The Tiny Vlog: Web Hosting
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The Tiny Vlog: Web Hosting

Hello, my name is Mikel Bruce with Tiny
Frog Technologies. I want to take some time and talk a little bit about web
hosting.Web hosting is much different than it was years ago primarily for
security reasons. Hacking is becoming a reality nowadays, in fact, there’s a
saying in the WordPress community that it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of
when in terms of when your – if your website is going to get hacked. So security plays a very big role in web hosting where it didn’t just a few years ago. So we actually have all of our clients that we support and maintain
their websites on a server at a company we have a server maintain a server at a
company called WP Engine and it’s probably the most secure hosting
environment for WordPress websites. We actually maintain and we updated all of
our clients’ websites based on that particular services they offer. What WP
Engine, one of the advantages they have over most traditional hosting
companies like GoDaddy, or Bluehost, or DreamHost or all the other ones. One of
which is they’re designed for WordPress sites so if you have a WordPress site
they offer features and functionality and services that you won’t get anywhere
else. Their servers are designed for WordPress so they’re the speed that they
operate on, the updates that they provide, the security that they provide, can’t
really be, you really can’t get that at another hosting company unless you build in third-party services. So WP Engine and our hosting, as a matter of fact, is
really a one-stop-shop for security and maintenance in terms of a hosting plan.
If you have any questions on hosting a WordPress website ,feel free to give us a
call at Tiny Frog Technologies.

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