The Physics of Time, eBook Trailer
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The Physics of Time, eBook Trailer

If classical physics alone distorts our
preconceptions of Time, then you shouldn’t doubt there is certainly much
more to time than our linear one-directional experience. To us humans
to be alive is to perceive the flow of time. Our perception of time is linear –
we remember the past, we live in the present and we look forward to the
future. Our spatio-temporal reality and
consciousness are two sides of the same coin made of information. As an acronym
TIME should stand for: The Infinite Moment Experience. What we call Time is
actually a fraction of a dimension, that is a fractal dimension. In short, our
experience of time can be described as a fractal dimension, not even a half
dimension. We are subjected to our species-specific algorithmic sense of
how time flows. Evidence mounts that we live in a holographic universe, where
everything is holographic, including time, so time travel might be essentially
information “holoportation.” As quantum mechanics implies – the present
moment you’re experiencing now is best thought of as “funneled” from all
your probable pasts, as well as funneled from all the probable futures. Since time
can’t be absolute but is always subjective, D-Theory of Time, or
‘Digital Presentism’, revolves around observer-centric temporality.
All realities are “observer-centric virtualities,” where an entire observer-
universe system remains in the state of quantum coherence until experienced as a
conscious instant, or the ‘Temporal Singularity’ in the framework of D-Theory of Time. A series of such conscious instants constitutes a
data stream of consciousness. In a sense, your consciousness is, in actuality,
mind-based computing of your experiential branch in the quantum multiverse. Your
sense of time flow is a sequential change between static perceptual frames.
It’s an emergent phenomenon, a “Moving Image of Eternity,” as Plato famously
said more than two millennia ago. -Excerpt from The Physics of Time: D-Theory of Time & Temporal Mechanics by Alex Vikoulov available now as e-book
on Amazon. Ecstadelic Media

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