Three Domains of Life – Diversity in Organisms – Biology Class 11
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Three Domains of Life – Diversity in Organisms – Biology Class 11

The next topic which are going to study student is three domains of life after five Kingdom classification another scientists came up with a concept called as Domain. He said about Kingdom there is one more category is domain now before we study domain in detail let’s see a few points related to Texonomy and classification which you need to remember the first thing which you need to remember is who is Afther of Texonomy to say this name and the name of that person or the scientist is Carolus Linnaeus next thing you have to remember is who pointed term texonomy I need who gave this texonomy owe me any composite is a tea kettle the most important thing which you have to remember who is father of Indian economy it’s named so these are few things which you have to remember from tech tsunami five kingdom classification point of view now we’ll start it domains of life there are three domains of life that is why the topic name is trade of means of life it was given by scientists called voice he divided all the organism into three domain and six kingdom let’s see what are the three domains and six kingdoms and then our key domain comes Kingdom our key bacteria until your bacteria comes in the monera under Eukarya comes all those kingdoms which have eukaryotic cell and you all know it will accept Madara rest all for half you can your take self so remaining for Kingdom that is Protista fungi Plantae and Animalia this for half or they fall under domain Eukarya now we’ll understand the difference between archaea bacteria and you bacteria because there’s other violence or kingdoms I have already talked to you so let’s see what is the difference between active bacteria and you bacteria algae means ancient all very primitive you means two so this bacterias are called as two bacteria and this bacterias are called as ancient bacteria archaea bacteria have less efficiency for death self-you bacteria have more efficiency for the cell now what is the reason behind this less efficiency and more efficiency they have less efficiency because of 16s ribosomal bacteria have more efficiency because of 18s ribosome Archy bacterias are generally smaller compared to look you bacteria and you bacteria are larger compared to our key bacteria here we completed with the topic three domains of life thank you very much students


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