Three For One Hosting Review With Bonuses (Cheapest Hosting in 2019) ✅
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Three For One Hosting Review With Bonuses (Cheapest Hosting in 2019) ✅

Greetings Chris here from self-made new be calm welcome to my three for one hosting review what three for one hosting does is a hosting platform like Bluehost or say crowns But the reason behind the name is that it will give you the same Services as them also boasting to be a lot better than them for a third of the price So if you’re currently unhappy with your host or you’re looking for a budget host that offers exactly the same services Three for one hosting might be what you’re looking for. Now a free for one hosting This is their second launch and the first launch was a couple of months ago and a lot of people signed up It was a very successful campaign and there are already a ton of positive reviews coming from Customers who signed up to three for one hosting so I want to go in depth with you today on what three for one hosting has to offer as well as some really cool bonuses that I’ve thrown in that they’re gonna Supplement three for one hosting or help you get the most out of it help you get the most out of your blogging platform But before we do drop a like on this video and if you want more content like this hit subscribe and turn on bail Notifications now just quickly if you want to check out three for one hosting on your own at any point in this video just click on the link in the description because I’ve sourced some really cool bonuses for you that you can only get if you access through my description through Self-made new be calm when you click the link in the description You’ll be taken to my bonus page which looks like this and you have my contact here and legal Jargon up at the top as well as my bonuses down here now My bonus page is integrated with the three for one hosting the sales page So that means if you buy via my bonus page You’ll receive three for one hosting and my bonuses all in one convenient bundle able to be accessed immediately now I only saw real quality bonuses for you that have a proven track record that are gonna help you get the most out of Three for one hosting most people who provide bonuses they just go around the web and they saw some really useless free PDFs for you, that really don’t offer you any value at all So if you like collecting useless PDFs go for it but if you like bonuses that have had some time and attention spent sourcing them and that are Proven and have a track record of working for other people. Then you might like these bonuses more word of warning though These bonuses are only available for you during the launch week So when this countdown timer hits zero the bonuses will no longer be available really quick the first bonus I’ve got for you is a two-part bonus and one is a busy landing page which is going to allow you to construct landing pages for your website so you can create full business sites with editing back-end professional designs with customized in clicks Yelp reviews social sites Google Maps Light boxes and slideshow backgrounds just the works all the stuff You need to make a really cool-looking landing page the mobile optimized the plug-in as well So that will just detect if someone is viewing your page through mobile and optimize the site for them you got to understand that about 90% of Online use is done through mobile phones So this is really important and often overlooked bonus Number two is called WordPress traffic rescue save your traffic. How do you do that? well this Plug-in has the ability to sense when someone is about to leave your site and it will show a pop up for any link that you have chosen so it can be a snap pop up can include a squeeze page an affiliate link or your own product at a Discount another popular one so a very powerful plug-in and you do get a lot of sales really good for down sells So if you have something now for you know $20, if they’re going to get off your site. You can be like look Here’s a coupon code you can get it for 15 or 10. It’s better to make some money than no money right bonus number 3 now this is a simple automated traffic system is how it’s advertised and what this does is it utilizes the power of rewards and Contests again. It’s another plug-in and Contests are just a guaranteed method in order to drive traffic to your site people just love contests and they love free stuff And you can prevent cheating in your contest attracts cookies You can create unlimited prizes to get massive amounts of free traffic You can customize how many referrals are needed to unlock each product and just a really hands-off Automatic way to essentially legally bribe People into visiting your site now bonus number four is called content valet Another WordPress plug-in were all about the plugins today. This is a very new on the market and what it basically does That is if you have one of those days where you don’t really want to produce content this works in any niche you can use this plug-in to browse any keyword niche topics and It will bring up different articles from awhile around the web that would the click of a button you can Curate and have on your site don’t forget to reference however so really easy way to get content on your site and stay consistent even on those days when you haven’t Produced your own content now bonus number five. I’ve gotten the hook up for you with the vendor bonuses So these are the bonuses that the vendor includes Especially for you that it that they feel will supplement that Their main product as well in this case three for one hosting so two products related to affiliate marketing which for me is the number one way to turn your Normal blog into a blog that makes money. So in these products you will learn how to pick niches And the crucial factors that you need to look for when selecting a niche Also picking the right affiliate program to maximize your commissions how to create niche focus conversion systems and then of course There are a bunch of traffic generation strategies because that is the most important thing really So will teach you how to get direct traffic use SEO and backlinks use social media use forums use Question-answer platforms and use a third-party blog traffic as well as traffic optimization Strategies, so just a ton of value in there. A lot of that is Real fundamental stuff stuff that I offer as well on self-made newbie calm In fact, very similar now again When you click on the link in the description down below in this video you be brought to this bonus page Which is integrated with the product sales page? So the way it works is when you click on any of these green buttons it locks in your bonuses so that when you click through to the product page and make a purchase all of the bonuses as well as the product are all included in your receipt and they’re immediately available for you to access Now to access your purchases depending on what platform you are using in this case. It’s jvzoo So you will get in your receipt you will get a link And if you go through go up to the top right corner where it says can’t find your purchases They will both link to this page so under this green button here is the link to your 3 for 1 hosting details and Under this blue button here will be my bonuses Everything together all available straightaway so a brief look at the sales page here now note that any pricing you see on the sales page when you go through the link in my description and my bonus page is Exclusive launch pricing so you can take a look at this It’s boasting a lot of features. It’s really going head to head with the current big hosting platforms Which I think is really cool So along with that biggest selling point, which is the one third of the cost of any other host. They’re offering faster speed better support Lower down time and one thing you can always guarantee from like quote-unquote new kids on the block Is that they’re number one selling point has to be a more personalized experience? For the customer because they can’t go out there and just compete with the bigger platforms And think about the money They generally approach things in a way where they think of the customer and they try to carve their piece of the market out in That way just by making people feel good. The big companies aren’t able to do this just because of the sheer number of customers They have they’re just simply unable to give that level of you know Customer attention really so a new company like this. That’s definitely what you’re gonna get as well over the big companies If you need something else Aside from the speed. It’s offering the price. It gives you all the numbers here as far as What they offer as far as Hardware All the benefits that you are privy to so you can go through this in your own time Take a look and make a decision for yourself Because we’re unable to get access to the back end of the hosting and you know experiment some free hosting for the purpose of of Selling this product. I’ve just taken their advertisement and thrown some music over it so you can get a look at What 3/4 hosting is straight out of the horse’s mouth So check it out You know finding a great web host that delivers top-notch quality service at an affordable price Can be tough in some cases you sacrifice quality for price or you wind up paying an exorbitant amount of fees? Just for the services that should come standard with any web host and don’t even get me started on the slow website loading times Some web host serving your sites have slower loading times than a turtle running through molasses It was these problems and more that led us to start our own hosting company That would give every business owner and marketer a great place to host their websites with blazing fast speeds And I’m pleased to announce that we’ve just put together a very special offer just for you to join us It’s called three for one hosting and with the special offer. You’ll get three years of high quality Top-notch hosting for only the price of one look We don’t pay any fancy celebrities to promote our hosting and because we don’t we’re able to pass those savings on to our customers But don’t think for a moment that with some rinky-dink outfit No, we have tens of thousands of highly satisfied customers who stay with us forever You can see all the details below this video But here’s what we offer our customers with our special three-for-one web hosting service All of our servers are top-of-the-line hardware to give you blazing fast speeds top of the line software for faster loading sites 24/7 support available whenever you need it 99.9% uptime guarantee unlimited domains that you can host with our service and easy to use cPanel control panel all the applications you’ll ever need for your websites unlimited email accounts unlimited FTP accounts unlimited MySQL databases unlimited subdomains a free website builder and Enterprise RAID storage Plus when you sign up today, you’ll also receive these special bonuses during this limited time offer We’ll also upgrade you and give you unlimited SSL certificates at no extra cost and these can be very expensive Just for one you’ll also get a done-for-you cPanel transfer migration it will take you from your current hosting and put you on our service and Absolutely, no extra charge Plus there’s so much more as I said before you can see the full details of this incredible offer below But where else are you going to go and get so much incredible value for an incredibly low price? Look with three for one hosting you’re getting top-notch quality Service that will make your website slow fast with the blazing speeds That means you’ll keep the traffic that actually comes to your website instead of slow loading times that repel website visitors and with all the benefits were offering along with a 30-day money-back guarantee. How could you possibly go wrong with this offer? So it just makes sense to sign up today Heck even if you only keep this as a backup to your current web host is still a great offer But this is only available for a limited time when the clock runs out on this page You’ll be forced to pay a higher price. So don’t delay sign up for your three for one We’re posting account today and enjoy all the benefits of high quality Top-notch hosting without all the monthly fees. Go ahead and do it now You’ll be glad you did now as far as the pricing goes There are two levels of pricing at the front end So the solo allows for one domain and you get these five bonuses in addition to all the other bonuses We just talked about and then the front end ylim unlimited 43 to 59 This allows unlimited domains Usually companies offer one domain and then they have an upsell for like five domains and then it’s like a really expensive price for unlimited These are offering unlimited for like twenty dollars more than the standard So for the unlimited you also get a lot more bonuses in here that you can take a look at different guides to help you maximize your really your blogging website creation efforts one-time offer number one is using SSD which will basically improve the speed of your site One-time offer number two is it will include extra plugins like for SEO? Analytics site linking just a lot of different bonuses there and plugins you can decide which one you want to go with They are adhering to what they’re claiming. It is generally whatever price point you select It is about a third less than anything else up there which you know It’s great. Now the thing about three for one hosting it is only a host You do get a few different bonuses there, but it is lacking with the plugins Department So I’ve tried to fill that hole with these deluxe bonuses. So these bonuses are really going to supplement the product really really well I hope you got a lot out of all that now again since my bonus page is Integrated with the vendor sales page you want to go through the link in the description and click on any of those green buttons Which will lock in your bonuses after that you’ll be taken to the three for one sales page and if you this to purchase Three for one hosting and my bonuses will be packaged and sent to you immediately in one big bundle Super easy now We’re three for one hosting as well as the bonuses that I’m sending you that is a 30 day money back guarantee So there really is not a lot to lose here. Now if you have any questions comments concerns Drop them in the comments or feel free to hit me up on social media. I do reply to everybody if not, enjoy three for one hosting and I’ll see you again on the next video. Take care

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