The Keys for Eminent Domain Reform
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The Keys for Eminent Domain Reform

– [Lynne] You know, we’re
just a postage stamp on the big Texas map, but
it’s our postage stamp. – They do have the
right to take your land, but they don’t have the right
to take advantage of you. We were never given a contract. The land man told us
he didn’t do contracts. What we were told was one thing and what actually happened
was another thing. We were told that this was
gonna keep our pasture pristine. Over the months that they were here, with the trucks that ran
up and down our pasture, it was decimated. The initial offers were terribly low. The more we have studied this, we find out that’s what happens everywhere and the thing is, some people
go for that and that’s a shame because they’re taking advantage of people that don’t know what their rights are. Obviously they’re not gonna come up to what’s really reasonable, so they come back with what
they call a final offer. It makes it look like there
suin’ ya for $100,000. That’s not the case, but that’s
the way the verbiage looks, so it scares ya. – I’ll never understand why they can come and do this destruction on your property without even an easement
and no compensation and no understanding that
you’ll get any of that. – The way it’s set up is
not fair to the landowner. The landowner doesn’t have an equal shot or chance to stand up and
say, no that’s not fair and to negotiate something that is fair. – [Lynne] For me, it’s
lack of communication. – And disrespect. Lack of telling the truth. – Being misled. Misrepresented. With no moral compass. We don’t wanna be victims. We wanna be partners. – Because we are for Texas energy and – Yes, we want them to
– We’re West Texans, we understand that, but
this is beyond comprehension that they would allow
these things to happen to the landowners, so that’s what’s hard. I know Texas is better than that ’cause it’s been in our family 95 years and I’m tryin’ to be a good steward and I feel like I’ve failed.


  • Agusta Sister

    Right…people voted demonrats in…and they now can take anything want for any reasons…a shopping center…a new home for a millionaire…the corporatist GLOBALIST.pals


    AMERICA = $$$$$$$

    * * * if you Ain't got $$$$$$ LOTS of $$$$$$$…….

  • 10- 42

    Sounds like my Farm Bureau agent. Lack of transparency. Disrespect. My heart goes out to these people but for Farm Bureau to post this is a joke.

  • Louis Wright

    The landowners should blow up all the equipment and shoot all the workers. At least they would make the trespassers pay for the privilege. This is not the fault of Democrats or Republicans, but all of our Senators and Congressmen and women. They will do whatever it takes to satisfy the oil companies so they can get the votes and the kickbacks. Greed.

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