“The Imitator” collab 2 – How was it hosted
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“The Imitator” collab 2 – How was it hosted

Hi, it’s Shuriken255 and you already know what this video all about, so let’s start! How it all started? Well… It all started on 7th of November, 2018 I uploaded second Imitator’s collab announcement… on YouTube. I was all motivated and ready to face months of hard work, but got a call from my father. He phoned me to wish me a Happy Birthday, but also read me a 2 hours lecture that what i am doing (which is stick figure fight animations) is bad and i should quit it and animate something peaceful instead. It was not the first time of him doing that and i am trying to don’t pay attention on that, but doing this on announcement day had a really hard impact on me. I was not only demotivated but also fell into depresion for few weeks. That’s how “The Imitator” collab 2 has started. After curing the depression, i started hosting the collab. I created a building plan, story sketch of how and when imitator moves between the rooms. Made transition frames between parts and then started inviting participants into collab. I let participants know that after making first part they will need to do 3 short segments of animation for second part and walk loops from two angles on which all of them agreed. This time i decided to try something new. If in previous collabs i was making soundline before giving participant a part, this time i gave him a soundline with “beeps”. The volume of beep determined the power of action. If beep was big, it should be a hard hit
or another kind of hard action. If it is small, it should be a whoosh
or might be even skipped. If it’s medium it might be either a whoosh or light hit. The idea was to give participants more freedom of choosing what exactly they are going to do, rather than limit them with certain sound effect. Olso don’t make my effort of making soundline wasted if participant quit too and also make even more quality soundline afterwards. The idea looked very good on paper but in reality it was one of the
main things that killed the collab. Only few people got it right, Others started doing hit on each mark, making their parts looking way too fast-pased or started skipping too many important marks. I tried to save the situation and save the most amount of participants’ work. I started deep part control and participants didn’t really enjoy it. They had to do a lot of edits and eventually both: participation and hosting turned into hell. Egor, who was also participating, left,
which also hit me hard. After most participants finished their first parts i started hosting second part. Some people started doing storyboards and getting my approval / disaproval on them. Once they’ve got approval they could start making actual animation from that storyboard. This way i wanted to get rid of throwing away hours of work of my participants in case if their idea does not
match marks in second part. Eventually, it all started going really bad. After successfully killing all the fun in the collab I started losing contact with most of my participants. They just won’t reply to my private messages in discord. So on ninth of May i made an
announcement for participants on which i plead guilty in making this collab hell and told participants that i need to know if they are going to participate till the end so i will know if i need to make their parts for them. Those who won’t reply until 15th
i will count as people who left. And this was the critical point of the collab. On 15th of May i’ve got reply only from one participant: Hatena360 who offered help in animating parts. After 15th has passed i also got message from CoreAdro who also offered help with parts. I made a tweet saying: “The Imitator” collab 2 became unbearable tumor. Complexity and deep part control
made participation really tough. Now almost all participants scored on it
and don’t even reply to my pms. It seems i am either going to abandon
collab or finish all by myself. I haven’t decided yet. That was the time when “The Imitator” collab 2 was almost abandoned. Props to Hatena and CoreAdro
for not letting this to happen. In June, my father invited me to live
with him, which is another country. I didn’t mind because there i will be able to change my lifestyle, which is preety unhealthy and learn new things, but i was planning on finishing the collab first. He said that i can work on collab from there too and… what naive of me it was to belive that. I brought my laptop, but couldn’t work on collab at all. I was always get distracted and
there were too many things to do so in whole month i was working for 12 hours in total. I remember when i was working on KiXx’s part
and my father came into my room, stood behind me and started watching how i animate, but knowing his attitude to this, i could not work, so i just stopped. After returning back i was planning on finishing
the collab fast, but two week after, i had to depart again. I asked Hatena to host the second part until i return back, so there will be some progress while i can’t do anything. On 16th of September i returned home, met my friends, did some unfinished parts and on 20th of September I started working on the collab full-time with no day-offs until it’s final release. Even two and half hours before release i was redrawing smoke effect. And finally On 7th of November 2019 the collab was released on public. So that was the story of 1 year of
painful collab’s hostment and now let’s get into fun stuff! Probably what most of you want to know
is how i did the 3d background. Well, i made my own 3d renderer in Java and built background using code, so the background is kinda hardcoded. Also, i used Xuggler Java library to create *.flv files,
so i can put them in Flash 8. The main prolem that appeared was placing camera in 3d space the way it will match 2d camera in animation. I solved it by making camera print it’s coordinates each frame into console, copied text into file, made Java read coordinates from file and place camera in 3d space, using these coordiantes. For different angles, i made ability for my renderer
to print frame, camera’s coordinates and rotation to console by pressing the button. And the copy-pasted output into array, which was something like sequence of tween points. Once it was done, it was time for me to place
background at right place. You see, i suck at placing camera, so i use my vcam pointer which camera is coming closer to each frame. This makes camera’s movement much easier to follow. Auto-shakes don’t make my task any easier. I could just put video inside camera, but i needed to
make masks so some part of animation won’t be visible
behind the walls. So to place background to right place, i made a preety interesting thing: I made a program in Java, that takes control of my mouse and keyboard, made it read the file and copy-paste coordinates from file into position text fields in Flash 8 and switch to next frame once it’s done. I left it working for a night and it turned out really well. After that i had to make masks for both:
animation and shadows because shadows make objects look like they are not just put on top of background but as a part of environment and this was pain because of these holes. It took me a lot of time to make outlines for them because angle changes every frame and i had to move each corner individually. After reaching passage between Oxob’s and Tentionmaru’s part i noticed that something is wrong with camera. The video of background was one frame behind and i had to remake it all over. This time i decided to write a feature for renderer that tracks lines positions in 3d space at current camera
position and writes their final X & Y position. After that i copied all this to file and made program that reads info about lines and draws all these lines in Flash 8. This took quite long for my software to draw all these lines, so i had to put it working on night again. All this time i was working wtih 800×450 resolution videos, so it was tough for flash 8 to handle already, but when i switched to full-hd, which is 1920×1080, my Flash couldn’t handle it, so while rendering
i had to split video each 500 frames and ended up with 7 video files. I decided to split fla file on 6 parts as well. First fla file contained 2 videos and next fla files contained only one. The reason why i did that is to be sure i don’t split movie clips and break the animation by start rendering it from the middle, while movie clips start from first frame. The glass that you’ve seen where imitator flies
out of window also added a lot of work because some glass shards had to be on top of Imitator So in order to do that, i rendered glass shards that are behind Imitator together with video and render those shards that are on top of imitator into full-hd png sequence. This sequence also gave me a lot of work because every time i tried to do something with graphic that contained all these pngs, flash crashed. This made me put this moment into seperate fla file and work carefully from there instead, trying to don’t touch the graphic with pngs at all. I am trying to don’t go deep into all these stuff, but it is even more complicated than i explain it here. Let’s talk about music. Long time ago i suggested cdk to collaborate together in song creation and he agreed. Nearly in April 2018 i started writing rough version of it in mobile version of FL Studio. Then i showed this to cdk, sent him midi version of it and he started making a normal
version of it using his plugins. Everything sounded good, but one things was missing: Electric guitar. Cdk asked his friend to help us with guitar, but he had to train to he can play it. Eventually, he scored on it and cdk suggested to use some other instruments or plugin, on which i replied: “Either it is going electric guitar,
or this song won’t be released” So i started searching for someone who
can help us out with recording guitar. I asked Fox if he has anyone who plays guitar, on which he replied: “Yes, my groupmate does”. So i asked him if he can help us out with the guitar. And he really did! So only because of him we were able to finish our track for the collab. His nickname is Benbadberry. Link on him is in description. I can’t really say if i like this collab or not but i am preety proud that i could get it finished even if it was insanely hard. But seeing that you guys enjoy it really much is what really makes me happy. Thank you for watching! Hope you found this story about collab interesting. And see you later!


  • GrandAngelicSwords

    I actually did ask to join the collab (I was denied). But even then, after I was denied, I asked him to tell me what I had to work on to make my animations better, the tips and tricks that shuriken gave me where extremely helpful. So in the end, it couldn't have been that bad, the result was good. The process was hefty, but it didn't make it any less awesome. Stay golden Shuriken ; )

  • PlinaZ

    Dude you should absolutely be proud of this collab. The animation, the organization, the code, everything brings this together near perfectly and looking at what's behind the collab makes it even more amazing.

  • Kursura

    Considering all the animators of old who folded on personal projects 5 seconds in, your determination and dedication to finishing is nothing short of incredible. Hat's off to ya.

  • Jordan Groves

    Talk about a torturous start, Its stuff like this that makes me appreciate the time and effort you were willing to put into making this Collab excellent, Thank you Shuriken this will be one of my all time Favourite Stick Collabs.

  • she Burek

    Батя лютый у тебя, однако. Ну да поухй. Делай то, что тебе больше всего хочется – и никогда не ошибёшься!)

  • Pikachuguy P.E.C.

    I love how you plow through your final project with determination, patience, and sheer strength!! No matter how tough your life was! Go shuriken255!! Excited for the future videos and projects!!

    P.s. will you able to put the song imitation on Spotify? It’s so good!! ^v^

  • she Burek

    Кста в листе экзекуторов последнее имя красное, я не совсем понял что это значит?

  • DedGrafic

    Seeing all this story (even more with this beginning), not only, I increase my admiration for the video, but as for you, and all the dedication you have.

  • Яков Бахтин

    На десятой минуте увидел русский текст в флеше. Хз как описать, что я в этот момент испытал 😀

  • Hamo

    Same. Parents always say "why you always doing stick fights and blood and violence.. just do something interesting. Like aN eGg cRaCkIn,dEn mAke a WOrM coME oUt!" It just breaks me down.

  • Kychanarts

    Honestly, I can understand its draining for someone to lecture you on you’re birthday about the stuff they don’t like. Not only it ruins your motivation to finish but it also drains you mentally.

    But I am glad you are doing well and got that collab done. We’re proud of you Shuriken!

    Also… looking at this video… I can tell you are a monster at coding! So many lines of codes I cannot fathom… Am intimidated and impressed at once. That skill is what going to get you far one day Shuri.

  • MrSoul

    Woah man, you created one of the largest and most popular collab at the entire dojo and it took one year like DAMN and it is so impressive that you coded the background and made it work with the VCam and it was stresful but you Should be proud, you created a MASTERPIECE, your first imitator collab was the collab that inspired me to animate and got me to it at the first place, and my B-Day was at 12th Nov and seriously it was like a gift to me and anyone who was waiting for it to be released and watched it and liked it Well i hope you do good on your life and keep it HOT-spicy Shuri Electricity at your programming road ~MrSoul <3

  • Xander Dawn

    100th liker
    And ye imitator collab is one of my inspiration as a start of my animation career and addiction so thank you shuriken for making one of the best collab in the hyun's dojo community

  • Redd Animations

    Was it worth it? i know it wa worth waiting for but dang that looks hard, i can only make a crappy scratch game but this…


  • Pixalmated

    I always enjoyed bts stuff and was blown away with how much work went into this like pasting code stuff, 3d, and doing other ppl parts. What a way to go out n was definitely worth it.

  • Just another Memer

    Suge a huge, excellent, awesome, and sweetly synced collab that took a year is BEYOND respectable. Hell, I'm sure we could all agree that it was reasonable if it took 2 years or more. Shuriken pulled through sooo much. Congrats and how do you not have more than 1 mil subs

  • Splash Bladez

    Man. I'm really proud of your projects. But if you quit animating, I still count on you. About dads my father wants me to do something impressive. For example he was really proud of my pretty drawing or cool animations. But I really need very deadly runners or imitator 3. Stay legendary shuri. 😉

  • Throw Away

    Two questions, 1) does that mean that the only two others that replied really were the only two who animated their parts for the second part? 2) Did this collab burn all your bridges in the Dojo or did the people just didn’t want to animate the second part and that’s it?

  • Madeleine Musgrave

    I'm glad you didn't give up on the collab while you were on the fence of dropping it entirely. This is definitely one of the best collabs that I have seen in the dojo and you are one of the best animators that I have ever seen, and I am really sad that you are quitting animation for your channel, but if you didn't enjoy it then I won't try to stop you from quitting.

  • Brittney Dinh

    Shuriken I have no Idea you had such a hard time. I understand that you have to quit. We will miss your animations. I hope life will go well in the future.

  • No One

    The struggles…I can almost feel it….I thought you make the soundline, give to the participants,let them do their thing, and edit them…….never thought the hardship was this bad for one collab…..oh you endured it all….that what makes a legend…….goodluck in game devving💕💛

  • Slingmin anim

    Wow that's taking too long to finish o.o
    Well thank u for working hard for everyone ^^
    That collab make me get so interesting
    And my little bro keep call u king XDDD

  • ghostboi 765

    Don't give up dude your animations are cool and so amazing and that's how i started to do animating cause of you please keep us entertained

  • Endercybereye33

    You know what? Shuriken, you did an incredible job putting this collab together. I wish it could've gone easier for you. That being said, congratulations on leaving animation with a bang, and I look forward to seeing what you have to offer in the future!

  • BeaniePet

    Shuriken, you worked so hard on this! It took so long for you to make it (in a positive way) and so have the participants. I really enjoyed watching your collabs and it was very fun to see the fights and such. I also enjoy sync fighting and you choose the greatest music, best of luck to you, Shuriken! ( Also keep taking breaks, it's mentally healthy! 😉 )

  • Killzxc

    H360 is basically the new shuriken at this point since your leaving
    He makes good syncs and should be sufficient. Have fun in your coding and music making

  • Dracko Jiano

    im cry.. in dat case.. u know.. i have a problem too about love.
    dats make me depressed, my comic job is bad, i cant draw, this is killing me inside… but i remember u about dis collab.. i must help what can i do… im sorry if i have a mistake.. and thank you for everything Shuriken :''''''''(

  • Hunter Foyil

    As a fully 3D animator, I'm both extremely impressed, and terrified. I didn't even know it was possible to animate like this. You're amazing for being able to pull off such a difficult project.

  • Creamy's Artimations

    Coding wasn't my niche when it came to animating, but I was forced to take a programming course which I didn't really see anything that could help me in animating, since we only touched the very basics of Javascript and HTML. But, after seeing your video and how vital it was to the making of your collab, I can see that this forced choice of mine was sort of a blessing in disguise. I'm sure I won't be able to make that many lines of code like in your video, but I think some knowledge would definitely help. Thanks for this, Shuri.

  • Chinheng chong

    You playing tonight but I don't want to be in a story torrents download or for you. dojo doors have to twenty five years ago, Cry and right.

  • PunMaster 23

    Dude, a year of hellish collab? That sure looks exhausting AF. Its sad that it almost get cancelled cuz of the challenge but in the end, YOU MANAGED IT, your viewers and even the dojo community might be happy that you made it to the end. Thanks again for the badass collab and we're looking forward to your other project.

  • A_creator's stuff

    damn…… im surprised in the middle of all this you didnt misspelled a name in the credits or something making you have to redo all again. You literaly just experienced every cingle circle of hell there bud, but somehow, you pulled through, good job, and i repeat, GOOD JOB

    what are your plans for the closer future? in concrete, i mean, gonna start game dev soon? or still holding off for now in more concrete projects?

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