“The McDavid Move” 😷🏒
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“The McDavid Move” 😷🏒

– What’s going on hockey players? In this video I’m joined
by Steve from BK Hockey and we’re gonna break down
the Connor McDavid move. You guys have all seen
it against Morgan Rielly. I’ll run a clip of that here. But we’ve got some inside edge drills that we’re gonna work
on as a bit of a warm up and then we’ve got a drill
that kind of replicates the move that you can work
on whenever you have the ice. So, let’s get into it. – Hi! My name is Steve Baek. My Korean name is (speaking Korean). I teach hockey – hockey players
from all over the world. Today, we are going to work
on Connor McDavid move. Let’s go! Okay. So first, let’s work
on inside edge control. Stay one foot on the ice. Keep your head up. Try to keep chest a little up. Let’s go. Let’s bring your stick in one hands. Now we’re gonna add one more. Inside edge controls plus a
little bit of balance work. Same concept. Ready? So first
right start this movement. So start it from the here. Right and back. One knee touch Inside left. Back – right One – back Inside – one – back. All right? – So we’re gonna use –
inside – outside to one foot. All right? Okay? So. So, when you pick up the pucks – yep. Keep your head up – you see the ice? and through the blue line cutting down through the middle Looks like a pass inside –
and back to the cross over Nice top corner I think keep the point is here, I can just get a little
faster when I pick up the puck and when I go through
the blue line slow down control like Connor did here. You see? Nice and slow
down and just a little kick eh. – So with McDavid’s move
here you’re gonna see he’s actually going to add in a little jab step with his left foot
here, so he’s gone inside edge to his left foot, back
to his right inside edge before doing a really quick
cross over and blowing by Riley. So absolutely
next level stuff here by McDavid. Not many hockey
players can do this. But once you get down Steve’s version, I want you to try to
add that little stutter step or the little jab
step that McDavid does with his shoulder shake. All right thanks for
watching that video make sure you smash that thumbs up
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