The System Fades… (a spoken word poem by Westley Nash)
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The System Fades… (a spoken word poem by Westley Nash)

The System Fades… (a spoken word poem by Westley Nash) Be sure to read the video description for some important information about this particular spoken word poem. Best Wishes, Westley xx The System Fades like a dream from my waking mind, where the lure of wealth suddenly burns toxic in my heart! As a life that once swelled it’s seams to bursting is now lost and irreplacable by it’s means. The pursuit of power, the craving of endowment and the madness of fame are to me nothing but the trinkets of a child! They hold no credible value in this alienated realm from which I now stand. Seeing with eyes torn wide open to the reality of a flawed and fraudulent integrity. Penetrating the baseless fabric of an induced and rigorously managed delusion. All protected by the heavy structure of an elitist tomorrow! Behind these walls can be found only tainted offers that promise leasting benefit for all, but in truth provide only the entitled few with a stable home. While the many are rewarded with nothing but fleeting comfort and meagre pleasures that once left paling in the blood soon render free will to it’s knees, as the addiction cements it’s grip, forcing loyalty to the very same hand that worked to trap them! “Just because things could be worse than what they are, doesn’t excuse us from trying to make things better than what they are.” – Westley Nash


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