Thinking about hosting an international student?
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Thinking about hosting an international student?

A friend of mine was doing it. We had a couple of spare bedrooms
and she said, “Why don’t you try hosting?” The financial incentive was there
and I thought, “Well, let’s give it a go.” So GETI is the organisation. Were really, really lovely
and when they interviewed me, they said, “Look, if it doesn’t work out,
don’t worry. There are places we can put them. Just try and see how you like it.” After a couple of weeks,
I knew it was gonna work. So the way I see my role, this should be a house that
they can look forward to coming home to and be a sanctuary
from the world around them. They’re like a family,
they’re like brothers. Sometimes they get on,
sometimes they don’t talk to one another. Boys are absolutely the same. It doesn’t matter country they come from,
what language they speak, they’re just the same. I can’t think of any real negative
about it actually. It’s just like having a family. It’s just the same. You’re doing it already for your kids
and that’s what I thought, “I’m doing it already for Max and Sam. Why not include a couple of others
in that?” No regrets. None at all. None at all. Find out more about
becoming a homestay host. Call or visit the website.

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