‘The Real’ Hosts Join Ellen for a Round of Hot Topics
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‘The Real’ Hosts Join Ellen for a Round of Hot Topics

This morning, I woke up. And I looked in the mirror. And I said to myself,
I said, Ellen, you have been doing
this show for 16 years. You go out there every day. And you do a
monologue all alone. And you do a great job. And– [CHEERING] But I said, Ellen,
it’s Wednesday. And you have to get
over the midweek hump. So why don’t you get some
friends to do your monologue with you today. So– [CHEERING] And then I said,
Ellen, you have drool going all the way
down your chin. And anyway, long story
short, I called some friends. They agreed to be here today. So please welcome the
hosts of The Real, Tamera, Lonie,
Jeannie, Adrienne. [CHEERING] [MUSIC PLAYING] Hi! Hey, girl! Hey, girl! Hello! [INAUDIBLE] This is so cool! [INAUDIBLE] So excited to be here. Listen, why is this the
first time this has happened? We’re next-door neighbors? [INTERPOSING VOICES] I mean, we should– I never see you. I pass your stage. Y’all are inside all the time. Well, I decided just
to move the table. So I’m like– We’re moving on in. Someone pushed
this the whole way? Yeah to that. This is so cool. We so expensive. Oh. I like our colors. We’re all matching. Well, I miss– because
I’m by myself out here. And I don’t get to do
the girl chat, you know? So I wanted to chat
with the girls. Because I’m a girl. And I like to chat. OK, let’s get to it. These are the rules? What? You got to keep it 100. You got to keep it real. Yeah. You ready to do that, Ellen? That is all that I am, is 100. Keep it 100. You’re ready! –into it. All right. Let’s talk about Marie Kondo. Who else is obsessed, like I am? [CHEERING] Yes, so good. They just premiered her show. It is called Tidying Up. It premiered at the
top of the year. And people are obsessed
because of her philosophy, which is about sparking joy. So it’s about
de-cluttering your home. And you’re going
to look at items. And you’re going to say to the
item, item do you bring me joy? And if it brings you
joy, you keep it. If it doesn’t, then you have
a whole other conversation with it, girl, which
goes like this. You’ve served me well. I appreciate what you’ve done. And then you toss it. Really? Yes. OK. So I have- but I have questions. Yeah, go for it. What would I do with my floss? I mean, I know I need it. But it does not bring me joy. Do you know what I mean? When you’re flossing– Yeah, but, if you
really think about it, if you had funky breath, you’re
not going to be happy about it. So good breath brings you joy. –it brings you joy. Because if you go all the way
to having gum disease, you’re– That’s not joyful. Exactly. So flossing brings you joy. You know what brings me joy? What? All my brown liquor bottles. I will not throw them out. Do you save them even
after you drink them? Yes. Do you save the bottles. Yes. Yes, I do. I still have brown liquor when
I was the guest DJ over here. Oh, yeah! Ow, that’s sweet. Wait, wait, wait, you
really save all the bottles of alcohol? I’m collecting them, yes. For what reason? Because I want to try to
get them refilled again. Do you have anything
that you just– is just a joy? Everything that I have is a joy. I don’t keep things
unless they are a joy. I don’t like clutter. I constantly– and I move
so often, it’s easy for me to clean things out. But my mother brings
everything with her. And she’s moved seven times
and brought two harmonicas with her. And she doesn’t play. I mean– She’s hoping Stevie Wonder
will show up one day. Literally, she
just keeps moving– I’m like, why do
you have harmonicas? Just throw them out. Anyway, but she just keeps
things and keeps moving. I just– I let go of things. I don’t like to– I don’t like clutter. That’s so good. [INTERPOSING VOICES] You know what else
brings me joy? What’s that? The Oscars. And the Oscar nominations
were announced yesterday. You know what, Ellen? It was very, very good,
very, very inclusive. For the first time ever, a
Marvel movie, Black Panther, was nominated. 10 nominations! Also, Spike Lee,
first time Spike Lee has been, as director. And you know why? Because you had him on your
show for the first time back in September of 2018. And it’s mighty funny. Because he’s made
all these movies. And then once he came on your
show, he got a nomination. Well. –Ellen can do. That’s dope. Yeah, well, it’s a great movie. BlacKkKlansman. I mean, it was a great movie. Yes, BlacKkKlansman
has been nominated. And the only upset I
had was Bradley Cooper. I know. Yeah. How did he get– he did a great job
directing that movie. I don’t understand that. He did get it for actor. Lady Gaga did get it for song. And Star is Born
got it for film. And the only other
thing that I have to say is Sam Elliott got
best supporting actor. I love Sam Elliott. He has been doing
this for so long. And I just believe that, if
you hang in there long enough, you can get your joy. And that’s why I’m so
happy for Sam Elliott. Absolutely. Yes. Well, I can’t wait
to see the Oscars. Well, moving on to more
of a serious topic. Everybody knows about the
government shutdown, right? And today– What? There there’s a
government shutdown? Yes. I know. Today marks 33 days. It’s ridiculous. That’s a long very long time. It’s ridiculous. What are your thoughts
on this, ladies? What do you think? I’m honestly– I just feel so– these people are
getting up everyday. And they’re going to work. And they’re working hard. And then to receive
no payment for it– and I’m grateful that
our show actually has been doing something. We’re reaching out and just
bringing more awareness to it. Because I think, granted, if you
don’t work for the government, you’re showing up every day,
you’re going about your life, you don’t realize that there
are so many people suffering. Over 100,000 people
are not getting paid. So I love the fact that
we are reaching out. We’re asking them to
share their stories. They come on our show. And they speak live. And then we’ve been
giving them $5,000. And it’s not much. Yeah, we don’t have Ellen money. But we’re going to give them– Well, we give them $5,000. It means a lot to them. It means a lot to them. And just for them to be
able to share this story, and feel like
they’re being heard, and that somebody is
shedding light on something that’s really serious right now. Yeah. I mean, one thing that
is an obvious statement, and I’ve heard it
from so many people, but I think that this
should absolutely happen. If you are in the
government, and you are making these decisions
to shut down the government, and they aren’t getting
paid, you shouldn’t get paid. Whoever’s making that decision,
you shouldn’t get paid. Yeah. And you can’t sit there
and make a decision. And no one’s getting paid. So it doesn’t affect you at all. So to me, that’s ridiculous. And we had some women on that,
out of this, out of necessity, to make money, they
started making cheesecakes and selling cheesecakes. And what’s it called? Nikki and Jackie. And they have a
cheesecake company. Furloughed Cheesecake. They call it the
Furloughed Cheesecake. And it’s amazing. I gave him $20,000. And I said, I still haven’t
gotten my cheesecake, ladies. Yeah, we’re right next door. But I think I
think, sometimes, it pushes you to do things and
go outside your comfort zone and say, what can
I do to make money? What would you do? Because a lot of people
just know this business and haven’t done anything else. What would I do to make money? Some people, quickly,
were saying, Door Dash. Like they actually were
getting in their cars. And it was something
that they actually were doing as a family
with their children. So I thought that
was a great idea. What would I do? I’d show up at your house,
and ask you if you got a kid, and if you want to
hear a Cheetah Girls song from back in the day. I’ll put my Cheetah
Girl outfit back on. I might remember
the choreography. I’ll get you with a– you know. Cheetah Girls! Cheetah Sisters! A lot of people coming
up with side hustles. But, look, I’m a
daytime talk show host. I’m a comic on the rode. And I’m also a radio show host. I’ve got enough hustles. Always have more
than one job, OK? Always. Yeah, OK, well, another
thing that I’m hearing a lot, especially out on the
runways– boys, listen up, men, out there– the newest hairstyle trend
that is hitting all the runways is a troll-inspired look. What? OK, take a look at it. I know it sounds crazy. But this is– Oh, my lord. But this is everywhere. Now, the reason why,
is they basically– they’re saying that it’s
become a little basic when men are just getting their tops
and their sides trimmed off. So what do you ladies think, if
your man rolled in with this? Ellen, what do you
think about this? My man might need a weave
to accomplish this look. Men don’t have the
hair to do this. Why they got the
brother, though? Just this one time, we don’t
need to be a part of this. Hey, this is diverse, though. Do they have to wear the
makeup, too, as well. Well, the makeup is more for
the actual runway itself. But the hair– I mean,
you’ve seen men do man buns. You’ve seen them start to
wear out their hair in curls. Aiden has natural curls. What’s wrong with the man
getting a little volume? What do you think, Ellen? Well, you know what? I support it. Because I didn’t
understand it, at first. But then tWitch– I saw
Twitch the other day. It looked good on tWitch. I thought it looked really good. You did this? Yeah, he did it, yeah. Why you got to negate this? What’s going on, tWitch? That is hysterical! Fuchsia looks good on you. You might want to wear this
dress, too, while you’re at it. I’m so into this. Wow. That was, yeah, that was a time. All right, listen up? We have to do this more often. We have to stop
chatting because I have to chat with other people. But thanks for rolling
this over here. You so important. The ladies of The
Real, everybody. Ellen! Check your local
listings to find out when The Real airs near you. We’ll be back.


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