The Girl Powered Workshop hosted by Google
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The Girl Powered Workshop hosted by Google

Earlier today as the doors were opening here at our Google event, we saw these girls streaming into the building and you could kind of see that they were a bit nervous you know they don’t know what they’re coming into. When I first came in I was a little frightened but I also felt like really supported because I knew that there’s so many girls all trying to achieve the same goal.
  It was kind of weird for me because I saw all those girls and they’re all like just a couple years older than me and I realized that I can do that too! That transformation is so profound. All the kids rush out of here. They just opened their kits and they just wanted to build their robot. In this two day workshop a course that could take several weeks can get compressed into a two day time frame to get the intimidation factor out. It’s just so exciting to see these teams of girls working together. They’ve built a real robot that they’re in there controlling and like de-bugging it on the field. I always liked robotics, except it seemed really complicated and hard. But it’s easier to do than I thought and it’s a lot more fun. It’s incredible to see what these girls can accomplish when you put all of them in a room together. It’s not always going to be building, it’s not always going to be programming. We have a little bit of something for everyone here at these Girl Powered workshops. Although you’re competing against someone else’s robot, you still have a sense of community because you realize they’re just like you. It was nice to like show these girls these experiences that robots isn’t just one thing, but you can apply it to all these different areas and really bring your interests into STEM. It was really cool to like see how all the parts fit together in the end. I was like wow I can’t believe we actually made that on our first try! That’s what were looking to do here- Create these opportunities for more girls who might not have had it before, that might not have thought this was for them, and really open those doors. We believe in these girls, It’s really just about making sure that if you have an interest in STEM that you know that you have a home here!

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