THINGS GET EVEN WEIRDER.. || Random Weird Websites (Fan Submissions)
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THINGS GET EVEN WEIRDER.. || Random Weird Websites (Fan Submissions)

So what is going on guys. This is Ryan here. And welcome back to another video where we’re going to be checking out some more weird And I guess wonderful websites or at least hopefully wonderful (honk) the last video on this did really well and honestly was really fun to get away from the gaming scene and try something different So I figured let’s try this one again, and let’s see if you guys again enjoy this … again *horrifying music plays* this one will be done a little bit differently though, however We do have a discord server that is me and the hack boys or I guess the hack boys because I’m apparently a member of that. what I decided to do is make a thread over on the discord server you guys can join it by the way the link Will be in the description down below I asked everyone on the server to send me some of the weirdest web sites because in the last one I kind of found the Web sites and I mean while still weird and wonderful There’s so many of you guys And I am sure there is even stranger ones out there. Another thing as well Apologies if I do sound a bit nasally like I seem to be suffering stupidly bad with Hayfever hold on imagine This is a graph right here okay, so that’s not too bad. That’s that’s kind of bad *screams from the underworld* This is where I am, so the first one ever on the server was actually a website called there’s only so many ways I can really see this going I got to check this out Okay, this err Wha- What am I supposed to? I mean I knew this would be a weird video, but this is uh well It’s it this dye isn’t it well that one was a strange one so much so that it rendered me fairly speechless I’m gonna give that one a thumbs up out of ten *bruh.* Whatever that means I think we’ve all seen this one the Donald Trump. why why why have I clicked the logo well, let me just try the tap Yeah, literally is is there as it sounds? 644 million goes on this, are you kidding me? I guess I’m kind of a let me just refresh it Let me see if other people are doing as well. That’s a 740 so let me just see okay. That’s a fake number They’re literally just boasting a fake number right there Pixels fighting okay, this sounds really unique. Oh, okay? Yeah, this is gonna be one of those suckers where I’m lost in the moment right here And as it were the battle of violet and green continued. *Who* will win? actually I wonder if they’ll actually be a winner I love this source if I love my like the violet as well in the top-ranked honor got through will won’t go actually take over the full thing *intense music plays* Okay, I’ve been waiting a while. I uh don’t think it’s never going to end. What the heck is this? (Website) welcome to Zombocom Ryan-Okay, Zombocom- (website) this is Zombocom Thank- Obviously (Website) you can do anything in Zombocom Yeah, well, I’m just waiting (Anything at all) for this anything. Okay? Yeah, you’re gonna boast man, but let me see this everything (the limit is yourself) To get me compelling yeah, I look like Barack Obama dot com is it literally as it’s soun- Yeah, dude. Definitely Barack obama right there. Hi. My name is Trevor, and I look like Barack Obama I’ve had lots of people stop me on the street Ask me about taxes and health care and things like that And I thought I’d create a website to clarify that I am not in fact Barack Obama He’s literally analyzing everything right here. Look at this (laughs in the back-round) the resemble I I Cannot believe this dude is legitimately convinced that he thinks he’s Barack Obama let’s check this one the big long okay? (Ello) its interact. Oh my gosh. It’s interaction. Do we pull um Huh, what if it’s going to be like a certain amount to open can we do this? I don’t know if there’s ever going to be an enter this one here *Door slams loudly* If we actually stack the doors that we can create like a yeah a really loud bang. Let’s do it! *Doors slam intensifies* This one is going to be good *Every single door makes a bang* That good, what is happening? OK I created this now, and they won’t close the doors will not move. I think I’ve create- I think cra- I think I completed this- Zoom quest gosh oh, no, oh Man, there’s going to be one of these things isn’t it We’re just constantly I think I remember this from years ago hasn’t this website been around for absolute years I swear when I was literally a young child I saw this thing yeah, okay, then it goes into like this zone here my gosh, man How the freak did someone make this anyways absolutely insane that’s some like troll dudes on the side there, okay? We just stared passing through my friend What is that that like a a tree with them my oh my gosh like evil dead or something yeah? I got a sense of that fairy I’ve reached critical failure again guys because I can sit here I can watch this thing go over and over again And I’m not going to get anywhere, and this is going to be the remainder of the video But I think for my sanity and also yours because this is fairly Engrossing I gotta click off bacon sizzling dot com is it lit-? bored go ahead press the bored button that’s Well I guess it is a button actually and I was gonna try and think of something weird to say the websites one ahead so if I press it What happens crazy card trick seriously this trick will blow your mind start by selecting a suit, okay? Let’s go for the spade I guess spades interesting choice. Now. Don’t think of spades and randomly selected direction, okay? I’m gonna do with my eyes closed. Well actually no I need to know what I’m doing. Let’s go, right as well Now immensely select a card, but don’t click it. Okay. Let’s go for Three of Hearts think about the card you selected and say it out loud twice three hearts three of hearts And it’s not there. You want me to tell you why because I know why this website works so check it out? I’m going to select the heart and then the right and then we’re going to select the three of hearts again But make a note of all the other cards which are on screen right here, okay? So we’ve got four of clubs of five of diamonds five of spades four of diamonds and three of clubs check it out None of those cards will be on here whatsoever. They’re all different basically how this card trick works Is that it makes you mentally think because you’re like focusing on your card you don’t realize that the other ones have changed and because they’re all like the same color you don’t make a connection with it how to Create a YouTube channel in three simple steps hold up wait what? You just link me a way to make a website is my computer I don’t know let’s find out the magical question is my computer working. Yes much better than What the freak is this this is kind of cool looks like an art project or something were they doing? They’re like twitching wait am I doing this so if I move my mouse does oh, I’m actually doing it with my mouse That’s kind of go-. That’s creepy as he- Yeah, I would say this website is probably the first one which is legit kind of weird. I have the power to Make windows what the oh my go- is this literally what it was What? No, that’s the Playstation one sound Yeah, obviously the playstation sound effect right there, but way what the freak is this literally play these Japheth 3D So if I click this what? oh My gosh, are you serious dude this actually works? I think whoo. Oh my gosh. How do I shoot? I pressed all the buttons at once hold up? What did I press that’s a wild fire fox How do I shoot I don’t know how I shoot I’m gonna press all the buttons at one I just hope I don’t like stop recording or something I don’t know what I’m doing, but you know what go for it my dudes. Go for it. Okay? Yeah, ended me Oh my gosh, this is Insane point your gun at the employees hell freaking yeah, hey give me all the dollars, please sure you can take them But I’m going to have to call the police. Sorry. Where’s the shoot command the police is there? I love my they’ve made the policeman fat as well, okay I’ll count down to 10 if you’re got it still in your hand when I reach 10 i’ll fire bullets At you and you’ll probably die dead this is definitely how cops stand offs go right? Let’s shoot the Policeman the Policeman Escapes, but another one appears and goes on with the Countdown one. Oh boy It’s gonna is going to keep going isn’t it okay eventually the countdown keeps going he hits 10 BANG! you die Dead Rainy, help you focus relax and sleep okay? Let’s try this let’s try this okay. Let’s see what the website can do Okay, this is freaking me out. I don’t know if it’s my senses that are sensing to sound more but the website actually gets louder urban dictionary uh OompaVille to be sexually accepted by someone of equal or better intelligence also someone who is easily accepted by their peers I? Can’t believe this news got his own urban dictionary. Let me see if I’ve got one okay. I’m kind of concerned now I don’t want to encourage people to start adding them there aren’t any definitions for 8-bitRyan Let’s keep it that way, okay, damn.Doc what the freak is this? What is the title of this wiki how articles so okay? How to tell a lie without being caught I don’t really think this is a great picture to exemplify that how to be interesting how to cope with being in love with a fictional character how to be Probably the last one right was it right there we go what is the title of this Wikipedia artical article how to speak Finnish how to clear a stuffy nose how to say some common phrases in Esperanto how to recognize the signs of definitely the last footnote really how to save some common phrases in Esperanto is esperanto the language of pain because then this image will make more sense how to afford expensive Stuff how to dissolve the ego I kind of think it might be this one here, and yeah I guess I made sense how to date a stripper how to survive a freestyle rap rap battle Okay legit I thought that was going to be the least likely one of them all how does that even work? Oh? Oh, no how to induce nightmares. I’m sure that’s nightmares for men, right? Let’s try this last one. This is So let’s do this is this the sand here. Oh wow. Oh, this is kinda Oh, I can’t even see actually oh, I’m building up layers at the bottom okay. This this is really cool You know what I bet some people have made some crazy artistic projects, and they let me make one of my own Okay, i was gonna try and make something cool but I’ve just realized that all I’m doing is holding the cursor still whilst i debate what the freak my next move is going to Be and it’s probably gonna remain this way for a while, so Yeah, we should probably end. It here okay there guys and that is going to be it for this video I checked out an absolute hek ton of weird websites and also some fairly normal ones here Well, I guess they were weird actually yeah, these were weird It’s a cool idea as well to involve the discord with some videos because there’s so many people on here And this website is really built for stuff like this Or maybe it’s not actually it can easily be manipulated to be built like this hopefully you guys did enjoy this video though I know, it’s not a gaming video But there is some weird and strange stuff out there that it’s also pretty fun to explore some videos And I think this is a cool exception I think a few of you people in the last video as well suggested some other stuff like some strange horror websites I think that would be pretty cool to check out So I think I might make that one the next episode in the list whatever you guys did enjoy this video why not drop me that Like rating, and hey if your new around here. Why don’t subscribe for more videos? Just like this one right here, so thank you so much for watching this video guys of course hope you did enjoy And I will of course see what the next one you


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