These BFFs EXPOSE Each Other’s Secrets w/ GIANT Tattoos | How Far Is Tattoo Far? | MTV
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These BFFs EXPOSE Each Other’s Secrets w/ GIANT Tattoos | How Far Is Tattoo Far? | MTV

(dramatic music) – Oh my god. Are you? (energetic techno music) What were you thinking? – [Narrator] On this episode
of “How Far is Tattoo Far” Darcy and her best friend Brad are out to expose each other’s secrets. They may be BFFs, but they question each other’s life choices. – Darcy, do you agree with his life, and where he is right now? – Honestly, no. He’s been
living a fake lifestyle. I think he– – Really? Okay! – You keep up constantly
with appearances, don’t lie Brad does everything to impress people. He needs the perfect
hair, the perfect tan. He doesn’t need it. – [Narrator] Brad, on the other hand, wants Darcy to upgrade her lifestyle. – She has basically been a ho
since maybe like 5th grade. – Damn. – I just think that she could hold herself a little higher of a standard. I want Darcy to find the one, I want her– – The one? You’re so young! You don’t need to find the one right now. – That’s what I said! You can experience different types of love without having to be in a relationship. – [Nico] Absolutely. – [Narrator] Not surprisingly, they have different
intentions for their tattoos. – I’m giving Darcy this tattoo, because I honestly just don’t agree with the life decisions that Darcy makes with these guys. It’s just become overwhelming. – What’s your intention here? – I was trying to give
you a meaningful message that you can grow and learn from. – [Narrator] Well it’s
time for the tattoos. Let’s do it. – (beep) – Damn! (screaming) – [Darcy] I really hope that’s
Brad screaming right now. That’s making me feel better about it. (screaming) – [Brad] Oh my god! (tense music) – I’m absolutely petrified. I hope it’s something
that I’m not completely embarrassed of for the rest of my life. – Hi babes. Oh my god. – Is it really that bad Nico? – Oh my god! – She said it’s the
worst thing she’s done. You’re gonna make me cry. – [Narrator] The tattoos are done, the friendship is intact, for now. Let’s see what these two
put on each other, forever. – Oh no! – [Nico] We are not going
to take these shades off until I tell you its okay. – Oh my god. I’m like sweating now. – So Brad, Darcy told us
that she’s exposing you, and now the whole world’s gonna know. – Brad, what does she know about you? – I have no (beep) clue. – Bitch is coming for you. – I can’t wait. – Oh my god. Are you? What were you thinking? – Because – No! Nobody knows about this. What don’t you understand? – You really think that everyone thinks that tan is real? – Yeah! Nobody has questioned me. – Not to your face! – You can tell you go tanning, like you weren’t born like that. – You can tell? – Yeah bitch I go tanning all the time. – It’s not just about the tanning. It’s that you tell everyone you’re living this bougie
life, but that’s a lie. No one gives a (bleep) what you look like. – Really? After all these years, you could have kept
this one secret for me? – Secrets are toxic. – Well so are yours. Honestly, now I feel a lot better about your tattoo. No guilt. – We might have been friends for 15 years, but time doesn’t mean anything when there’s no love behind a friendship, and if you have sincerely (beep) me over, there’s not a drop of love
behind your intentions of this tattoo. – There’s a whole lot of (bleep) going on. – She should write a book. – We need her to write the script. – [Nicole] Oh god. – Oh my god. Try, try (bleep)? I can’t even read. – [Nicole] Do you want
us to read it aloud? – Please. – [Nico] All right. – Oh my god. – 10 am, BJ Appointment. 12 pm, (bleep) the hottie next door. 3 pm, (bleep) appointment. 4 pm, Try (bleep). You’re free at 5. – Oh my god. – Free to (bleep) kill you. I can’t handle this. – There’s good reasoning behind it though. – There’s peach emojis next to try (beep). – I need to know why the (bleep) you put this on her. – You have me schedule all of your (beep) appointments. – What do you mean? – He’s the (bleep) secretary. – Yeah basically. – It’s being exaggerated. – No it’s enough that I’m fed up. – It really isn’t, that bad, I’m just in college living my life. – Yes. Preach girl. – You’re not really
giving guys enough time to even get to know you or respect you. – There’s nothing wrong
with what I’m doing now and now anyone who sees this just thinks I clear my schedule to have sex with random people all day. It’s like I’m just mind blown that anyone would even
think of this tattoo. It’s not right. I don’t
think it’s right at all. And, I’m quite upset actually. – You should be giving
her that hug honestly. – [Darcy] I don’t want
him to come near me. – I didn’t know really how
far it was going to go. I wanted her to see the
real value in herself. Maybe it wasn’t the right way to tell her. It didn’t need to be like this. I’m sorry.
– I regret trusting you, and I don’t regret giving you that. Because that’s not nearly
half as bad as this is. I don’t know if I’ll ever be
able to forgive Brad for this. I’ve got a lot of thinking to do. – Good luck. – [Narrator] Now that the time has passed, let’s see if Brad and
Darcy have recovered. – It took me a while to forgive
Brad, but he is my family, and I’ve never been one to hold a grudge. – Thank goodness she forgave me, but who wants to go down on somebody that has the word “Fraud” written on them. – With the tattoo comes
a lot of assumptions, but it’s 2019 and I’m a
very sex positive person, I’m not going to let Brad judge me.


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