• Maame Hannah

    What about the body lotions and hair food we apply, the clothes and the shoes we wear, how do we know how they were made and where they're coming from? How about the jewelries Israelis took from the Egyptians as God gave them favor when they were departing, the ring the father put on the prodigal son, the jewelries Abraham gave to the servant to give to the woman he would find for the son? Is God a wicked God to send someone who has been faithful, righteous, doing the most good because of Christ, to hell for simply applying a powder or a liquid on the face and twisting the hair? Do these have anything to do with the heart or the soul? So what's the purpose of the blood of Jesus if we have to be perfect to be able to gain heaven? I'm not condoning sin here, but wanna get a clear understanding. Can you explain 1 Corinthians 3:10-17

  • Rose Lartoh

    The scriptures says that… False prophet appear in the past among people and in the same way false teachers will appear too…my brothers don't follow him.. it is a all lie….. What is the evidence that God took you heaven……..he is distracting you all…….if you believe Christ Jesus and have faith in him…. You are save today and forever more……….. If Jesus will punish us of our sin why did he came and die for us….. Do believe him believe in the words of Jesus and the apostles alone……


    Satan put gold into the ground you mean? Please dear brother becareful. Read Genesis 24:35 and 1Corinthians 3:9-15 and see who put gold in the ground, the Bible is our guide and everything, not someone's so called Heaven and hell encounter which conflict with sound doctrine. The Bible said in Galatians 1: 8 that if even angel from heaven preach contrary gospel, he should be accursed.


    Babies in hell? Please, go and come back again. Bible saids let the children/babies come to me theirs is the Kingdom of God. (Mark 10:14)

  • Luke Sky

    My question is are you people trying to save lives or what…..

    Do you even care about people's salvation at all?? If you do care for others to be saved then mention those fake pastors names so all the bunch of innocent people who are not aware will be aware and leave those churches so they will be saved.Because it is very selfish on your part to say that he told only you back stage and behind the camera about the fake pastors.So you know who they are but the rest of the people don't.And i don't think God will be happy about that because God always want salvation for his children that is why angels rejoice when a child of God is saved! So mention the names if not God will ask you.

  • Theophilus Nii Lamptey

    So please what about if i went to do business with 1000hc and i sell to get 1800ghc a month is it a sin, if i Sold some of the shoes i bought for 50ghc for 110ghc, and some for 60ghc?

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