The IBM Power System AC922 server will give your enterprise the edge
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The IBM Power System AC922 server will give your enterprise the edge

This is the cutting edge. This is the IBM Power System AC922. This is not your ordinary server. This is faster than a cheetah
strapped to a racecar that’s strapped to a rocket
that’s strapped to an even bigger rocket. The cutting edge has a built-in accelerator that uses GPUs
to crush the heaviest data loads. And with the NVIDIA™ NV link,
PCIe Gen4, and OpenCAPI it could deliver 6 to 9.5 times
the bandwidth to those accelerators. The cutting edge is a supercomputer with Power AC922 that has A.I. processing speeds of 300 PetaFlops
and on the way to exascale. That’s about 300 quadrillion calculations per second. The cutting edge is taking your A.I.
to the world’s largest buffet of data and challenging it to an eating contest. It boosts A.I. deep learning framework performance
3.8 times faster than x86. Which makes enterprise A.I. smarter
and more powerful than the competitions. The cutting edge is for the tech vanguard. They prefer open source platform genius, not cobbled together solutions. They need the cutting edge. They need the new Power System AC922 server built for Linux. The best server for enterprise A.I. Because anything else won’t cut it.

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  • Bjarne Nilsson

    Hold on strapping cheats to a race car will not make the race car go faster (probably the opposite due to poorer aro dynamics), likewise with the race car strapped to the rocket what us IBM talking about, stick to the numbers :). I

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