• László Domonkos

    He shoved the Montenegrin president, but he should've shoved Viktor Orbán (standing just behind him smiling). With his minority complex, he probably would have challenged him to a fist fight. Fuck both of 'em!

  • Reindert D.

    The thing about Trump is that he's a kid that never grew up, using twitter as his toy and whines about it if he can't play with his toys the way he likes, wants to put himself in the center of everything really and that he wants to have everything his heart desires, never really thinks about the consequences of his actions and yeah… That's why he lies as well when it turns out that he was wrong about something he said or did…

    One thing is for sure. Trump does not care a shit about America, he only gives a shit (and a whole lot of shits knowing him) about himself.
    Trump must have been the worst person to put in office EVER. Politics? Hardly… Trump has the mentality of a egocentric kid.

    Who ever would have chosen to like someone like him when he/she was a kid, let alone lead? Be honest…

  • Reindert D.

    Maybe if the Healthcare system in the States would improve, there might still be hope for Trump …

    (Wait, I guess he failed at that too, huh… my bad)

  • Blair Brown


    And thus,a little more of my faith in humanity died at this moment.

    Hey,does this count as falling victim to the "Superman Curse?"

  • William Howle

    Almost all valid, but if you don’t see any value in making the heads of bullshit bought and paid for “news” organizations spin, then you’re just lacking in…everything. His trolling of a horrible and corrupt system might be the one good of his presidency.

  • rezelltheblack

    I bet you can't sit through the whole thing Travis. But you can research anything in this entire video and find out it's true.

  • crocusflower

    i love the smile on the interviewers face as lil don stalks off to 'work' at his desk. hah. he got him good. what a piece of work he is, holy shit. fat lil don is dummying down the wh & his whole party. i can't believe they are allowing him to do that to them. wtf is going on with them all?

  • Armie of One

    And that fox and his friends the hedgehog and the weasel are named Foxy Jenkins, Ms. Pricklybuns, and Phil. That’s right, the weasel is called Phil.

  • Darren Skjoelsvold

    John Tyler was the 10th president. Also Tyler was a Whig and an asshole and a nationalist and Trump and Tyler would both probably make sense.

  • Matt Kramer

    But during that first clip he clearly stated that women are smarter than men so there goes that whole misogynist thing

  • Matt Kramer

    And people aren’t saying what about this or that to make things ok they use it to say where was the outrage when this person did it but when trump does it’s not ok?

  • James Enos

    Nazis are disgusting but the left they burned out places through rocks through Windows lit shit on fire and hurt people. There were riots in the f**** Streets. Democrats really forget about s*** and it's not fair. I hate Trump as well especially since he got elected you learned a lot about the a**** I'm going to go throw throw some rocks and some windows now clip over some police cars and light s*** on fire. This guy is frothing at the mouth about how bad Republicans are it's not fair.

  • Wallace_ _It_Up

    Trump literally once mistook Jacinda for the Canadian Prime minister’s wife. That is the weirdest, most specific thing I could possibly imagine.

  • BLK MN

    Bush: A “C grade” average student that did cocaine and liked to play dress up and hide on his ranch instead of being president.

    Trump: Unapologetic liar, greedy corporate fraud, and racist idiot. Possible traitor to Russia, America’s nemesis for the last 3 decades.

    The next Republican president: An ancient vampire woken from his slumber that thinks slavery should be reestablished and doesn’t understand the concept of empathy. Starts WW3.

  • Emily Delamar

    I was teached to admit faults and criticize myself, but nowadays when you get caught lying you just shout "fake news " and that's legit? How is Trump a role model for the society in any way? It feels as if they just elected the biggest school bully and now he's jerk no. 1 and we're fucked

  • John Patriot eagle freedom boner

    Nuclear power is not going on the way he has to do the paperwork and then I don’t have any paperwork to get it back in time to do the job he is not responsible to trump in his business he is a good person to me and I will do not a call you know that he doesn’t know anything.

  • John Patriot eagle freedom boner

    Golfing is the day you want me a little later today and I can get it to the office and get it done tomorrow and I can do something for tomorrow and I can get it to the end.

  • John Patriot eagle freedom boner

    Pickle with glasses and glasses glasses and then glasses and a bag with glasses glasses are a good thing for you to get to them for a little bit I don’t have a job.

  • John Patriot eagle freedom boner

    MAGA was a great night and a great night to you see your beautiful little guy in your life I love him to you get it to the end you will know how much I appreciate it I will let you know when I’m not sure what exactly I can get it to you get to it I’ll call him.

  • john holmes

    Good show John!
    I'm also John from Murray harbour prince Edward island could you help me get bill Murray show up here😊
    I'm sure that we would rename our hamlet

  • Mister X

    I wish Trump supporters were bright enough to understand common sense delivered in an intelligent manner. He'd have been gone a year ago.

  • Daniel Verberne

    That Trump-being-confronted-about-his-tweet scene in the Oval Office – I think it is very powerful as a look behind the curtain at the Trump phenomenon.

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