The Next Step in Intelligent Computing
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The Next Step in Intelligent Computing

Computers learn differently than humans. As a result machine and deep learning bring new approaches an insight to how we solve everyday problems. In machine learning, a system looks at large datasets. Then creates models to explain what it sees. It can learn and evolve as it’s exposed to new and ever-changing data. Deep learning is a flavor of machine learning; inspired by the human brain. Deep learning uses many layers of communicating networks that tune themselves based on data. As a result deep learning can be applied to do things similar to human brains often much larger scale and more quickly. An example is identifying objects from limited clues, like seeing a snout and recognizing a dog. The key to machine and deep learning its computational performance. Cray delivers the high-performance computing horsepower needed to run these analytics workloads that are dependent upon massive datasets. With HPC and deep learning we can solve new problems and achieve new insights. It’s the next evolutionary step in intelligent computing.

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  • Rene T St Jacques

    Compliments to Cray and Hewlett Packard Enterprise company .. !! Compliments à Cray et à la société Hewlett Packard Enterprise .. !!

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