Thea Monyeé is Healing the World Through Joy and Pleasure
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Thea Monyeé is Healing the World Through Joy and Pleasure

I define success as joy and pleasure, really. I mean, if you get to do what you enjoy and you get to pass that
joy onto other people, I consider that to be such a huge success. I’m Thea Monyee. I’m the person behind I’m a healer and I’m an artist. Nothing I have done has
been a straight path. I was always the writer and performer. It is as though she cannot
smell the sick in the air through the thick of
her daughter’s laughter or the thin of her daughter’s hair. And then my friend, Noni, so she’s like, “Let’s do a podcast together. You bring the mental health part.” I didn’t really even know
anything about podcasts. I was like, “This sounds fun.” Like, that’s the person I am, totally old fire sign, like, “This sounds fun, let’s do this!” I mean, that’s the beauty of the time that we live in right now, you know, you can create
almost any career you want. I just never like to feel
limited as you can probably tell. My biggest fear, actually, is the oppression of people’s creativity. People have these
burning ideas and desires that they’re not able to give birth to. But what if that thing was
gonna be really awesome? And what if the world really needed that? It just kills me to think that
people don’t pursue the thing that they came here to do. Hey! – Hey, it’s good to see you again. – I’m so glad you made it. – How you been? – Good. I’m excited. – Good. Thank you for having me. – My pleasure. Come on in! When I started my website, I was like, “I need a home for
all these parts of myself.” You started off thinking
like marketing, of course. Like, oh hey, if people
are gonna book me for this, they’re gonna have to, you know? I can show you what I’m
working with so far. – Okay. – I think I did pretty
good to start, so… – She has the homepage down (laughs). – (laughs) Homepage down, bio. Some of the more important parts to me are the service and workshops because that shows people a
breakdown of what I do offer. As I was designing it, it
was this part that took over and it was like, no, this
is a chance to really defy any boxes now. Using GoDaddy’s products
actually made that so easy for me, right? Because I was able to
display the poetry part of me and the mental health part of me and the sex therapist part of me and the Ifa part of me and it was like no conflict. This is my home. This is
my space. This is my turf and when they come here, if they see it and they like it, they do and if they don’t, great. Next thing I think I’d like to
do, though, are newsletters. I’m really looking to
create serious community. – One of the biggest marketing tools is the email marketing newsletter. You can send out campaigns
and add links in there. – In the body of the newsletter? – In the body of the newsletter. – Oh, that’s perfect. – It’s drag-and-drop,
just like your website and it’s one of the easiest ways to stay engaged with your community. – You’re gonna subscribe. – I am gonna subscribe. – So that you can see how well I did. – I better get one of
these newsletters soon. – (laughs) That I was a good student. Even the types of
opportunities I’m getting now are different. Now I feel like I’m getting like really serious, thoughtful
inquiries from people and that feels really good. I think once you figure
out what you’re word is, what your thing is, like, you just have to be open to any way it wants to express itself. So I knew creativity
and healing are my jam and once I know that, I
don’t know how many slashes I’m gonna add to what I do. If I talk to you in three years, I promise you there’ll be more (laughs). As long as I’m creating and as long as it’s leading to healing, and I think that’s the thing
that ties them all together. We’ve always created. We’ve always danced. We’ve always been innovative. We’ve always brought our brilliance and our genius to the
table and offered it up at the alter of joy. And so that’s what I want
us to continue doing. (peaceful music)


  • Kenji Jones

    My sister is a beautiful woman with so much insight and talent and it is a true blessing to know her and call her friend! This is SO deserved Thea so let your light continue to shine and bring your knowledge to the world, SO PROUD OF YOU!

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