• Paul Kell

    Well done dear chap. Seems that all these folk are deeply scholared. Understood the great classics in English, French, Greek etc language. I do not see such a rosy future when Bill Gates bemoans the number of high school drop-outs

  • Logical spartan

    Speaking for Americans only, how can every person be a great speaker when most people cannot speak clearly, concisely and with proper use of the language?

  • joebill48

    That picture is Vernal Falls in Yosemite (Teddy was there too). Been there many times. Look up Yosemite Teddy Roosevelt pics.
    Also lived in Phoenix for 35 years, went to the Grand Canyon many times. There is no waterfall like that there. Look up Teddy pics at Yosemite.

  • Norman Close

    Martin Luther King did not ad lib this speech. It was however an excellent speech, and became even more poignant in the aftermath of his assassination. He had delivered this sermon many times before.

  • Norman Close

    His only mistake was believing there was actually a God, and that he was doing his work. He was however a great humanitarian and did bring about a landslide of social change, but God had nothing to do with it. Religion endorsed slavery, lest we forget.

  • Lokesh Singh

    Really very good and inspirational speech. But i hope there is numbers of influential leaders those are belongs to Bihar a famous state of India.

  • ochsblogger

    It was going swimmingly until he tried to make the comparison between E=mc-squared and that ancient Om symbol. That was a stretch for me.

  • Vincent Fulco

    Nice speech, good tips, but he killed the professionalism with the use of notes which he kept looking at. The best speakers memorize their speeches then add natural movement and voice techniques.

  • JR Murphy

    Lots of great stuff but I am trying to tell the world what it is like living in the darklands of a wealthy country, rotting degraded and persecuted on welfare, with nowhere safe and stable to live and having to be for food.  Ostracised by your own family, 'friends' and community. 

    Then you quoted Robin Williams who killed himself – when 100,000s NZers are now highly suicidal, making us No 1 in th eworld for child suicide, women self-harming, men driven to violence and homelessness.

    I try to have a conversation, as soon as I tell people how bad things are – especially as I get assaulted and terrorised by police, am refused health care and dragged through the court system for legally protesting about what is happening to me and many others.  People refuse to believe it and reject me – they abuse me for telling the truth.  Our society is now so full of lies about how great things are, anybody who tells the truth about how bad things are for the poorest 20% are immediately discredited and called insane.

  • Jesse Bowman

    Why has nobody listed his 7 points so I don't have to listen to his drivel. :p I am not enjoying this speech. His voice is very annoying.

  • Bryn Davies

    I stopped watching as soon as he spouted the Mehrabian Myth (only 7% of communication is verbal). I immediately knew that he is full of BS. Shocking that TED allow this kind of nonsense and shame on him for perpetuating a very widely discredited statistic. Goodness even Albert Mehrabian himself has stated that it is a total misinterpretation of his results. Oh, and that is supposedly "Secret 1, 2 AND 3"??? At best, even if it was true it would be ONE secret.

  • Jesse Bowman

    You should be afraid of public speaking :p It's the fastest way to end up on the losing end of an assassins bullet. :p If you are an important person, a great person, then you probably have great enemies. Go into finance and avoid politics. Although a lot of people kill themselves if they lose people a lot of money. :p But have more grit then those people and drive on. And get into the loan business. 🙂 Make some money!

  • Lebal De Vam Pire

    Great ……. This guy actually revealed how King George fooled Churchill. As for Kennedy, he was honest. This is why they shot him. Now you know why Churchill died on a bed having lived for 90 years instead of dying in a moving car by having his skull blown away.

  • Paul Herring

    I note here that Jesus hasn't been mentioned. He was by far the greatest speaker of all time. It wasn't just because he had charisma – he had that in spades. But his words were the finest and truest of any human who's ever uttered speech. Incidentally, he didn't speak English either. He spoke the common Greek of his day, but its translation into English has not lost any of its truthfulness, its beauty, its wisdom and its peerless and lasting value.

  • Arya viejo

    Exactly. Great speakers are having a convo not an act, they are channeling authenticity from within and above and conversing with the external world m

  • Tara Wagner

    This is an incredibly moving 18 min. I’m not scared of public speaking and haven’t been for years, and yet this one speech changed my entire outlook on it. I KNOW my dharma and I am convicted to become even 10% as masterful at conveying it as this man or any one of the great speakers he highlighted here. Thank you Richard for the work you do. You are appreciated and your impact carries further than you might even realize. ??

  • Archie Woosung

    Apparently the world's best orators all speak in English; all but one American English (and Churchill's mother was American).

  • Chris Koontz

    One of the greatest speeches in American history was Ronald Reagan in Berlin and this clown completely left it out. Just really a pitiful presentation.

  • Pratteek Das

    Martin Luther King Jr looks so sincere… I feel goosebumps looking at it although I don't share the race, or society or past with him… It's just so amazing

  • Infotainment

    Here's the summary at the beginning he says great speakers don't give speeches no more speeches from now on you will communicate from your heart the rest of the presentation go something like this check out this great speech here's another great speech here are the speeches that changed the world

  • Ania McDonnell

    Thanks for your TED talk and the information you shared. One part I'm disappointed by – you easily could've added more women who are great speakers. It's unfortunate you only chose one out of eight.

  • DoceMeVeritatum

    Robin Williams, to me, often had a problem – he just machine-gunned because he was trying to please everybody, poor guy.
    Did great acting, though.

  • tjkoker

    When a person sets him self up as an authority at public speaking and commits the deep transgressions that Richard commits, it calls into question his actual validity as a teacher of the craft. The pacing is a horrible distraction as well as the ummmms and ahhhhs that filter out. As one of the other writers stated, if you don't want to discuss don't post. Overall, some sound points but nowhere near great.

  • Santé Barley Business Owner / Wellness Advocate

    Every person who is willing to share their hearts full of love will be a great public speaker loving the audience…

  • 'I'o pua'a uahi Papale

    i'm trying to wrap my head around what kinesthetics has to do with morgan freeman and james earl jones

  • L. S. King

    Great clips, but none of those speeches was a "conversation." Dr. King, especially, knew everything there was to know about how to construct a powerful argument, how to use structure, logic, emotional appeal, and other linguistic resources to move an audience–and he knew it so well that he could improvise using classical rhetoric. I think the emphasis on authenticity downplays the artistry of these orators (and, in the politicians' cases, their speechwriters). The conversation idea can be liberating to bashful speakers, but (aside from the Lou Gehrig example), that's not really what we were shown.


    Some selection bias here.

    Fighting Nazis, flying to the moon, and racism is bad are all appealing, regardless of catchy talking points. The meaning behind the words are also critical.

  • Elisandra Garcia

    You will win the lottery go out there buy a ticket guaranteed you wow this speech it’s working I’m a great motivator.???????

  • Gary Weidemann

    Out of all the hundreds of speakers I've ever heard on every subject under the sun, in 67 years I've been alive including 37 years saved and sober, also hearing numerous speakers in various recovery groups speak some very passionately and eloquently to their audiences… which also includes a variety of Pastors, Priests, and Preachers in a number of live sermons as well as prerecorded television, radio, and computer broadcasts to a variety of audiences…the Martin Luther King "I Have A Dream" speech in the nation's capital of the United States is one of the greatest, most inspirational speeches of all time!!! Praise God!!! Let freedom ring for all men, women, and children everywhere!!!

  • Danny Fulkerson

    The photo of Teddy R. has Yosemite Falls in the background, yet the speaker says Grand Canyon. oops.

  • sardab al mardab

    another secret…"if you are a celebrity it doesn't matter if you even make any sense" people will still say…yeah! wow!

  • Karamvir Dahiya

    Not impressed! Words of famous men are famous, however, words that make you famous is different. The speaker needs to work hard and find out real secrets. He could not come up with a single secret to share.

  • annch592

    All of the examples you use as good speakers are 'male;' surely, there are women who are excellent speakers as well!

  • norman cowell

    Yes all well and good ,,, however these leader.. well spoken dragged us into policies that stole our gold in ‘33 for the bankers,, got us into unnecessary wars .. and there’s evidence that we never went to the moon.. and Einstein was a plagiarist..

  • Anton Von Manheim

    Says the guy with hand in a pocket….hit on the wrong things that make the speakers/ speeches great. Teaching more to feelings instead of how hit on feelings and make a speech great. One star.

  • Jesus King


    It's all about animating your words to create the atmosphere for the impossible to happen.

    Words have the power to brake chains in people's hearts.

  • Kanishk pratap singh

    You lost credibility when you talked about that "Ohm" sign which is written in Devnagri script that has nothing to do with how you write E, m, c², = in English language.

    I don't know where you get that 7% of words statistics, but I care a lot about what you say and what it means in a speech. Body language and voice maybe important but I rather see it as a thing for sales people who don't have anything else as a point.

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