The Ultimate T-Shirt Printing Tutorial | EASY Step X Step Guide
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The Ultimate T-Shirt Printing Tutorial | EASY Step X Step Guide

cool so I thought it’d be an amazing a
great idea to actually show you guys how to print a t-shirt in this video and
with me is my man with medin tell them about your experience in
screen printing what you’re gonna show them to that listen all you youtubers
that follow John Santos you know you want to be an entrepreneur you want to
know how to make t-shirts Im gonna show you come on now first thing you guys do
you got to have a t-shirt right which is this right here
t-shirts right then after you get the t-shirt you got a print on it, “wait, bring the light” they can’t see me let me tell you
something okay let me show you something I can’t get on John Santos YouTube
channel because I can’t be seen without these lights these ones right here look at
this they need this powerful of a light to get me in the shot okay
it’s terrible now enough of that let me get you back to the professional stuff
on YouTubes that is perfect she’s giving me loaded up right now she’s
hooking me up about to get these t-shirts made right now
okay certification’s where did you learn well I learned there is a I went to
Craigslist University and I learn how to make don’t laugh all right
we had to learn learn the ins and outs you know you and you john santos youtube channel
you probably wanted to learn how do I make a t-shirt how do I print it how
do I do it I’m here to tell you I’m the proper authority on printing t-shirts
alright these hands are gifted when it comes to making t-shirts ok so I’m up to
take you on a little journey right now alright
subscribe to John Santos youtube channel john x santos youtube channel let me
tell you one more thing before we get started right now you’re thinking to
yourself i want to start a t-shirt business i could do that
no you can’t you can’t just start a t-shirt business you got to love it
you gotta fall in love with the process see alright so you can’t just make a
t-shirt you got to put a piece of your soul in each one right
you have to have it hand made you know that’s why you see people out with t-shirts are looking bummy
right see you looking dusty right the reason why is they don’t love what they
do John Santos YouTube channel loves what
he does so let me show you right today about to get a lesson you’re about to learn
today let me give them the Medin breakdown as to what is exactly going on here
y’all ready okay first of all due to my knowledge and proper training I’m gonna
give you a tour of how to print a t-shirt and what exactly this
contraption here is okay this doohickey right here is what holds together the
printing machine and these right here are the arms and they’re green they’re
green because that’s where the money’s at alright also see know the time of it
now look another thing I’m a teach you alright see you got a plate right here
for your t-shirt right okay just put your t-shirt on here you have to measure it right so
what we did is we just took some crayon and we put it right here in the corner
to let people know where everything’s that t-shirt say exactly what it needs
to say exactly where it needs to be now as far as the rest of all of it is it’s
too complicated for you I have to do another video for that in another day
but for right now I would say it is they’re able to do almost anything in
this print shop think about it bags t-shirts pockets any kind of clothing or
garment man can you imagine looking that good or something that you created see
these awesome now let me show you more take off
see these things are what they use right let’s say all of a sudden you decided
you know I’m gonna put my Victoria’s here and we’ll pretty some moment or a
secret put her right here all right you got anything that you need know where
everything is for after it gets dry again right here they see you know you
wearing this beautiful coat you gotta put on some lotion to you’d wanna be
ashy right you go you’re looking good you in the game that’s what this is
all about go print your stuff print t-shirt put it out
there for the world to see for America the United States and the United Nations
everybody’s waiting for you do you understand me you gotta make your shirt
get off your butt get off youtube to go on to John Santos YouTube channel find the
contact for print la ok it’s not that hard
print some t-shirts man naw come over your last thing im gonna show you see this it’s not sideways and crooked so now we’re actually you know Madine
was talking giving some real life advice now he’s really going to show you guys
how to print a shirt you gonna bail me out brother
see now what I’m doing this right so right now I’m just spreading the ink use both hands even pressure and move
forward in life and we’re printing ready y’all ready one more time push okay we’re gonna get it right that’s flashing right now I’m getting my
t-shirt flash and we gonna bring it back around right and I’m gonna put some sexy
on make it look real good in position make sure I’m in position one yes parts in the flash flashing is winning
flash and when the cures that maybe my shoulder muscles yea is ready to wear it’s like it’s like I’m
waiting for my cap see the gun I want a temperature rise I’m gonna use my temperature gauging
machine or therm pump here to find out what the temperature is we’re going to visit a little burn
you don’t want you to check your burner so yeah make sure we keep it
nice and warm you know but to level is sexy not
burning the face right come on come on baby so I can this is my shirt John Santos
YouTube channel y’all ready for this anyway you bought it from Ross’s now
didn’t it I made it myself they don’t fit me but it looks good
what’s your thing comment let me know thank you for letting me have a little
bit fun on your channel watching everything I learned a lot really smart
well I get your shirts t-shirts done and everything come here go to the people
who know what they’re doing don’t don’t go home and start burning t-shirts at
your mom house stop it just come over here and get help and
then you’ll have you’ll be in the game all right wake up and win this Medin Gebrezgier YouTube
channel what’s up baby I’m hijacking John Santos Channel come check me out I’m scissored challenged all right but
let me tell you something see how I screen printed one day I’ll be able to cut it
with a scissors just how I screen printed when I cut the last set of bags
that we did we did they came out a little unfortunate but that’s okay
though because we’re gonna come back you know see how skilled these manos are all


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