ThinLinc 3.4.0 Server Installation Screencast
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ThinLinc 3.4.0 Server Installation Screencast

This screencast is a short
demonstration of how to install the ThinLinc server. We’re going to be installing the most
recent version of ThinLinc available at the moment which is ThinLinc 3.4.0 and we’re going to be installing on
Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit. This is one of our tested and
recommended distributions but we also test and recommend So the first step towards installing
a ThinLinc server is getting the server software itself. This can be done the via our
website at There you follow the download link to
the ThinLinc server which brings you to a page where you will
need to enter your email adress. This is the address that the download
link will be sent to. Optionally you can also enter your name and organization. You can also select whether you want to
receive ThinLinc news or subscribe to thinlinc-technical mailing list. Shortly after registering you should
receive an email. This email will contain a download link. Clicking on this link will bring you to
the download page where you can download the ThinLinc Server Bundle. Click on this link and save the file. The ThinLinc Server Bundle is
distributed as a zip file so once you’ve save the file you will need to extract it. After extraction a new folder will be created. Enter this folder and find a file called install-server. Clicking on this file will normally
present you with a number of options because it’s an executable you want to run the file. It needs to be run as root so we will give the password for sudo and the ThinLinc installer will launch. From here on in it’s basically just a matter of clicking
forward. the packages to be installed will be
displayed to you before installation and installation will be performed. Once ThinLinc itself has been installed a second script also need to be
run. This script is called tl-setup and will
set up the rest of your environment for use with ThinLinc. Starting with ThinLinc 3.4 we’ve
improved the installer to install most of the required packages for you so once again the installation should be a matter of clicking forward through the installation
process. tl-setup will analyze your system and
figure out which packages are missing and need to be installed and install them automatically for you. The email adress you give here will be
used internally by ThinLinc to send administrative messages and the password you give here will be used to access the web
administration interface Printer queues will be configured, as will the firewall. And that should complete installation of
ThinLinc. If you have any questions about
the installation or run into any problems you can visit to
contact us with any questions you might have.

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