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TheFutureInTech Server Rack Tour

What’s up, guys it’s the future in tech here and several of you have been asking me about my server rack so I’ve turned it on its side as you can
see I’ve kinda tilted it around Just so I can show you around in the back here. So, in case you are wondering, the reason I have this lockable rack server it was for two reasons one:
its Sorta hard to get a server rack theses days that doesn’t have a lock on it And two, if you look around, this is just your average playroom closet actually of course
there’s door has a lock but it’s a player in closet we don’t wanna lock
that all the time and since this is it in a very public
location it is in it a very sturdy racks that is very strong and it’s hard
to steal hard drives stuff like that so here’s the key and I’m open up in can
show you a the interior of my server rack So let’s open this guy up. Sometimes you gotta…. Whoop! That way. So the first thing you’ll see is a 6-outlet receptacle. on the front and us there’s actually
six on the back as well that’s what the server plugged into its
a a surge protector / power strip it’s a rack mountable one And this is just so you can accidentally turn the server off server system off in case you accidentally bump into the switch it
keeps you from turning off servers so this is a main power switch their
and a surge-reset button. So the reason I got the one with the six outlet receptacles on the front is because is maybe I’ll want to plugin {List of devices}. the server minecraft server it’s the
most powerful server in this rack Two 3.8GHz Processors. to 300 gig hard drives and thats it this one is a and email server its on her hosts email
from my site clocks are about or and clocks are
craft dot com oh and by the way guys if you’re
interested in Minecraft IP for the Sabres MC dot plucks are got on
that is MC dot PL X AR .org so and this last one is HD backup server it hosts all backup every at turns on every night at
like midnight man turned right back of its kind that’s very helpful cuz its very efficient is when he roundly turned
on you know very not occasionally it’s just
that you know archive server doesn’t actually posts
the email part all rights and now let’s head to the
back and take a lot care part summer kinda all this out just a bit little more I to the first National Fish Finder
cabling back here this is a gigabit 16-port a switch what this does is implement one a input here 1 gigabit cat 6 internet input there and it gives you 15 outputs sir arm you know this can be used in
different ways this it can just be use for communication between servers in
Minot them and not be connected to the internet but as the one most people so you notice there’s five cables are six this is the main cable he’s a rock
at six and there’s lose 4 5 p.m. to have them goaded the server just the
Minecraft server again wanna children go here and one of them those here reason that I used to cap 6 on camels
per server except for this last one is because
knowledge first but also for redundancy so what I mean
by that is for Speed on it it gets twice the amount cable their forts twice speech and for
redundancy if one goes down then it just send all
the data the at the other one and Dom and Millis this is really an
ideal to have the servers can not back to someone at this is and a location school or
someone can really miss mess it up they pull out the
plug or that pullout Ethernet or something like
that that can really cause problems but fortunately this faces the corner
there so no one really sees that in this is a
closet now is just gonna go in here for fun they only go in
here when they need to grab something and of
course this is in my house so I can trust everyone to you know use this with responsibility so thanks for checking this out guys once
again if you’re interested in playing on my mind pressure the IP’s MC dot PL E X AR .org and armed please rate comment subscribe
and be sure to check out the blog at the future in tech dot com


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