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– We told you a long time ago that when we hit 100,000 subscribers, we’d actually tell you the truth about Fitment Industries, the history of Fitment
Industries if you will, and it actually seems to be
coming up relatively quick, and by the time this video drops, I think we’ll actually be there. So I’m Alex from Fitment Industries, and because everybody
in the comment section had asked for it, here is the truth about
Fitment Industries. (hip hop music) So before we get started, don’t forget to subscribe, and of course, if you’re looking for wheels, tires, suspensions head over to Now there’s gonna be
portions of this episode that are gonna be covered by Jells, because I find it very
weird to talk about myself and I just don’t wanna do it. So, let’s get right into it. So Fitment Industries was
once known as Fitment Inc. and was founded in February of 2017, under the umbrella name of Custom Offsets. Now if you haven’t
heard of Custom Offsets, they are a truck aftermarket wheel company that specializes in everything that car guys do here
for Fitment Industries but for trucks, because America. And up here in Wisconsin, there’s lik 12 trucks and 2 cars and that’s just how we
do things around here, but eventually there was enough car guys at the Custom Offsets media team that they thought, hey, why
don’t we do this for cars, because that’s kinda like, it’s cooler, they’re sleeker, cars are way better than trucks in every way, shape, and form, trucks are just over-hyped,
expensive pieces of metal. I don’t know how much of
that was actually true, but the matter of the fact is that people wanted to do something with cars versus trucks, and so over the course
of the next few months, essentially the Fitment
Inc. name got established, and you had probably one of the OGs, you had Mario starting to kinda delve into different
sorts of car video styles and making different edits
and things like that. But it didn’t really start taking off until September of 2017, and that was when little old me decided to come onboard
and start essentially the first team for Fitment Inc., and that was with Mario, who was still working on the Custom Offsets media team at the team. And because of the overall summer, and because the idea wasn’t really having a full force behind it, a lot of the Custom Offsets media team was actually helping out with Fitment Inc. videos back on YouTube. Now if you go back to our old videos, you’ll probably find that they weren’t super duper exciting to watch, they had some spotlights,
some wheel talks, some match-ups and everything in between, but relatively for the most part, Fitment Inc. was kinda like lowkey. But they weren’t like hipster lowkey, where it was cool to talk about them because nobody else knew them, just like nobody else really knew them. So September came along, and ultimately I came onboard and I was hired as a Fitment Inc. lead. Wow, that sounds really boring, and from there, we decided to actually have like a full team. So from here, I’m gonna let Jells take the reigns, because I don’t wanna talk about me and it’s really weird to talk about me, so, Jells, you wanna come in? – So, Alex was hired in September of 2017, and Shawn, our CEO, knew of Alex not only because of Wisconsin Car Enthusiast Club, which if you didn’t know, is the largest car club in Wisconsin, and Alex is the founder of, with 57,000 members. Along with that, Alex also hosted the River Valley Road Rally, which Shawn wanted to be a part of, and after that was done, Shawn sought out Alex to bring him in for an interview because he saw the enthusiasm in Alex and he saw his passion for cars, and he was like hey, we need
to get that guy on our team. So he brought Alex in for an interview, and as you can see, the rest is history. – So now that Jells has
explained that part, which kinda a little bit weird if I was talking about myself, but we essentially went into Sema not really knowing anything, and thank God we had one viral video that we came out with, which was none other than the XXR Wheel History, it was the first Wheel
History we’ve ever done, and it was the first history video we’d ever tried to do. We had no idea what we were doing, but we thought we’d give it a shot, and turns out, it worked. We ended up having a quarter
million views on Facebook, and ultimately people
started to hear about us about a week before Sema. When we walked into Sema, we had absolutely no idea what to expect. Our Custom Offsets friends obviously knew everything
that was going on, but when it came down to Fitment Inc. at the time, we were pretty much clueless. I wasn’t even planning on being in front of the camera for any videos, but ultimately ended up shooting almost 35 videos in that three day period to get content out to YouTube, and besides that, really all we did was talk to different companies that we thought may potentially put up with us or may like us, and left us with companies like Cosmis, for instance, still puts
up with us to this today, which is pretty neat, and we have other companies
that we met up with too, which was absolutely awesome. So we were really excited, we had Rohana, we had F1R, we had Regen5 and things like that, and things were going great, and then we came back, and we were like, well, what now? You know, we had three
sample wheels at the time, and turns out a month after Sema, we ended up getting wheel samples in, which was unheard of at the time. Our guys over at Custom Offsets had like 40 wheel samples, and within a month, Fitment Inc. had like 45 wheel samples, so we were kinda on to something, it seemed to be working, people wanted to know
about wheels and tires and all that sorta good stuff, and people at Sema started to catch on to what we were doing, because we had that one viral video. We continued to make those viral videos, and I guess we just kept making stuff, and people really enjoyed it, you guys kept watching it, and kept wanting more content, kept asking us questions, so we just decided that, you know, if we’re gonna do this, let’s just go all the way. The best part about getting
40 wheel samples in house is that when you already have 40 other wheels in a 6,000
square foot facility, half of which is a shop, 1,500 of it is the media space, you’re left with a 1,500 square foot space for about a hundred wheel samples, it got a little tight. We had actually no space. So in February of 2018, we moved from a 6,000 square foot facility to a 28,000 square foot facility, which still has like three hoists, has a much bigger media space, theater, kitchen, showroom, a warehouse, and everything in between, and we’re already planning on adding another 24,000 square foot space so that we can actually make more cool videos and content for you guys. In January of 2018, Fitment Industries saw a huge boost, so we went from Fitment
Inc. to Fitment Industries because that’s just a cooler name and has absolutely nothing to do with legality issues
or anything like that, but we decided to go into trying to make more, like, bangers, and we did, for the beginning of January, we went from 3,000 subscribers all the way up to 12,000 subscribers, and we thought we were the
coolest group of people ever. We were like the cat’s meow, but really ever since then, we just continued to grow. We moved from that 6,000
square foot facility into a 28,000 square foot facility and the rest seems to
pretty much be history. Over the rest of the summer, we continued to grow and grow and grow and really the biggest
thing that we wanted to do was have a media team, it was still predominately led by just me, and Mario, and Corey, who was our graphic
designer that was an intern that just never seemed to leave, and we kinda had an online analytics guy, his name was Dom, but I mean, really, it wasn’t like a team, we were kinda like, you ever just show up to a place, like you go to a party
or something like that, and you go alone, which is weird, so it’s okay if you say no because
you wanna be a cool kid, but like you show up to something alone, and, like, you’re with other people that also showed up alone, and you’re just kinda like there, and you’re like well
now that we’re a unit, now what do we do? And that was the beginning of Fitment Industries, I mean, really, we were like, okay, this is us, let’s do it. And we did. I mean, we were continuously growing, it was good, it was happy-go-lucky, YouTube liked us, ish, and then Facebook liked us, ish, until Mark Zuckerburg got in trouble for privacy stuff, we’re not gonna talk about
that because legalities, I mean, and it just continues to grow. It’s a really cool thing. So once people started to realize that we were like doing something kinda sorta cool, other companies wanted to start working with us. We had people sending us wheel samples and t-shirts and all sorts of crazy stuff because they wanted, you know, to get content, they wanted us to talk about their wheels. And then we started talking about stuff that they weren’t like
super apt to talk about, but we still talked about it, because in our eyes, we want people to know normal stuff about the wheel culture to not be misled by
people and by companies, and even though there were some companies that weren’t huge fans of it, they ultimately decided to partner with us because we did way more help than harm, I mean, if you really think about it, we’re just gonna tell people how it is, and it worked out really well. Then we decided we needed
to offer other products besides t-shirts and stuff, so we started partnering with companies that we could actually
host higher-end products, we have Avant-Garde and
Rotiform Three Piece and Work and Volk and Gram
Lights and things like that, and things really started to pick up. Then we started hosting companies like Acuware and Airlift and Eibach and ST and KW and Belltech and it just like never really stopped, and over time, the company just continued to grow until we actually had something that we could work with. Now Fitment Industries consists of people like myself, it consists of people like Clair, Eric, Dom and Corey, Mario, Jells, Steve, and Greg, which is pretty cool. We have people like Max and Austin, that help us out with videography. We have people like Jarrod and Parker that help us out with videos, I mean, we have a full team, and even though the president of both Custom Offsets
and Fitment Industries, Shawn, seems to be not very apparent in a lot of Fitment Industries videos, he still helps a lot with actually just getting us established in certain places so that we can help get
content for you guys. So, you might be wondering who I am and what I’m involved in and when it comes down to it, I have a fancy title, but I’m really just the kinda guy that likes to make cool videos and likes to make sure that you guys know about wheels and tires and Fitment Industries is like that, it’s just a YouTube channel
that we all wanted to make, because we were all car people, then we all just came together and we started making videos. And that’s pretty much it, everything else is just an afterthought. We have a really cool facility, we’re planning on building more, we’re planning on hiring
a lot more people, which you probably shouldn’t
tell 100,000 people, but I mean, it’s whatever. So what are the plans
for Fitment Industries? You guys might be
watching this and thinking okay, so that’s what they’ve done, they really don’t have
that much of a history, but they seem to be moving pretty quick, or at least I would hope
that you think that, so what are we up to and what do we plan to do? Well, really what we want to do is make cooler, high-end production films, and we wanna continue to grow this awesome team that we have here with cool videographers,
graphic designers, and photographers, and we wanna, like,
get wheels to you guys, and suspension parts, and
information to you people so that you can actually
make cool decisions, and you can buy your stuff from us, and you can add your car to the fastest growing online gallery, which is ours, which is And you can do all this stuff, because at the end of the day, we are just car enthusiasts helping other car enthusiasts, and honestly, it may sound like a really weird business model, but we think it’ll just work. And that’s what we plan on doing. So, I’m Alex from Fitment Industries, let us know what you’d
like us to talk about next in the comment section below, and if you haven’t yet,
be sure to subscribe, check out if you’re looking for
wheels, tires, suspension, and of course, like I said before, I’m Alex from Fitment Industries, and we’ll see you later. Peace.


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