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DAN GARCIA: Hi, I’m Dan Garcia. I teach at UC Berkeley. I want to tell you about this
amazing new course called The Beauty and Joy of Computing. It’s a computer science
principles course to broaden participation
in computing to everyone. It’s intended for folks who
haven’t programmed before. And it’s not a programming
course, but you will do a fair amount of programming in
this really great language called Snap, where you program by
dragging blocks around. Let’s take a look at some
of the projects students have created in this course. ITZEL: Hi, my name’s Itzel. For my final BJC project, I made
an M & M version of Fruit Ninja. We added some elements to our
game, such as freestyle mode. MINA: Hi, my name is Mina. And for my final BJC project,
my two partners and I programmed a Finch robot to
exhibit cat-like behaviors. Its main goal is to
find the lightest patch in the room, which can be used in
order to make the cat Finch chase a specific light source. It also knows how to avoid
obstacles when it encounters them, and after successfully doing so,
returns to it’s light-seeking behavior. GREGORY: Hi. My name is Gregory [INAUDIBLE]. GURVINDER: Hi. I’m Gurvinder Singh. GREGORY: Together, we created the
Tank Tower Defense game in Snap for The Beauty and Joy of Computing. Essentially, it’s a strategic game
where you place towers on the field, and they automatically destroy
enemies as they stalk from the right to the left. DANIELLE: Hi, I’m Danielle. MARY: Hi, I’m Mary. DANIELLE: For our
midterm BJC project, we wanted to make a chemistry
game that allowed kids to get exposed to the
subject at a younger age. MARY: One of the important aspects
about chemistry is ionic bonding. So we wanted to introduce
that in our game by having students drag and
drop nonmetals and metals, and then choosing correct ratios
to form an ionic compound. DAN GARCIA: The format is quite simple. It’s a year-long course broken
up into four pieces, each five weeks long, with a
project sandwiched in between. It’s going to be completely awesome. And I want to see you in this course.

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