands of customers that isn’t as good of service. So, a lot of times, the biggest companies aren’t, end up being not the best. And things change in the industry. So, the first thing, you know, the support is really critical. The other thing is actually the quality of the service itself. You don’t want downtime. You want to uptime. And so you want to, when you research your sites looking for these things, look for the highest number of uptimes. And then you should also particularly look at security concerns because some sites do very well at protecting you from denial of service attacks or other kinds of attacks and others don’t have any protection for you whatsoever. You want to also look at the speed. Speed of the the infrastructure is really important. Some hosts have their own caching facility or their own CDNs built in as part of the service and others do not have those. So, speed is good and of course, you want to balance all of that with the cost. And finally, if you have WordPress sites, then you may be looking at WordPress hosting which are providers who know about web WordPress who can kind of keep it updated for you and do more things for you. I’ve actually been with a host recently called Pressidium and they did such a good job that like six months after I moved a bunch of sites to Pressidium, I forgot what the name of the company was because I hadn’t had to reach out to them. Everything was just running super smoothly. Good performance, good uptime. And the times that I’d reached out to them when I
very first set up the account. They were, they were super quick to address my concerns and did it very personally. So, that’s kind of the best kind of hosting but it’s also the most expensive kind of hosting where you have
that premium level of support. So, hopefully that gives you some ideas of the things that you
need to check for. In terms of specific recommendations, we may have some specific ones on the show notes page for what’s available at the time that the pages was last updated. But generally speaking those are the criteria that you’re looking
for. Ease of access to support, quality support, quick support, server uptime, server speed. And then if you’re looking at WordPress specific sites, there’s several kinds of WordPress specific hosting and it’s pretty easy to find what the quality
ones are out there by just doing searches on WordPress. That’s what I have for you from The Website Investor to day. So good to to find tools and resources for your online business. I’ll see you next time.

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