The Potential of Hytale Server Technology
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The Potential of Hytale Server Technology

Multiplayer has always been a key part of
gaming. Whether its playing in the same room as your
friends or online with someone across the country, gaming with other players can be
one of the most rewarding experiences. I believe this will be especially true for
the upcoming game produced by Hypixel, Hytale. If you don’t know about Hytale I’ll leave
a link in the description of my other video explaining everything we know about the game
so far. Hytale will feature a server browser that
lets players browse and connect to servers. These servers can be filtered into the types
of game likes adventure mode, minigames, or other options,
but I’m not here to sit and read you the blogpost, you can do that on your own. In this video I’m here to talk about the
potential of this server browser, and, in my opinion, that potential is limitless. Now to explain what I mean by limitless I
first must talk about another game, Garry’s Mod. Garry’s mod or GMod is a sandbox physics
game developed by Facepunch Studios and published by Valve. Now this game was originally a mod for Half-Life
2 and is very unique in its own way. The base game-mode in this game is just sandbox,
where you have no goals, quest, objective, nothing. You can spawn in NPCs, props, ragdolls, whatever
you like, and though this was fun and special in its own way, to me and many others its
not what made the game shine. In the version 9 update of Garry’s Mod lua
scripting was added to the game, which allowed for more user modification and allowed for
the creation of scripted vehicles, weapons, tools, gamemodes and more. This spawned some of the most popular gamemodes
in gmod like Trouble in Terrorist Town, Deathrun, DarkRP, and Prop Hunt, just to name a few. In Garry’s mod you have a server browser
that lets players browse and connect to servers. This server list can be filtered into the
gamemode type you want to play like the ones I mentioned earlier. In garry’s mod when you try to connect to
a gameserver the server will automatically attempt to send any custom content to the
player trying to connect, so you don’t have to go outside of the game to download the
mods, unlike games like Minecraft where you have to get modpacks. The thing is, Hytale will feature this exact
same technology… when you connect to a Hytale server the client will automatically download
all the content needed in order to play- models, animations, sounds, and everything else. In Garry’s Mod you had gamemodes for every
type of player. For the first person shooter player there
is Trouble in Terrorist Town, where you fight for survival as either a traitor or innocent
in a battle of wits where the innocents try to deduce who the traitors and killing them
while the traitors try to eliminate every innocent without being caught. For players looking for a challenge there
is Deathrun, where you play as a either a runner or death. Runners must navigate through an obstacle
course avoiding traps and traversing difficult paths throughout until they reach safety. Deaths must activate traps to kill the players
and must stop every player before they reach the end of the course. For the roleplayer there is DarkRP, where
you select a role and well… roleplay. Garry’s Mod allowed its community to flourish
and develop games of their own using the game as a platform. As a result of this Garry’s Mod achieved
10 millions copies as of January 2016, and is now the 8th most sold game on PC. This is not the only game to do this system
though, both Starcraft 2 with its arcade system and the Warcraft 3 mods featured very unique
gamemodes. In Starcraft 2 you could play the gameboard
game RISK but with units unique to the game, tower defense where you fight waves of enemies,
and many others. In Warcraft 3 a mod was called named “Defense
of the Ancients”, also known as DotA. DotA helped shape the moba genre of games
and resulted in the sequel DotA 2, which still gets around a million players daily and is
wildly successful. If you allow your community to take your game
and create something new and unique the results will surprise you, and I think Hytale has
the potential as a game that will serve as a platform for minigames we haven’t seen
before. With the games mentioned previously modifications
were allowed, but were not an integral part of the game. However this is not the case when it comes
to Hytale. In Hytale the entire game is designed from
the ground up for modding. Every aspect of the game will be customizable,
game mechanics, environments, and even the user interface. In the games mentioned previously the minigames
and mods were always limited to game engines that were older and not particularly designed
for modifications. In Hytale the game engine was developed by
their team particularly for Hytale. This means that the game engine will be well
designed for the servers and customization that other engines were not. Hytale’s server technology will allow for
customization beyond what we’ve seen before. The client is written in c# and the servers
run on java, two very common programming languages. Even if adventure mode does not excite you
in Hytale, I believe what players will create servers that appeal to every kind of player. Hytale has already shown how easy it is to
create items and models through their demonstration of the Hytale Model and Animation makers. This feature allows multiple users to work
on models and animations at the same time. They have also revealed that in-game scripting
will be an option, so you won’t even have to go outside the game to code. Its also been stated that every current model
and asset in Hytale will be available to be edited and modified to create something new. Hypixel, the developers behind the game, are
known for their Minecraft server that contains a multitude of gamemodes. With their experience of creating new content
and gamemodes out of a base game it is no surprise that Hytale will contain many creative
features. Hytale was revealed with 3 main features in
mind: adventure mode, minigames, and the creative features. I don’t believe any of the previously mentioned
games have put such an emphasis on creation and they were still amazing. I put almost 2000 hours into Garry’s Mod
and countless hours into Starcraft 2’s arcade mode, and I expect to put even more time into
Hytale. Hytale’s server technology makes room for
things we haven’t seen before on a platform and game that is new, with a very interested
and passionate community. With the framework that has been established
I truly believe that Hytale will exceed the games and gamemodes that I previously mentioned
in the video. With all the tools that have been provided
I believe that the potential these servers hold is truly limitless. I know there are a lot of ideas for what could
be created using this engine, so let me know what you guys would like to see down in the
comment section. If you plan on making custom games or running
a Hytale server I’d love to hear about it. If you liked the video, please leave a like
and you can subscribe if you want to see more Hytale content in the future. If you want to know more about Hytale I have
a video covering all the creatures, lore, game modes and more in my other video. I hope you guys enjoyed and I’ll see you
all next time.


  • Remor Gamer

    Well, I have a great array of ideas, one of which I am definitely going to make as a mod, while the rest might just remain concepts.
    The idea I want to pull off is making an actually fitting How to train your dragon game, as that is something, the official games only came close to once.

    I imagine an open world game based around various types of islands, inhabited mostly by Vikings and Dragons, but also featuring some forms of wildlife. The player would start out on Berk, go through an extensive, yet organic tutorial (like in Breath of the wild, where you can only explore the starting platform until you have completed certain tasks) and finally tame and take off with a dragon.
    From this point forward, the world would be open for exploration with Viking villages and Dragon dens with different opinions of unknown dragons and humans to find, vast oceans and varied forests to explore and so on.
    I can see some tough challenges approaching for me though, as I want to make the dragon's AI ridiculously complex, allowing them to interact and establish a realistic bond with the player, while also having the potential of becoming a great companion in battle, able to act on trained commands and even ignoring them under certain circumstances.

    As such, it will take a while, but I will make it there eventually, making it my first big achievement of my dream job as a game developer.

  • KaCowl

    This was a really great video. Keep up the good work. The modding aspect will really allow the game grow and thrive. I just we have unique game modes, not just copies of Minecraft games or any other games. Hytale looks to be a interesting game and I am excited to see what the future holds for it.

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