The Man Who Invented The World Wide Web Has Mixed Feelings About What The Internet Has Become | TIME
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The Man Who Invented The World Wide Web Has Mixed Feelings About What The Internet Has Become | TIME

Thirty years ago, I Submitted a vague but exciting proposal for a free open permissionless space for all of humanity to share knowledge and ideas Today half the world’s population is still unconnected and Those of us who are online feel that our rights and freedoms are Not fully protected and respected the fight for the web we want is one of the most important causes of our time the web foundation is collaboratively building a Contract for the web Bringing government’s companies and citizens together to commit to building a better web


  • Alan Castaneda

    Isn't Elon Musk planning on launching small satellites to transmit internet free across the globe? 

    Also, couldn't electricity be transmitted in such a way? Isn't there a Nikola Tesla invention on transmitting electricity without electrical lines, only needing transceivers? 

    Anywho, I wonder if he's spoken to Mr. Musk.

  • IR_Dankenstein

    I totally agree with @Angelo 100%… I think we should no longer allow our creations to overwhelm our regulations over them. We, the users of this man creation need to start calling one another out on our disruptive behaviors and malicious intentions while behind a screen. I believe that a civilian force should be created and recognized as the Stewards/Custodians of the world wide web. They would search and scour the net for false facts, shady advertising tactics, online predators and other reasonably not nice things that people tend to do on this media. The first person to say something negative about my comment on this issue, I immediately hope they become obligated to lead of this civilian force.

  • A.F. Wood Floors

    The man invented the internet. We gave him 52 seconds to speak. As of Tuesday March 12, 2019, 11:23 Eastern Daylight Time, this has less than 1,700 views.

  • 4,999,999 Subscribers

    Is it me or this actually sound bad? A contract with the government may not be a great idea. I feel like something is up the governments sleeve.

  • Marky Mark

    The world wide wide is full of immoral filth, porn, cyber war fare, privacy invasions, scams, catfish, sucks

  • Ross City of Liverpool.

    I'm not surprised he is upset. You gave the whole world something great and good and it's being turned into such a bad thing for many.

  • johnnyreality

    This guy could have been richer than Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and Mark Zuckerberg combined.
    Instead he gave it away for all of humanity.
    This is the type of person we need more of, not Jobs or Musks.
    Listen to him.

  • C Kaye

    World Web isn't a problem, it is humanity…maybe some of you are true and good, but the lot of you are evil and manipulative and abuse the technology you are handed, like a baby with candy, you are still way to primitive to grasp it's ability and what good we can do, instead we tear one another apart.

  • Anonymous User

    You didn't invent shit pal. Just because you "submitted a vague proposal" doesn't make you the inventor LOL. I hereby submit a proposal for a time machine. Hey look, I just invented time travel! Go suck a wiener you dangus.

  • Raydensheraj

    I think it's more of a problem that this invention ( Internet ) is being misused to spread radical Religious believes, Scientific illiteracy, Political radicalism etc
    I used to believe the Internet would make great changes but looking around I'm not sure anymore that the Internet has made humanity better in any way.

  • vkobe vkob

    he should feel good and proud, his invention is same level than electricity invention or writting or the discovery of fire or wheel

  • Collen Fuller

    I have been harassed by my friends before, they think it’s all a joke but it’s not, I’ve been harassed so many times I do not want that to happened again, we all don’t want that to happened again.

  • Satwati Das
    Actually i share with you my idea about the man who invented WWW.
    If you like this video please share and subscribe

  • White Van Man

    I think the internet is great for research, shopping etc but the moment you open it up to social media that's when it's bad. Bullying, trolling, nasty comments etc are not nice things and creates a not very nice feeling in the world. Remove all options of people leaving comments and it will become a better place.

  • Mark Hutsell

    All kidding aside, Gore pushed to make the Internet available to the general public and not only for academia and the military; Lee invented the web server (http) which is one type of server used by the Internet along with other servers invented by others; such as the: mail server (smtp), file server (ftp), news server (nntp), chat server (irc), telnet server (telnet), domain server (also http), etc., There are more; maybe another one awaiting invention. Yes, it means fame and fortune still lurks for another aspiring nerd.

  • English Grammar

    Tim Berners Lee didn't single handily invent the World Wide Web, and thank God for that! It was a big government and multinational European project, with many other people involved. On the 30th April 1993, the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) put the World Wide Web software in the public domain. Later, CERN made a release available with an open licence, a more sure way to maximise its dissemination and the World Wide Web was born! So, it's really more appropriate to thank Big Government, than thank Tim Berners Lee, because I seriously doubt Tim would've given up the license so freely.

  • Carrot Candy

    This is sort of like Frankenstein. They both ended up having their creations. If I was him, I'd be equally upset at the fact that what was once just a haven for information turned into the monstrosity known as social media.

  • Trenton Da Man!

    Rule 34, internet addiction, mentally disturbed teenagers…

    This guy is probably the other "half that's unconnected" fr tho

  • Actingskint

    Governments and companies will never stick to any pledge .Governments want their people kept in check , and companies /corporations want to keep making money . And as everybody knows , Governments are run by corporations anyway . So nobody will ever be completely free , we will just be allowed an illusion of freedom , to keep up all toeing the line .

  • domitron

    There is a little problem there – money. You see all those "free" services online? Yeah, those aren't free. You pay for them with your freedom and anonymity. Sorry about that. That's the way it went. If you really want to be more anonymous (not to be mistaken for truly anonymous) download TOR, burning your credit cards, move out of the USA, get behind a VPN, blah, blah. You might be anonymous for a whole year! WHOOO!!!!

  • Josh Gregory

    I read the article… Sounds like there is going to be much more censorship and narrative pushed. I don't think everything is starting to go in a dark direction

  • Tom Nelson

    The problem is that nothing is free…. Someone has to pay for it. Also the biggest restrictions to internet is government, yet people seem to think that same government should regulate it…. Go figure…

  • Mike Strong

    Just to inform anyone that does not know this: Sir Tim Berners-Lee might have invented the "www" format and concept, but the "web" existed long before, though in not the same format with hypertext graphic pages. France had "MiniTel in the early 80s, where you could bank and trade stocks. It was on-on-line, modem-connected yellow pages, or sorts. DARPA and Xerox-PARC and the University of Illinois helped to develop ways to play games across the globe long before www showed-up. The "web" was invented so that no particular filament or strand of the web could take down the flow of information between devices. So we may have www, but the work for creating content started decades before Sir Tim Berners-Lee .

  • Just go Skate

    Yolo wasssaap internet boiiiii thxs fr ths awsme www gang gang Gucci club lit fam oh wait I forgot to type in English

  • Kristie Allen

    TIME magazine is using clickbait now? A one minute infomercial on a crucial subject where the content barely even touches on the title. MISUSE of the WWW regarding content related to misuse of the WWW. Classy, TIME magazine.

  • Roger Stephen Roth

    Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and many other major billionaires owe a big thanks to this guy. In reality he is the man who deserved to be a trillionaire for his invention and creation. He really invented something which revolutionized things for our world in the late 20th century and 21st century.

  • Wealth Seeker

    H.G. Wells: In Men Like Gods (1923), Wells invites readers to a futuristic utopia that's essentially Earth after thousands of years of progress. In this alternate reality, people communicate exclusively with wireless systems that employ a kind of co-mingling of voicemail and email-like properties.“For in Utopia, except by previous arrangement, people do not talk together on the telephone,” he writes. “A message is sent to the station of the district in which the recipient is known to be, and there it waits until he chooses to tap his accumulated messages. And any that one wishes to repeat can be repeated. Then he talks back to the senders and dispatches any other messages he wishes. The transmission is wireless.”Wells also imagined forms of future entertainment. In When the Sleeper Wakes (1899), the protagonist rouses from two centuries of slumber to a dystopian London in which citizens use wondrous forms of technology like the audio book, airplane and television—yet suffer systematic oppression and social injustice.

  • Arthur Bradley

    Along time ago, I thought about, if some person had something for sale, and someone, someplace, needed that item, why could`t they connect.

  • Thomas Kar

    Imagine if we reach 100% of population being on Internet. It will devastate our earth with microtransaction search and purchase. Pls be green using pano solar like (Gle) for one type on internet search by clicking on this company. No negative red wave under the tower and phone who cause cancer & explode. ♻️

  • James S.

    I like the internet but humans aren't mature enough to to handle it. Probably 80% of it is the dissemination of hatred, slander, lies, porn (👍🏻), scams, robbery. Maybe 10% is used legitimate education and research, the other 10% is legitimate business.

    I'm not positive of those numbers, but I don't think I'm far off.

    So the question is, are we better off with it? Maybe. It's allegorical to fire. If controlled with wisdom and maturity it's a very useful and constructive force. Misused, it can be extremely destructive.

  • Jeremy Snead

    I did not know Leonard Kleinrock changed his name to Tim Berner-Lee. I did not know 1969 was not 50 but only 30 years ago. I did not know invented means "to take existing thing and rename it". CERN another grate organization brought to you by the EU.

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