Thursday, November 21
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Thursday, November 21

Live from New York City, it’s the Wendy Williams Show. (funky music) ♪ Feel it, feel it, feel it ♪ ♪ Come on you need it ♪ ♪ How you doing ♪ How you doin’ Now, here’s Wendy. (applauding and cheering) Hi. Thank you for watching Elsa. Say hello to my cohorts, my studio audience. How you doin’. I’m on fire, let’s go. It’s time for Hot Topics. (applauding and cheering) Thank you. How you gonna send Patti LaBelle home? Okay, so the Masked Singer was on last night. You know, that’s my show. Patti was dressed as a flower and people already guessed that it was Patti LaBelle. Like it’s hard to disguise a Patti LaBelle voice. I mean, they had her singing “Eye of the Tiger,” you know the “Rocky” song and somebody in my morning meeting was like well, why do they have her sing that as well as “9 to 5,” the Dolly Parton song? I said because those are two songs where Patti can’t hit those notes where you know it’s Patti. You know, eye of the tiger. You’re not gonna guess it’s Patti. But people guessed and some fans thought that she sounded tired and didn’t really bring it. Well, here’s my thing. First of all, when you get to be 70-something years old, there’s a bit of ti in your erd. You know what I’m saying? Number one. Number two, okay. I do agree with people who suggested that she was only there for a particular amount of episodes, she signed on to make a particular amount of money. Patti is still saving, you know she’s retired-ish. You know what I’m saying? So she went on, she committed to five weeks. That’s what people are speculating. That’s what I spec and u late. Right. Yeah, you know, and then, so she’s finally like all right, it’s me. Give me my last check and let me go home. They say she missed her dog. Well, you know, you’re Patti LaBelle. You bring your dog with you. But it’s also Thanksgiving and when you get to a particular point in life, you’re thankful for every Thanksgiving. She’s got to make those pies so you guys can buy them. (applauding and cheering) She’s a wonderful cook. You know, I love this show the “Masked Singer” because they’ve got the nerve, and I mean this in a good way, to send people home like Patti LaBelle or like Gladys Knight the other week lost to T-Pain. That was last year. Lost to T-Pain. How is T-Pain outsinging Gladys Knight. Okay, “Masked Singer” Nick Cannon and you all have a lot of nerve. And I’m here for it. I am here for it. In the meantime Patti lost to the leopard and people think, oh, the Cartier fabiosity, okay. Those who know what I said know, those who don’t don’t count. Anyway, they think that the leopard is Seal. Do you know Seal’s voice? Like I know “Kiss of a Rose.” But do you really know Seal’s voice to know that. I don’t know. Clap if you watch the “Masked Singer, though.” Okay. Yeah. So it’s our show. Listen, you gotta get in on this show. It’s so wrong, but so right. Wednesdays on Fox. Yeah. Thank you Doug. Oh, my gosh, I was looking for my lozenge. After all 11 years people are still asking what do you put in your tea? I assume that these are new watchers. You know what I mean Suzanne. Yeah, absolutely new watchers. You’ve been doing this for 11 years. Yeah, from the first day, you should know. And just like Suzanne loves a round mint. Yeah, right before the show I put a mint in and it lasts through like the first 15 minutes. Well, right before the show I put, I put two Altoids, one in each jaw and I’m standing on the star and the song is going. Right before they say here’s Wendy, I crunch it up and at least I digest it, what’s up with you. No, I savor it. Suck on it for a long time. Whoo! (applauding and cheering) Jussie Smollett if you just let it go, we’d forget all about you. Now see he’s still maintaining he’s innocent you all. Clap if you think Jussie is innocent. Oh, all five of you. (audience laughing) And we are a very open group here. So, Jussie, sit down. Remember Chicago, my fave city after New York and L.A. and Dallas and Miami. No, you know I love Chicago. The food is good and the men are strong. He, the city of Chicago sued Jussie for $130,000 for making false claims about him, you know, that he set it up and he, now Jussie is countersuing Chicago. Now look, he’s maintaining that he was attacked by a white man. He was attacked by a white man. He claims that the city made it look like he masterminded his own attack. In the meantime, Jussie, have you not seen the pictures ’cause I’ll remind you of this one right here while the two African brothers were buying, no I want to see the counter with the red hat. What else they buy. The red hat and the rope. And the rope. Okay, show that, we can’t show it? Yeah, we have that. Well, show it. Yeah. Show it. There you go. There’s the red hat. The rope. Like the two African brothers. Jussie, have several seats and never come back. You’re ruining your own future, you know. (audience applauding) Like you’re ruining your own future for the potential to act ever again. You know, ’cause you’re making so much noise. Like, if I was doing a sitcom and I knew that he was part of it, I would just be like eww, because because of eww. And then unwarranted paparazzi outside. They’re not here, you know, for the stars of the show or what the show’s about, they’re here to stalk you. If I was doing a movie, I wouldn’t even want you to be a bit player or a less than five. I learned that. That’s when you do a movie darling and you have less than five lines. You still get a paycheck, but it’s not that big. Hey, you know what, glam squad please report to the dance floor. No, no, hold on, I’m done with Jussie. I have something else to argue about. Glam squad, all of youse, including Chanel, yes, report to the dance floor immediately. Okay. Get in the frame, you see the frame, get in here. They had no idea this was going to happen. Nobody knew Suzanne. Scary, what’s happening? You wanna know what, it’s about time this was done. Oh, gosh. Crilli Sinclair report to the further dance floor. Okay, now I will introduce each one of you to my entire glam squad. Now we got a lot of glamorous things that go on here with the show, a lot of good makeup people Suzanne and hair people and wardrobe people, but these are my people. Morell. Yay. Morell Holiis. (audience applauding) He’s my guy. He never set my lashes. Never gave me pimples and he’s been with me since the first day of the six-week sneak peek. I didn’t know this man, but now I love him like family, okay. He’s been to my house, he’s been to my apartment, he’s met my parents, we traveled the world together. Okay, this is Dominick. Dominick, how does my hair look. Dominick is my new hair stylist. And we have a lot of great people, but there is only one Dominick Santiago and he’s mine, okay. Then there is Chanel. Chanel is my wardrobe assistant. Yep. Chanel helps me snap my bodysuits when I can’t see over my boobs and helps Willie Sinclair pick out all of my clothing. Willie. Now Willie. I apologize to you all for bringing you all out here, but I didn’t want Willie to shine alone. Otherwise they get very upset. Okay. Look, Willie, people are still asking me about why I wear sneakers with every damn thing. And you’re gonna stop with that and I’ve explained it on the after show, I’ve explained it in a segment. But now I’m explaining it in your face right here on Hot Topics. Willie, talk to these people. What am I wearing today? She is wearing, oh, thank you. She is wearing spring 2020 Iceberg head to toe. (applauding and cheering) Do it again, do it again. Now. I remember Iceberg from back in the day, though, don’t you. This is now even out. We have to return to this to the Iceberg. Like Willie buys things, he borrows things and he does things. And you have to make it work. She has lymphedema, so we can’t slip into the glittery flats that we used to. Because I wear a size 11/12. Exactly. Explain to them why I wear sneakers all the time. Go. Because of the lymphedema, it causes swelling in the ankles, so we can’t slip into those delicate flats anymore. So we make the best of it and we buy her the flyest sneakers. (applauding and cheering) Willie. Willie. Yes. With that massive wardrobe budget that you handle for me, why don’t you get my shoes made for me? Why don’t you get some delicate flats made for me? Because we do have a budget and we can’t just have all of these shoes just custom made from Italy and Paris. ‘Cause I’d rather had other custom made stuff. For sure, for sure. Like clothing. Like poufs and things of that nature. Yep. Anyway. So now they know. And in conclusion, now they know because everybody’s like yesterday’s mustard dress, people are like I love your dress, but why are you always wearing sneakers. You’re always asking the same stupid questions. So now Mr. Sinclair has explained, Morell has my lip gloss. It’s good, it’s good. Okay, hair. Okay, all right. Glam squad, descend. (applauding and cheering) Like I’m tired of it Suzanne. Oh, I get it. I’m tired of it. Well, you told the and now they know. Well, you know what, I felt as though it had to be on Hot Topics with a mild read from the people who understand how to support me as I am 11 years older with Morell with the makeup. He contours hard. I’m not bleaching my skin. And the sneaker thing, though, is like a big deal to you guys, so, get over it. I’m not wearing shoes ever again. All right, all right. It is not curable. But when you look at my feet, you’re gonna want what I have on. He doesn’t just put me in any old thing, all right. Thank you Iceberg, too, by the way. (applauding and cheering) And Chuck D, I’m not finished. Report to the dance floor. I mean, no, no, not this dance floor. I mean watching TV. Okay, so Chuck D, who I love Public Enemy No. 1 and all that, he’s blasting Jerry Springer and Maury Povich, right. In a tweet he accused them of exploiting young black men for ratings and taking money from the government. I know. I know, I know, hold on now. First of all. I am a watcher of both shows. (audience applauding) Norman, the glams told it like it is though, right. They did. They did such a nice job like verbalizing. Well, they’re good verbalists. Tired of it though, Norman, you know what I’m saying. Yeah, you gotta fight the power. That big. Back to Chuck D, okay. Look a here Chuck. First of all, there wouldn’t be a Maury or a Jerry if black men didn’t volunteer to go on there and show their asses. (audience applauding) Number two, I see just as much white trash as black trash on the shows, so where we going with this argument. And Asian and Indian people, you are a rarity. You are very smart. Stay out. I know you watch and you laugh along with us making asses ourselves on TV. Look. The white and black trash Chuck D are the ones who love going to those shows. They want to get out of there mid-western town, they wanna fly to Connecticut ’cause that’s where the, I know. They think they’re coming to New York, ’cause they look, oh, you know it must be in New York. They’re in Stanford, Connecticut. The only thing in Stanford, Connecticut is Steve Wilkos, Maury, Jerry and now his judge show. And oh, there’s a P.F. Chang. I know, yum, but I don’t even know if that’s open or not still. Look. Chuck. Sit down. Okay. (audience applauding) And neither Maury or Jerry has commented. I don’t think that they need to comment. These two men, they’re not prejudice men. I know both of them personally speaking, you know. Maury’s married to Connie, the Asian lady, newscaster here in New York, excuse me. Jerry is married, but we never see his wife. He keeps his personal life quiet the way you should if you don’t wanna be on the show, okay. Chuck D, don’t make more excuses for sometimes why black men are portrayed the way they are. You know, it’s bad enough that the cops and people stereotyping and all kinds of other stuff, but we don’t need you to jump in blame Maury and Jerry. They do that very well on their own. I’m so mad that that impeachment is like, it’s interrupted, look, look. It’s interrupting our show in almost every single city. I don’t even know why I’m showing up for work. I mean, you know, here in New York, they keep us on and then by 12 noon it’s impeachment again and it’s on every single channel. There’s like no good program except Maury and Jerry. And us of course. I am really disgusted. This is day five, when is this, Doug, when is this goin to be over? Who knows, probably never. ‘Cause I know you watch an argument like me. Screaming at the TV, throwing stuff at the TV. Yup, yup, calling people all kinds. No, honestly like next week is Thanksgiving. We’re doing these shows, you know, I’m wearing good clothes, everybody reports to work, co-hosts are here and then half, when I look on the Googler Schmoogler, you know, what you all are saying about the show, people are like it didn’t show today in my city, it didn’t show, the impeachment’s on, it didn’t show. Thank God for 9 o’clock for the YouTube where you can see the whole show. You know we now upload the whole. (audience laughing) Anyway. Look, Joan Collins, who I love. She’s a national treasure, a friend to the show and yeah, yeah, and I’ve known Joan since I was on the radio. She was one of the people who would come to my radio show and say how you doin’. And so, look, she thinks that women should never wear jeans. Well, Suzanne. I have flare jeans on today. I’m special. I know, you very rarely wear jeans, though. You like a legging. Yeah, yeah. And a stretchy something or other. Yes, yes, yes. I do have a bunch of jeans, though. Well, this is Joan back in the 80s when she had her own jeans line. Now I didn’t realize she had her own jeans line. I knew I had the Melba Moore jeans. I had the Teddy Pendergrass jeans. I had the Sasson the Cacherelles. You know, all that stuff. But I never remember Joan Collins jeans and I was a big fan of Dynasty. So there she is back in the 80s and I don’t know whether she means if you’re a particular age you shouldn’t wear jeans, but the doesn’t like the ripped thing, which I love a ripped jean. (audience applauding) Like please. I only have a few pair, well, I have a lot of jeans, but if you see me wear jeans, it’s only because it’s like okay, here’s jeans. The reason why is because I have very big calves. My lymphedema does not affect my calves. My calves are like 17 inches around. They’re very big, they’re quite muscular and then when I pull them up, you know I have to get the size to fit my calves and by the time I pull them up, it’s too big on my waist. You know what I’m saying, ’cause I got a small waist and they’re too big on the thighs. And then if they don’t grab my crotch just right, I’m not wearing them. (audience applauding) I don’t. I’m not a huge fan of boyfriend jeans just ’cause I don’t like that bundle there. Like I’ll tell you who wears the hell out of some jeans. There is a picture of the girls from the Real and Adrian Bylon, look, show her so you can see the crotch. This girl is working these jeans out. Right? And they come up high. They don’t look uncomfortable. They’re showing femininity and sexiness without, you know, a butt. Like Adrian, you are working. I don’t like high waist jeans ’cause I have a short waist. I like low waist jeans ’cause I want to elongate my torso, you know. And then when you sit down in them, then your butt crack shows. I’m just like, I like a legging, but Ms. Collins by the way, thank you for your jean commentary. I agree with you, but I don’t agree with you. It just depends on the body type. I think guys like girls in jeans. But guys don’t know what they like. I think that what guys like. I think jeans is the word for less makeup, something casual, not over sprayed with perfume. You know stop with the long nails pointing all out. Guy just like, they like to see us natural. But one more thing about the iconic Joan Collins, my friend, she is the new face of Valentino darling. Oh, yes. Oh, well, you look at this ad. Yep, now I would wear everything from the Tiara to the hair to the gloves to the whole, I’d wear everything head to toe. All right, everybody, we got more great show for you today. Billy Bush is here. So, grab a snack and come on back. (upbeat music) Our first guest is back on TV. He’s hosting a show that I love, Extra. Please welcome our friend Billy Bush. (applauding and cheering) (laughing) Yeah. Oh, Billy. Oh. We’ll start with shoe cam. Don’t put your feet down Billy. Oh, shoe cam. Yes. Okay, hold on. Yes, Billy. You’ve had those for a moment, you keep them very well. I don’t know if I’m tall enough. My feet get flat. Aw. I’m only 5-10 in boots. That’s good for Hollywood. For Hollywood– That makes you a giant. They shoot from the ground you look, you know, 5-11. All right, so look, Billy and I have been going back and forth from your show to my show and we’re talking through the TV and then we text. He’s in my phone, I’m in his phone. The weird thing is that I argue with you while your show is on. But only one time about one particular thing. But you actually text me back during commercial. Right, you’re at 7:07 is when you sent it to me, it comes on at 7 o’clock in New York. Right, right. So I said Wendy saw what she needed to see and now she’s firing back. Right. Right, but my priority is you and then it’s the show, so I deal with you and then I take care of the show. Okay. Wendy’s very influential, you gotta take care of Wendy. So here’s what the fight is about and I still don’t believe you. I just wanna look at your body language. Body language. Okay, he’s saying that Lori and Massimo are not having a problem with their marriage. To me, based on the scandal, okay. She’s going to jail. He might be going to jail with her or maybe he’ll escape and not go to jail and take care of their kids. I don’t know. I’ve been hearing that they were having a divorce problem and Billy says, go ahead. I said they’re absolutely not. Sometimes a stressful situation drives people apart, but sometimes it makes them even closer and in this case, even closer than ever before and I am the source. Okay, okay. And you’ve introduced them to the leader of your church. Yeah. So, Massimo is an old friend of mine and we play golf together and that’s our pastor in the middle with the glasses, Chad. And this is very recently, a couple of weeks ago at his 40th birthday, so. Well, who’s gonna act up in front of their pastor? Right. But you know, I mean, I can just tell you. I know the man very deeply, we have very deep conversations. I don’t know the legal ins and outs and I don’t want to, you know, I wouldn’t, I don’t know what’s going on there, but I do know that it’s a happy household and when I see something like that happening and I know the truth. Okay. Even if it’s unpopular to speak up for someone who’s down in the tank, you gotta do it. All right. (audience applauding) Well, when I saw something happening with you and I think I only met you one time in my life and then I did watch you and your family from afar at the LAX one time I saw you there and I didn’t come up to you. This is before you and I ever met and sometimes when you see some of your favorite people, instead of fanning out, although I do love a good celebrity fan out, you just stand and you look, and you stand and you look. And observe. But when the thing happened with you and Trump in the back of the bus, I was like, look, he didn’t do anything wrong. In my opinion. That’s all’s I’m saying. Well, you said that from the beginning and it’s an awkward situation, you never know what you’re gonna do. It was 2005. Right. Before the Me, Too. As a matter of fact, this might have been the kickoff to the Me, Too. Well, I think a year later. Yeah. You know, after I got fired. It was 2016, October, Me, Too, began October 2017, so that was a year later. Did they fire you because of that incident or was trouble a brewing already. You know, I think with, you know, it’s a combination of things and there may have been, you know, some. You know if you’re– Maybe not everybody there loves your presence. You’re brought in to disrupt and all of a sudden you start disrupting and it’s disruptive. And they’re like wait a minute, this isn’t the way we do things here. And not everybody was probably thrilled with me being there, so when the opportunity came for me to, and that was a nice opportunity. Now you were married at the time. When you got home, were there dishes being thrown at you and daughters screaming? No, there’s nothing, the opposite. And that’s an example of, you know, of course it makes logical sense that that could be a headline that oh, she hates him, she’s disgusted by her own husband. No, not at all. She was incredibly loving and supportive, you know, and still we are very, very close to this day, my ex-wife. Ex-wife. Did you have a, did you have a backup plan. Like, do you know how to do other things beside gossip? No. Okay, okay. No, in fact, I was always like if I was accountant, the kids would starve. A school teacher, kids would be dumb. There’s nothing else I can do. I don’t think, so I can’t even change the oil in the car, so when this, I was just waiting for my time to come back. But you know what, you did it right because in my opinion, we didn’t see anything from you. For three full years, he stayed in the house virtually. At least we didn’t see you around. Yeah. And you got a full body transplant. I mean Mr. Billy Bush. The calves are real, these are real calves. Not implants, I must say. You look fantastic. You are killing me. No, you really do. You’re really quite desirable. And now that, no you’re very desirable and now that you’re back and you’re leading Extra. By the way I love that Jen Lahmers. Isn’t she nice? She’s a New York who went out there, yup and Jen and you, she’s your perfect foil. She’s doing great, yeah, she’s amazing. So that’s my girl, I love her. And she’s got a good real body, too. She goes after it, too. She got a fat ass. She goes to all the events, they love her. I have not looked, I don’t know. (laughing) I don’t see things like that. So your divorce is now finalized. You say you get along with your ex-wife. And she’s a quarter mile away. And the girls are all older girls you have. Yeah, 21, well, that’s a few years ago, but, the far left is actually the oldest, that’s Josie, she’s 21, the one next to me is Mary, and she’s 19 and then Lily is the little one, she’s 15. 15. And that’s Sidney. And so you’re enjoying co-parenting. Yeah, we get along great. We’re doing Thanksgiving together. We do Christmas Eve together, come back in the morning we do presents together yeah. That’s nice. She’s wonderful. (audience applauding) And with your good new job, you can handle all the support. Yes. All hands on deck. We’re still a team, we’re still actually– No, I’m talking about financial support. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, it was good to be back in. Although I’m not crying for you because he’s a Bush Bush in the bush. Oh, please. You think he’s been sending me any checks. I’m not getting any checks. Did they curse you out for the P word, the talk with Trump in the back of the bus? No. Did they excommunicate you from the family? No. When you’re in town, which one of your cousins is with Hoda, is that Jenna. Jenna Bush Hager. Are you gonna see Jenna while you’re here? No, I’m in quickly. Packed schedule, I see you first, then I do all the other business. You don’t see your cousin the Bush? No, I’m interviewing a couple people after, that’s tomorrow and then I take off and head back. Well, I feel honored to have you present. It’s a huge family, oh, my God. Yeah. I’m not even seeing my brother. How close are you with them. Like were they mad when you went into gossip instead of politics? No. ‘Cause, you know, I consider it news. I always verify. That’s what I say, that’s what I say. Listen, if I don’t have a confirmation on something, I don’t go with it. Okay. But, no, the old, my uncle, who passed away recently, George Bush 41, he used to say how’s that Hollywood Access going when I was on the other show. Yeah, yeah. Couldn’t get the which way it went. He was always interested in what Jlo was doing. Lindsay Lohan was doing. Isn’t it funny that even people of prominence consider our news– More fun. The real news. Right, right. Jimmy Kimmel once said the Kronkite of crap. I love it. I love it, I watch every night. Have you ever been to the gynecologist to check your girls’ hymens like TI? Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wendy’s driving and she doesn’t use the blinker, we just turn. (laughing) I have heard the story. No, no, I do have three daughters. I do have something I do with them and each of them at the age of 14, this is like oh, gosh, the dad. Here we go. You think you feel, how about them. Anyway, at 14 years old, I’ve taken each one on their 14th birthday to the jewelry store in Beverly Hills and I get them a little ring, you know, 500 or less and they get it and they’re excited and I say, well, you can’t have it yet. We go and we sit down in a cafe and I say, I will mm, I get emotional, but I say girls, you’re 14 now. The little boys who are your age are very curious, you know, little lab technicians and they’re poking and they’re prodding and they’re trying to figure out things like that. Don’t be a lab rat, if you will. Okay. You’re worth waiting for, so wait until you find someone who loves you and you love them. And then you just hope and pray that it lasts as long as possible. And I think it’s done well. Okay, well, when they put the rings on. They get it right then. Once they say okay and I cry my way through it and when the awkward moment is over, then they get the ring and they try to get out of there as fast as possible. So what is your, what is your love life? There is none. Honestly, I don’t mean a canned answer, but the three of them is the much attention as I can give other than I’m working my tail off. But you’re walking around and girls are looking, plus you’re a Bush Bush in the bush. Well you’re single. Let’s make this easy. Go get coffee, you got your show, I got my show. What are we doing? Let’s cut through all the craziness here. Billy, ’cause I keep getting wrapped up. Look. It’s your show. The Wendy Williams Show, we can sit here as long as we want. That’s why I’m ignoring Doug. Your security guy’s looking at me. I’m not really, if she wants to go, we’ll go. Look. Is there anything that you would have done differently in the back of the bus on that faithful day with our President Trump? I don’t know. It’s a live moment and I wish, you know. I wish I’d of least kept my mouth shut. I wish, I don’t know. It’s, when you’re in a moment, you’re in a moment, you never know how you’re gonna react. You didn’t say anything so bad. You just laughed along with it. Yeah. And people got pissed at that. A faithful laugh. Yeah. So maybe you wouldn’t have laughed. Yeah. You would have given the stone face. Yep. You just said something so outrageous and I’m just gonna stare at you. Is that what you would have advised the two girls that were interviewing TI who laughed like hyenas. Isn’t that something. They walked out of that studio saying to themselves, oh, my God, we just got the best moment with TI. Oh, it’s gonna be everywhere, it’s so good. This is great for us. And then hours later, boom, they are in the viral shame tank and they can’t believe what happened to them. They read the moment totally wrong. But the thing is, the difference between what they did is they did it now, you did it three years ago and time has moved on so much, people will forget about that by next week. I think so. And you see other people in our business have a moment and then if people hang on long enough to their moment and they want to, you know, Lara or Amy Bobek or whatever, they have a moment, it goes. You tired of people asking about the bus thing? Uh-huh. But you realize you’ve gotta do that perp walk for about a year. I guess. You know, listen, I just like being with you and whatever you wanna talk about is good by me. Thank you Billy. Thank you for being here everybody. Watch Extra like me every weekday. Check your local listings. Give it up for the Bush Bush, Billy Bush. We’ll be right back. (upbeat music) We’re back. It’s time for Ask Wendy. Everybody have a seat except for you, come along. How you doin’. Hi, Wendy, how you doin’? Are you having a good time? I’m having a wonderful time. This is my birthday wish. Well, where’s your tiara? I left it at, I needed to get here on time. On time Wendy. All right, so what your name, where you from, what do you do? I’m Tiffany, I’m from Baltimore. (applauding and cheering) I’m a coordinator, I’m 33 years old. I’m dating a guy that’s in his 50s for seven months. Two months ago, he proposed. However, he asked me for a threesome before we tie the knot. I said it hasn’t been a year yet, let me think about it. Is that concerning to you? Yeah, you don’t ask those two questions in the same sentence. I know. Thing. I know. All right, so you’ve only been dating him. He’s 50 how old? 51. Okay. Has he ever been married.
No. Does he have children?
One child. Okay, now what’s his deal with threesome? He enjoys them or he’s never done one. He never had one. Okay. Well, it’s very inappropriate. I mean, I can appreciate him being honest with himself, but he doesn’t have to be that honest with you. Right. Like, he should have taken care of that before he got with you. Yes. Number one, number one. Have you ever been in a threesome? No, no, no. Do you care about being with another woman? I thought about it, but I don’t know, I don’t know Wendy, I don’t know. I don’t know Wendy. So you could be switched. I could be switched if it was my husband, not my boyfriend. (laughing) I don’t know, yeah. Well, you all were meant for each other then. (audience applauding) So, what is your actual question to me? Should I be concerned that he want a threesome before we get married? Yes, and you should be concerned that you want a threesome after you get married. All right. (audience applauding) Put this on. You can take it home with you. Good luck, hold on, okay. Come over here. Top that. Mine is not quite as exciting as hers, but how you doin’ Wendy? My name is Jason and I’m from Miami, Florida. Okay. I have a question for you.
Okay. So I have a 15-year-old daughter. Okay. That recently told me she has a boyfriend. I don’t know how to handle it. Her mother and I both co-parent very well. You were married at one point? I was married at one point. Now I’m remarried. Why did you get divorced? She left me, we separated. Why? I’m gay now, honey, so. (audience applauding) Oh, he’s right there. How you doin’? Oh, okay. All right now. He beat you by the way. He beat you. Okay. Were you gay when you married her to begin with, I’m just curious. I kind of knew, I wasn’t 100% sure yet what was going on. We married very, very young. Okay.
yeah. So a 15-year-old having a boyfriend is not a big deal, Jason. It doesn’t mean she’s having sex or doing anything weird. This is your time as a father to speak to her about the value of her. You know, don’t have the sex. You know, it’s not important. You know, French kissing is important, but look for the sores on the mouth. No. No, no, no, you’re gonna wrap it down about these STDs out here. Between hepatitis, the herpes the syphilis. It’s not just an AIDS thing anymore where people think all you need is a condom and you’re good. You’re right, yeah. You talk to your daughter about young men. I’ll do that. And let her live her life dad. At 15? So how did your wife react when you came to her and said how you doin’? How you doin’? You know what, we’re good now, but it was kind of hard at the beginning, but we’re good now. We co-parent well, we’re really good friends actually. We worked through all that. Thank you Jason. Thank you so much. Up next everybody, we’re playing Drop It Like It’s Hot. Don’t go far. (upbeat music) So it’s time play Drop It Like It’s Hot Topics. (applauding and cheering) Now Crystal is our person today. She’s from Washington, DC and she’s got a chance to win up to $1,500. But before we get to a game, I understand you plan a yearly trip here and you were on Ask Wendy 10 years ago? I do, I do. This is my annual trip Wendy. I can’t go a year without seeing you. Live. Crystal, do you remember 10 years ago what your problem was and you asked me? Somebody stole my leopard print pumps. You remember that? And what’d I tell you? You told me to confront them. Did you confront? I did. Are they still cool with you? No. That’s the problem with confrontation, okay. Crystal, you ready to Drop It Like It’s Hot. Yes. All right, music please. ♪ Drop it like it’s hot ♪ ♪ Drop it like it’s hot ♪ ♪ Drop it like it’s hot ♪ ♪ When the pigs itch trying to get at you ♪ ♪ Walk it like it’s hot ♪ ♪ Walk it like it’s hot ♪ ♪ Walk it like it’s hot ♪ Oh, Kim Kardiashian ♪ And if a get a attitude ♪ ♪ Drop it like it’s hot ♪ 750 bucks on Bethenny Frankel, here’s your question about Bethenny. What was the first reality show she appeared on and go. I got this. Really? Real Housewives of New York City. No.
No? Well, she was on Martha Stewart’s. Oh, oh, Apprentice, Apprentice. No, you only get one guess and you got it wrong. So look though, you don’t get the $750, but Crystal what you do get is dinner for two at one of my favorites, Serendipity. (applauding and cheering) Enjoy that today after the show. We’ll be right back. (upbeat music) Lattice, you hold this. Because you are my eye candy. (applauding and cheering) How you doin’?
How you doin’? Apparently not a frequent watcher. Sorry. She’s from New Jersey, what part? I’m from Willingbro. Okay, and I see that you are a brand marketing person. Yes, for a footwear company, sneakers at that. Okay. Just saying. Just saying. All right, quickly tell me about your look. I love the necklace. Thank you. I love your vest, the skirt. The boots. I wanted to give you luxury, what it appears to be luxury. So I started with cute and cozy with my vest, a statement necklace. They’re cutting you off. Copper on cooper and of course thigh high boots. Wonderful, enjoy your diva fan, we’ll be right back. (upbeat music) I’m talking to Joann because her husband drives me regularly. Carl. (audience applauding) The tickets are free. Go to, we’ll be right back. I am done. I love you for watching, see you next time. (applauding and cheering) Nice. (jingle)


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