Tier One InboundREM SEO Campaign Case Study
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Tier One InboundREM SEO Campaign Case Study

okay good afternoon good evening my name
is Robert Newman I’m a founder of environment real estate marketing you’re
probably viewing this video either on my youtube channel or on my website this
video is a case study the case study is for what we refer to as a Tier one SEO
plan now what we do with a tier one that’s first of all it is a $600 or a
month marketing campaign the objective of the campaign is to number one deliver
a WordPress real estate website that my client owns number two to make sure that
that website is generating enough traffic and leads at the end of the year
to generate somewhere in the vicinity of about one transaction per month the way
that we get that the way that the conversion numbers work is that so with
an inbound marketing site you need to convert one to three percent of your
visitors into a lead and usually with inbound marketing also referred to as
SEO it takes a long time for that kind of marketing to kick in it’s the biggest
con and what holds a lot of marketing companies back from focusing on it is it
can take nine to twelve months to see a single lead and that’s what I usually
tell my clients is that it’s going to take nine to 12 months the truth is is
that all campaigns kind of scale up over time they don’t just hop onto like they
don’t just start producing leaves instantaneously usually you’re seeing
the slow ramp up the case study that I’m going to do today is a client that’s
been with us since actually that’s he we have had a website that’s been live
since the middle to end of March I am filming this case study on September 4th
so we have had a site live for about five months
the expectation here is that we’d be seeing a little bit of traffic and no
leads as we build up the site’s domain authority as we add content to the site
and essentially keep building value so that at the end of the year what we
should be seeing is five hundred to a thousand visitors converting one to
three percent which means anywhere from seven to ten leads and you should be
able to convert one in nine of those leads into a listing appointment or a
buyer’s lead that wouldn’t turn mostly buyers leads that wouldn’t turn turtle
obviously turn into a transaction so in this particular case five months into it
this so first of all let’s step through the site our Tier one SEO websites come
so first we build the site we focus on 17 neighborhoods or subdivisions our
plans work best if we can focus if we can make a unique selling proposition of
the website clear from from the moment and Tier one plans are no good you can’t
do a Tier one SEO plan and ask me to focus on a large city but the program
won’t work so I won’t do it you can take a Tier one and focus on
let’s say subdivisions inside a small and medium-sized city in this case
Brentwood is a what I would refer to as a small to medium-sized metro area and
what we’ve done is we focused on 17 subdivisions inside this area the
landing page that we developed for the site because our tier ones come with one
landing page tier to use come tier two SEO plans come with two landing pages
tier 3 comma three landing pages and the program’s cost $600 a month $1,000 a
month $1500 again this is Tier one $600 a month we don’t charge anything upfront
for the web sites so there is no cost to the site except for the first month
service we honestly legitimately spend more on the first ones to the campaign
then the client gives us so we have them signed 12-month contract and obviously
we add some language in there that protects us in in the case of early
cancellation but these Brentwood subdivisions this is the landing page so
that’s what this looks like already when we’re looking
at so these are the SIRT this is a Google tool called the Google webmasters
tool this is the truest reporting system that you can ever see for a website as
it relates to Google and this is for Brentwood Tennessee home ska which you
can see right here and we’ve had 12 clicks in the last week our
click-through rate is one point seven percent but what’s driving the clicks is
this Brentwood Tennessee subdivision map that is what we’re getting the clicks on
we’re three point seven in the search engines that just means we’re on the
first page and the same thing goes for Brentwood subdivisions were on the first
page and we’ve got a few other keywords that were on the first page or in the
first five months Fredericksburg subdivision Brentwood
Tennessee that connects directly into our first page right here and what we’ve
done is not only do we build the site we build out all these community pages with
all the listings what we also build the content on the site and mind you this is
just the first five months so we’ve built some blog posts on the site which
are pretty in-depth the blog posts are meant to target much more competitive
keywords as a result we don’t expect a blog post to rank for a super
competitive keyword right when we just recently produced the site the site
analytics which is the track so since the very beginning of the site that’s
five months we’ve had 320 visitors mind you we started out from scratch this is
a brand new domain name the client didn’t own it there is no history
whatsoever what we have here this is the start date you can see here it’s
probably March 21st it looks like and then this is comparing like the last 90
days versus the previous 90 days so you can see that right here so this is
saying we’re up 137 percent for the last 28 days which is the last month the last
four month we’ve had one hundred and forty four users and a 33% increase and
that’s the way that SEO work it’s a gradual climb each month going up when
you’re doing right we have a lot of work left to do
we’ve got actually the greater majority of the campaign yet to be delivered
that’s content pages link building social signals all of those elements for
the handful of you that might be watching this case study that are actual
SEO people and I don’t think there are many but this right here is links to the
site so already we’ve built 334 links we’ve built 27 active rain blog posts
you can see here ok that’s additional content focused on these subdivisions
we’ve also done we’ve well we’ve either shared or had shared you can see that
one of our our social post went viral which created 50 links from Google+ so
these are all social social links and this is what Google reads this isn’t
what we’ve done this is not all the work that we’ve done this is just merely what
Google has seen and recorded there’s plenty more that we’ve actually done
this is just what has been recorded in the first five months since the site
came online of course the real petal and these are all the keywords that are
associated with the site which which are spot-on and every single one of these is
the keyword that’s valuable to the clients such as Brentwood Tennessee
gated homes Raintree floors Brentwood Tennessee now the zero means that we
haven’t gotten any clicks yet that’s probably because we’re on the third or
fourth page for these particular keywords however Google understands that
these keywords are being targeted for the site which is why they’re in the
search console to start with if we raise the domain Authority which we will
throughout the course of the year some of these searches are going to move on
to the first page and when they do like subdivisions in Brentwood Tennessee
that’s going to be a big search for us governor’s Club Brentwood Tennessee
Homes for Sale that’s going to be a big search force because the governor’s club
is one of our clients preferred subdivisions to work within so that’s so
far we’ve covered the way the site looks one thing about these sites Tier one
sites take a few weeks to build we do sometimes have a queue so oftentimes say
that we have four to six weeks but really the amount of time that it takes
to build the site is gonna be a few weeks the client will own the site after
a year which means that they get to take all this work with them they get to take
the traffic believes everything that they’re generating and they can move in
anywhere they want well we want them to stay with us but they can go wherever
they choose to go last but not least is the lead generation so I handle the lead
generation for the client as well we’ve had two leads with this client the last
being on August 29th our conversion rate is is roughly speaking a little less
than one percent because if you recall I said hey there’s been 320 people that
have visited the site in total when we’re getting users used to the website
that’s actually not uncommon many of my other clients including clients that
I’ve shown in other case studies are getting anywhere from two to three
percent conversion rate and honestly if the client helps participate in these
campaigns such as putting customized videos on a homepage that feature them
as the client things like that not only help with the SEO linking but it’s gonna
help with the conversion rate as well this client is committed to doing that
and I think eventually we’ll have content like that on a site in the
meantime it’s not there yet and these are results that we’re getting with just
generic YouTube videos that we put into area pages and things like that
so that’s the full picture for a Tier one SEO campaign this one is running
exactly as it should be running at exactly the stage that it should be
running and this is a great site that’s representative of a Tier one SEO website
made by InboundREM if you have any comments or questions please leave them
in the comments section of this video if you like the content that I’m producing
or you’re finding it informative maybe you’re comparing against other vendors
you’re doing something like that go ahead and leave me a thumbs up or a like
if you want to talk to me if you want to see if if this is going to work for you
there’s probably a link to my calendar in the description of this video and
there surely is on the home page website which is inboundREM Robert
Edward Michael dot com inboundREM.com thanks a lot for tuning in appreciated
have great day

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