Tips for a Successful Black Friday and Cyber Monday
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Tips for a Successful Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Do you have any good tips
on preparing specifically for Black Friday, Cyber Monday? And you guys obviously
have a really multifaceted strategy. But any tips out there for people
trying to prepare for specifically those kind of sales? Make sure you can handle the sales
that are going to come through. So, we fulfill our own orders, right?
We don’t drop ship. And that Black Friday,
Cyber Monday, when you hit it with an
aggressive offer like we do, we blow it out. We’re very clear and transparent
on our checkout page, say, “Hey, listen. We ship our own stuff. It’s going to take us about two weeks
to ship this stuff. We send them two or three
different emails to make sure they don’t
get upset with that. But that was our biggest hiccups in years
past with Black Friday, Cyber Monday with our aggressive offers. We weren’t prepared for the actual sales
that we are going to get and we rely so heavily on repeat customers
and making our customers happy. So, that’s been our biggest—
but we’ve fixed that. So, we’re prepared this year. We’re prepared to ship
a hell of a lot of orders in a short period of time. When you say aggressive Black Friday, does that mean aggressive
in the discount you offer… No. …or aggressive in how much
you hit your audience? Aggressive in the giveaway
that we’re doing in the offer. We don’t really do.
We’re not a big— we’ve found that with our demographic, the discount doesn’t hold
as much weight as actually giving away a
physical product, right, having something tangible
for them to touch, for them to gamble with,
so to speak. But yeah, we don’t do
a ton of discount offers. But when I say aggressive with our offer, I’m saying aggressive with something
that they might be able to win or— because we’ve run
that giveaway model, right? That’s right.
Even in the off-season. That was a question I had. So, in the off-season
when you’re not building shows around modifying trucks, what are the giveaways you rock
with during the off-season? We’re always on giveaway, right?
Like, we always give away trucks. That has nothing to do
with the TV show technically. Oh, okay. We’re always six weeks on
and then we take about a week to find a winner and then
we go six weeks back on. We’re always trying to be
on a giveaway of some sort, whether it’d be we’re giving away a truck,
we’re giving away a side-by-side, we’re giving away a vacation. Whatever we’re doing, we’re always trying to have something
for our customers to be entered to win. Yeah. Okay. So, this is a question
I thought of originally. I interviewed Alex Brown last week,
the founder of The Beard Club, and he was talking about his— yeah, he’s an absolute smart guy, great facial hair,
fits right in with the group. But yeah, he was talking about
this sort of psychology that underlies that particular….

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