The LEGO Movie Characters present: Safety Video – Turkish Airlines
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The LEGO Movie Characters present: Safety Video – Turkish Airlines

Hey there, fellow travellers. I’m Emmet. And I’m Wyldstyle. After our last adventure, I guess you could say we’ve kind of become movie stars. But, we’re between movies right now. And what do movie stars do between movies? Star in a flashy airline safety video. Can we get the step-by-step Flashy Video Instructions, please? Here you go! Step one: Make sure you’re inside the airplane. Ooooooh! Here we go! Carefully stow your luggage in the overhead bins. Emmet! Oh! I thought you were a suitcase. You can also store it under the seat in front of you. What’s next? Please say “seatbelts,” please say “seatbelts!” seatbelts! I knew it! When the seatbelt sign is on, please fasten your seatbelt, keep it fastened and visible while seated. Yes! You can release it as shown here when needed. The cabin crew also provides loop belts for infants. Whoa! Step Two: Don’t be afraid to use shameless celebrity cameos in your safety video. Did someone say “cameo?” It is illegal to smoke on this flight, including electronic cigarettes. It is also strictly prohibited to smoke in lavatories which are equipped with smoke detectors. So don’t even think about it, hombre. Batman! Do you want to sit next to me? No. I fly biz class. Set phones and all electronic devices to flight mode. All devices with no flight mode must be switched off. Do-do-do-do-do sweet! For take-off and landing, please unplug all devices. Small devices may be held. Large devices must be stowed. If your device is lost or falls into the seat structure, call a cabin crew member. Step three: A sweet moment between a parent and child. Dad! In case of a loss of cabin pressure, oxygen masks will drop down automatically. Pull the nearest mask towards you to start the oxygen flow. Make sure your mask is well adjusted before helping your child. Stop being weird! Step four: It’s not a flashy airline safety video without a song and dance… That will get stuck in everyone’s head for the rest of the flight! I got this! Attention to all passengers on this flight We’re going to have good time on the air tonight It’s a party in the sky Let’s pack our dreams and fly… Stop! It’s going get stuck in my head. No one wants to hear a song about safety! Moving on. Emergency exits are located on each side of the cabin at the front, centre, and rear! The exit signs help you locate them! Locate the nearest signs, which may be behind you. Hey, there it is! Ow. In the event of an emergency evacuation, leave the aircraft following the exit signs and illuminated path along the aisles. As you exit, please leave all your luggage, high heels and sharp objects behind, so as not to impede the rapid evacuation Exit doors are fitted with slides, which will be operated by the cabin crew in case of an emergency. Your life vest is located here or here. Place it over your head and pull the straps tight. Inflate as you leave the plane by pulling the red toggles or blowing into the tubes. The light will come on when in contact with water. The cabin crew provides life vests for infants. Please only remove and put the life vest on if instructed to, and inflate immediately. For take-off and landing, close your tray table, open your window blind, and make sure your seat back is fully upright. Stow your foot rest, video screen, and handset. Step five: Overly earnest closing remarks. Thank you for your attention. For more details, please read the safety card in your seat pocket. Make sure to follow the signs, placards, pictograms and cabin crew directives. Let’s see, sensible, safe, airline approved humor, celebrity cameos… Oh yeah! Enjoy your flight! Was that too earnest? That was awesome you guys! Let’s widen this world! Oh no, not the song! No! Yes! No! It’s a party in the sky Let’s pack our dreams and fly… It’s a party in the sky Let’s pack our dreams and fly. Oh, I knew this was going to get stuck in my head! It’s a party in the sky with Turkish Airlines.


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