The truth comes out… (hosted by Danielle Bregoli)
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The truth comes out… (hosted by Danielle Bregoli)

You guys are ffff assholes! Ima, gonna kill someone! INTRO MUSIC WOOOOO!!! AYO, GOOD MORNING LOGANG WHATS POPPIN! WOOOOOOOO!!! It’s goin down as usual here on Logan Paul Vlogs!! WOOOOOO!! The channel is hot bro! The channel is poppin bruh!! We’re droppin music videos we’re droppin fire Vlogs!! Were ending and starting drama! Its beautiful its all amazing! Hey puppy This is my dog Kong if you do not know, Also if you don’t know that means your not subscribed which means you should subscribe. Yeah!!, Like and subscribe like he said Are you excited for whats happening today? Yeeaahh i know you are! Its a big vlog todaay As you guys know and have probably seen, My brother and I released a… What… (realizes Maverick is better than him) You tryin to vlog now? My brother and i released two… F**K two… WHY THE F**K CAN’T I SAY THIS WORD!!! (REALIZES HE CAN’T ENGLISH.) My brother and i released two music videos one for his channel and one for mine His is called “i love you bro” it’s like sentimental and deep and it
talks about loving each other again and how would you describe mine Brendan who
they like Oh answer the question I’m gonna answer the question that will go
yours your video kind of attacks YouTube again so the pot I make ways it’s what I
do anyway who’s here I’m coming who could you love call everyone loves
call it’s a young dog you know suitable peers actually is actually crying
normally she beats people that it’s like a cunt it makes my said this is the
first time I haven’t seen you custom called it’s cute right now because I’ve
– it is it you don’t make me cry like that yeah you what usually want to hit
you oh yeah it’s hard oh you did get certified right well you
got them certified tell me what you got stung certified work just for your like
your service yeah service dog identification Kong – Savage handler
logan paul regular mail okay 79 victor tomorrow you’d be taking everywhere now
wait like i’m please yeah trained yeah automobile yeah are you doing to my dog
you cannot take it home known latencies check fibercon yo let’s go
let’s go boys Hales coming out my god Wolverine over
here why don’t you fight him firm oh yeah girl
oh yo what is what is called done to this drug come on I have to raise you yo
I ain’t a good medium I’ll watch what the video is about no watch watch it yo
you didn’t even give what up start with protocol we are currently
waiting on one more special guest now you know it you saw the thumbnail it’s
my brother we’re waiting on Jake to get here this will be the first time that
Jake and I have spoken in front of the eyes of the internet people are confused
about all the beef and drama and all that’s going on it out like bro oh god
why don’t we have Danielle here to mediate a therapy session between us I’m
not trying to get cached outside but I thought it would be fun look I am going
to need your attention you have a very important job today
you know what are you having I don’t my dog likes you do is you go respect whoa
no what oh I the first time I wanna see you I wanna meet Jake or the BI camera
and you’re coming doesn’t want to speak to me yet so if you could get right over
there ah I understand why it’s like this intense because we live a shot home
music with two music videos yesterday together Oh don’t forget Darby here all right guys
this clears was going down I love it I was longing for you to stop rushing down
oh yeah no I did I just want to make jam with her last time we movie there’s
Jimmy the face of spoons and shit this is the worst idea I figured since Jake
and I were beefing and stuff and we may or may not have said early in the music
video this view the first time this internet sees us together Interactive’s
the first time we ask your own questions about a book drama all the list checks
that I go out all the numbers all set adults false is false because they’re
even lies in all of it just look I brought in the most qualified person on
my line to help us do that you want to introduce yourself to me
this is bitch I knew no sidebar we are not going to have overlapping questions
so half of the questions will be on my channel and have to be on my brother
Jason he more than one – are you wearing a shirt that says like a god Church the
doctor is a building process Logan I want you talking smack today I’m gonna
meet Jamie’s – you’re funny but let me tell you in the same
by down great there hahahaha how do you feel all that new colors I like Jake I
like my brother I love my brother hello hello Jake I think there are times where
we get way too competitive I think that it bro yeah like we made it fuck you
there was a spot where like a limited for me was not even competition anymore
and that’s where I think you like tried super hard like keziah
pass what max pass what I’m about to pass some subscribers no no no pass you
you said catch up make Paul is growing more than 80 K no 150 million monthly
views 159 great all areas a tweet that went sort of I will I’m a kid you went
to high school with lice can put it in a song like I try to make you seem like a
bully but that’s the oh you’re not believe I know but you were smaller like
if you try to believe me out laughing see that’s I’m saying I’m just as little
kid with the dream but I was you know what you know what else I was in fifth
grade I was still king during I was talking I had braces here times have to
welcome you as an asshole I’m gonna kill someone let me finish a teen question
whoa Disney voice wearing I was your 14 that yeah you’re 14 you should watch I
think that nobody knows your TV show hahahaha what I’m saying is I was a lot
of things that citrate and all of those things I’m not now so why recommend
something is no more games over yoga she’s the boy’s uncle oh yeah just
like a real speaker I’ve changed right yeah let me close there as a person as a
person I also just want to say like where is
the validity in that accusation if I said oh that Justin Bieber just shot
from 100% true and there’s no purpose other than Justin Bieber shooting no I
thought people liked the idea of the Gyeonggi idea that it might be true
I know Jake was the bully because he didn’t go through puberty until last
year and I yeah yeah yeah exactly yeah dude he was 5 foot 1 and I beat his
ass (oh yeah nice flame logan) people can paint any picture of you as
they want on the internet but where’s the validity so what is the living Debra
what the fuck you started it well I mean the commenter
said I’m glad from your ear as well as into her I say broke oh but you ever
down Trump hair rust you bro I know I have dialed something so do I
I was out while I totally look into that and people are sending round we’ve got
up too much I’m sick x-ray let me teach the viewers about demographic maybe 17
and older we’re like you know this song social screwloose to remember guys when
baby came out with Justin Bieber everyone everyone like yoga scooter
loser somebody saying you’re the next Justin Bieber but Annelle but I’m not
saying that I’m hearing Justin Bieber then that down Trump hair you ugly-ass
mother all that we both have it throws the wind again I’ll do it again
are my shorts coming up – hi Kyle oh can I dress that can i address that a lot
can you hand me the camera you got a tattoo of pewdiepies dick on your like
you said that all itself I think that the reason why I got a tattoo of a
petabyte okay a comment like no it’s because they’re me it looks like a gun
what beautify that said his dick looks like that the reason why is because I
wanted to pay homage to in Oh ask me why why why his most viewed video in the
past like five months of me I was like I need a pan back
you are so much goddamn folio stuff I’m not fooling yourself that who will be
how do you feel about youtubers exposing and dissing and using your name and
title why did you hungry I had a line in my
music video put Jake’s name in your title you can pay this month’s rent it’s
true everyone and everyone’s doing it so let me respond and by saying yo I’ve
respect you yo if you you to work get your dues because however you might want
to do that yeah but just now something no but no I do have some last words oh
so what I want to say as my last words are like there’s been a lot of drama
hate again absolutely crazy stuff going on in the past week if you make a lot of
mistakes in life and and you’re getting hate it on involve Allah don’t let any
of that gets you as long as you grow as a person and you learn from and so I
want to say this kind of streak has really changed my life because I realize
that I hate the hate and you don’t know when that hate is going to be directed
towards the wrong person and they might end up damaging themselves emotionally don’t say yes I love you my bro and I
want you to know that I’m so sorry for things that is I just want to be
friends so let’s make a man lemme Rosalie okay that was really therapeutic for me
that was dull thanks for coming over my partner show and like finally the
Internet can see is loving each other again well I love you I love you too I
read this comic today yeah and I liked it because obviously we just released
our music videos and mine is kind of cocky yeah it was out there yeah I said
yeah so we put the fuck the comments said as long as the Paul bros stick
together when people try to roast us like they’re not going to dent us who’s
not gonna invent us that’s not saying this doesn’t matter like no I was
playing along that’s up the Ajanta funny bro yes I think this is why I’m catching
a subscribers like it’s just low guys out of the vlog I am really excited for
tomorrow I think I’m going on a date or like I’m at least meeting the girl I
think it’s cuz it’s gonna be friend make sure you’re subscribed if you’re
not subscribed turn your notifications on if you don’t have Mon see don’t miss
that and yes I hope today’s vlog cleared up any questions you may have had I will
see you guys tomorrow take it easy we’re like apart yeah really
oh no I would say if I put everything in my blog that we I did I’ll go to gym you
would I can Bob


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